Link Tip: Glamorous Gowns in New York

Today I would like to recommend you a link: If you have time and inclination, you can see the wonderful photos of the 2012 see MET Gala. Although I rate and review very disciplined otherwise on their practicality and fashion today I make a small exception. So: Revel and dreams are expressly allowed! And then I will tell you my favorites…

Link Tip: Glamorous Gowns in New York

On the Web page of the German VOGUE, you will find a selection of the most beautiful evening dresses:

Background: the MET ball is a yearly Charity Gala organised by the Costume Institute, the costume Department at the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York City. On this occasion a high-profile exhibition opens normally, honoring outstanding designer – Designer, who made fashion history and their Entwürfe considered to be Museum ready. This year, the MET is devoted to her exhibition titled “Schiaparelli & Prada: impossible conversations” the two Italian fashion designers. As always, the top event attracting top-class audiences. In addition to the elite of the fashion industry – designers, models and film stars – shone the New York high society in its most spectacular gowns.

Of course I would like to withhold my favorites you. Because also in dreams I can’t leave it just to imagine what instead of super slim models a normal built woman in the evening dresses probably would look like… Outfits successful from my point of view are:

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  • No. 12, Scarlett Johannsson: The dress is absolutely worthy of a woman with X figure ! Where it needs tight cut it accentuated the hourglass figure through lovely cleavage in the style of Carmen and the rock issued from the middle of the thigh.
  • No. 15, Rooney Mara: The asymmetrical neckline and skirt set down simulate female curves in the Straight H figure . Review the refined attention to slim legs.
  • No. 22, Jessica Biel: The really simple cut sets the light Y figure by Jessica perfectly in scene. The super deep V-neck stretch the upper body and balances broad shoulders, as the narrow, calf-length skirt highlights the long, lean silhouette of the actress.
  • No. 27, Kirsten Dunst: The extravagant and yet classical ensemble would be very many women!
  • No. 34, Milla Jovovich: This red, daring dress is a blast for the Y woman showing to much skin. The deep V-neck makes narrow the waist, exposing the long, straight fringe skirt long legs.
  • No. 40, Jessica Stam: A slim, relatively straight woman will love this dress with H figure. The typical Mermaid line skirt flared at knee level and a peplum spoof the curves of a full Ant.
  • No. 51, Christina Ricci: The actress has a long torso with relatively short legs – but not in this refined high waist dress!
  • No. 53, Elizabeth Banks: Here you can see a similar effect as at number 40; only the shoulders and hips are stressed in this dress so that a straight H figure suddenly receives X curves.
  • No. 55, Jessica Chastain: A great dress for the woman with A figure! A bodice corsages look, combined with a rock set of dubbed the wider hips of A woman and styling her narrow torso perfectly.
  • No. 68, Hillary Swank: Well here is a incredible transformation. Ruffles on the right places make the usually androgynous-looking Hillary to the female.

So, these are my personal highlights. And how is this you? You have discovered which Favorites? And why? Tell us your opinion and leave a comment in themeparktour.