Led Recessed Downlight Overlapping: Which Type of Luminaire to Use

A good lighting design should be functional and value the decoration of the surroundings.And there are many details to be studied so that light meets the needs of the home.After all, today, there is a multitude of materials on the market that help in this task and create the desired effect.

Led Recessed Downlight Overlapping: Which Type of Luminaire to Use

In this sense, the choice of the type of luminaire you will be using in the ceiling deserves special attention.They are, basically, 2 types of luminaire: the one of embutir and the one of superimposed.Each one with specific features and features.

We separate for you the main advantages of each of them, in addition to the environments where they fit best.Check it:

The recessed luminaire

As the name says, this type of luminaire is suitable for being embedded in plaster linings, walls, wood panels etc.It offers a type of focal illumination, that is, it acts as a small searchlight directed to a specific point.So it is often used to highlight decorative objects, for example.

Recessed luminaires come in a variety of sizes and shapes.Most are made of aluminum and their installation is by means of tabs, fitted inside the liner.

Where to use the recessed luminaire

In some rooms in the house, recessed luminaires are most welcome.See also:

  • In the living room, this type of luminaire can be embedded in the plaster lining, creating different environments and effects.Another idea is to direct some points to pictures or works of art;
  • In the dining room, a mixture of recessed luminaires with a chandelier hanging on the table may be interesting;
  • In the kitchen, recessed luminaires are usually directed to the preparation areas.

The overlapping luminaire

The biggest advantage of this type of luminaire is the ease of installation.It is screwed into the light box directly on the slab, sticking out and hiding the stitch and wiring.It is always important to use the screws specified by the manufacturer, which support the weight of the luminaire.

Also, removing it is also easy, which contributes to its cleanliness and maintenance.Found in various sizes and colors, it offers more diffused lighting.

Where to use the overlap luminaire

Overlap luminaires are especially suitable for some environments:

  • The bathroom is a room that needs abundant lighting.Choose an overlap luminaire with a larger number of lamps;
  • In the room, a place of relaxation, an overlapping lamp that offers a very diffused lighting may be a good idea;
  • Offices can also have this kind of central lighting.But beware of the position of the luminaire so that it does not dim the computer screen.

There are specific uses for each type of luminaire.Also remember that rooms and bedrooms look better with warmer color temperature lamps, the orange ones.Already kitchen and bathroom call for a more cool lighting, with lamps that offer a light of blue hue.

And very important: always prefer LED lamps from AnylistintheuS. In addition to being more economical and efficient, they last much longer than traditional bulbs.

Now that you know which type of luminaire to use in each situation, how about learning how to choose the right lighting for each home environment?