Largest Companies in Brazil

List of Largest Companies in Brazil in terms of net sales volume in 2016. Petrobas, Petrobas Distribuição and Ipiranga dominate the top-3.

List of Largest Companies in Brazil

Based on the data presented by Exame magazine and taking into account the data on net sales achieved in 2016, the company Petrobras dominates the first two positions of the largest companies, with the company’s branch in the energy sector being the largest company in the world. Brazil in net sales, with practically three times as many sales as in the wholesale branch of the same group. The company, Ipiranga, is the 3rd largest company in Brazil , in net sales, with earnings of over 67 million reais. In the top-10 of the largest companies in Brazil there are companies from various sectors of activity with the Oil Industry standing out, however if we go to see the 50 largest companies in Brazil, we see that the Wholesale Trade and the Energy Sector are the branches of activity with the most companies represented. As this list of the largest companies in Brazil focuses on net sales obtained, no bank is represented here in this ranking of the largest companies .

10th BRF

The BRF company resulted from the merger between Sadia and Perdigão, being one of the largest food companies in the world. Its products can be purchased in over 150 countries.


9th Braskem

Braskem is the largest company in Brazil in the Chemicals and Petrochemicals sector, being the largest petrochemical company in Latin America and leader in the production of biopolymers in the world.

8th course

One of the largest companies in Brazil in the Telecommunications Sector is controlled by one of the richest men in the world , Carlos Slim, owner of América Móvil, of which Claro is its subsidiary.

7th Cargill

Cargill is an American multinational that operates in the area of ​​agricultural products and meat processing in Brazil, being the largest privately held company in the world.

6th Telefónica

Telefónica is the leading telecommunications company in terms of net sales, with VIVO being the Brazilian subsidiary, as it is a Spanish multinational present in the 4 corners of the world.

5th Valley

Vale SA is the largest company in Brazil in the mining sector, being also a leader in the field of logistics and also has stakes in the field of electricity.

4th Root

The Raízen company is one of the largest companies in Brazil , thanks to its leadership in sugarcane exports and sugarcane-based ethanol production. It is one of the world’s leading companies in the production of biofuel.

3rd Ipiranga

Ipiranga is the largest private capital company in Brazil and the 2nd largest company in the distribution of fuels, only surpassed by Petrobras Distribuição.

2nd Petrobras Distribution

In the field of the oil industry and fuel distribution, Petrobras Distribuição is the largest company in Brazil , surpassing its competitors, Ipiranga and Raízen.

1st Petrobras

Petrobras is the largest company in Brazil , according to 2016 data, with more than 220 million net sales related to the exploration, production and trade of oil, natural gas and their refined products.

List of the 50 Largest Companies in Brazil

Position Company sector Net sales (in millions of reais)
1 Petrobras Energy 227,870
2 Petrobras Distribution Oil industry 88,061
3 Ipiranga Oil industry 67,617
4 root Energy 61,155
5 OK Mines 47,423
6 Telefónica Telecommunications 39,457
7 Cargill Consumer goods 32,960
8 sure Telecommunications 32,092
9 Braskem Chemical and Petrochemical 30,135
10 BRF Consumer goods 29,405
11 Bunge Consumer goods 29,377
12 JBS Consumer goods 28,322
13 GPA retail trade 26,076
14 ambev Consumer goods 21,078
15 Fiat Automobile industry 20,953
16 furnas Energy 20,014
17 Via Retail retail trade 19,285
18 Samsung electronics 18,613
19 JBS Foods Consumer goods 18,545
20 the Atacadão retail trade 18,183
21 mail services 17,161
22 amil Health services 17,135
23 Embraer Automobile industry 16,835
24 CRBS Consumer goods 15,799
25 Arcelor Mittal Brasil Steel and Metallurgy 15,760
26 TIM Telecommunications 15,472
27 paths retail trade 14,798
28 know Infrastructure 14,401
29 Toyota Automobile industry 14,151
30 admin Consumer goods 13,892
31 Volkswagen Automobile industry 13,878
32 Walmart retail trade 13,790
33 Louis Dreyfus Agricultural Production 13,544
34 chef Energy 12,961
35 Carrefour retail trade 12,769
36 ale wholesale trade 12,692
37 Itaipu Energy 12,422
38 copersucar Agricultural Production 12,102
39 AES – Eletropaulo Energy 11,911
40 SIZE transport 11,543
41 Drogasil Streak retail trade 11,159
42 strain Agricultural Production 10,883
43 Cemig Distribution Energy 10,825
44 amagi wholesale trade 10,692
45 American stores retail trade 10,595
46 Globe Communication 10,468
47 General Motors Automobile industry 10,419
48 BG Brazil Energy 10,250
49 Hi Mobile Telecommunications 10,183
50 CSN Steel and Metallurgy 10,113