Kent, Connecticut Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to bestitude, Kent, Connecticut is a small New England town located in the northwest corner of the state. Situated on the banks of the Housatonic River, Kent is bordered by the towns of Cornwall to the north, Sharon to the east, New Milford to the south and Warren to the west. With its picturesque countryside and quaint downtown village, Kent is a popular destination for those looking for a peaceful getaway from city life.

The town of Kent was first settled in 1739 and was named after its founder, John B. Kent. In 1792, Kent was officially incorporated as a town and quickly grew into an important center for manufacturing and trade due to its location along major transportation routes such as the Housatonic Railroad. The town also became known for its high-quality agricultural products such as apples and dairy products which were sold throughout New England.

Today, Kent is home to just over 3,000 residents who enjoy all that this beautiful corner of Connecticut has to offer. The downtown area features a variety of antique shops, restaurants and art galleries while historic sites such as Bulls Bridge Covered Bridge – built in 1842 – draw visitors from all over Connecticut and beyond.

The surrounding towns of Cornwall, Sharon, New Milford and Warren each provide their own unique attractions for visitors to enjoy during their stay in Kent. Cornwall is renowned for its natural beauty which includes several scenic hiking trails while Sharon boasts an impressive collection of historic homes dating back to colonial times.

New Milford offers plenty of outdoor activities ranging from kayaking on Lake Lillinonah to hiking along one of many trails within Mohawk Mountain State Park while Warren features several golf courses including Lime Rock Park which was originally designed by golfer Bobby Jones in 1931.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation or cultural attractions such as art galleries or museums – there’s something for everyone in these bordering towns near Kent. So come explore this beautiful corner of Connecticut and experience all that this special area has to offer.

Population of Kent, Connecticut

According to biotionary, the town of Kent, Connecticut is home to approximately 3,000 residents. It is a small and vibrant community situated in the northwestern corner of the state, bordered by Cornwall to the north, Sharon to the east, New Milford to the south and Warren to the west.

The population of Kent is largely white with 77.6% of residents identifying as such according to recent census data. The next largest racial group is Hispanic or Latino at 12.2%, followed by African American at 7.5%. There are also small percentages of Asian (1%), Native American (0.5%) and other racial groups (1.2%).

The median age in Kent is 44 years old with a split between males and females almost exactly equal at 50/50%. The median household income for Kent is $77,872 which is slightly higher than both the state and national averages.

In terms of education level, 94% of adults over 25 have graduated from high school while 28% have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher – again this figure is slightly above both state and national averages.

Kent has a diverse population that reflects its rich history as a center for manufacturing and trade during colonial times as well as its current status as an attractive destination for those seeking a peaceful getaway from city life. With its picturesque countryside and quaint downtown village – it’s no wonder that so many visitors flock to this special corner of Connecticut.

Schools and Education of Kent, Connecticut

Kent, Connecticut is home to a number of excellent schools and educational institutions. The town is served by the Region One School District, which includes two elementary schools – Kent Center School and Kent Primary School – as well as one middle school and one high school. All of these schools are held to high academic standards, offering a variety of courses from traditional core subjects to the arts and technology. Additionally, students in grades kindergarten through eighth have the opportunity to attend the private Kent School, a non-profit college preparatory school founded in 1906 that offers both day and boarding programs. The town also has several higher education centers such as Western Connecticut State University and Naugatuck Valley Community College providing students with access to quality education beyond high school. With its commitment to quality instruction, Kent is an ideal place for families looking for an excellent educational experience for their children.

Kent, Connecticut

Landmarks in Kent, Connecticut

Kent, Connecticut is home to a variety of landmarks that offer visitors and locals alike a glimpse into the town’s rich history. The Kent Iron Furnace was erected in 1745 and is the oldest surviving iron furnace in the United States. It is now a National Historic Landmark and open to visitors. Another landmark is the Kent Meeting House, an impressive structure built in 1827 and considered to be one of the finest examples of Greek Revival architecture in Connecticut. The town also boasts several museums such as the Kent Historical Society Museum, which features exhibits on local history, and the Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust, which offers nature trails and educational programs for all ages. Lastly, no visit to Kent would be complete without a stop at Bulls Bridge, an iconic stone arch bridge that spans across the Housatonic River. These landmarks contribute to Kent’s unique character and make it an interesting place to explore.