Kenmare, North Dakota Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to harvardshoes, Kenmare, North Dakota is a small town located in the northwest corner of the state. It is bordered by a variety of cities and towns that provide residents with plenty of opportunities for shopping, dining, and entertainment. To the north lies Minot, a larger city that serves as the county seat for Ward County and offers a variety of attractions such as the North Dakota State Fairgrounds and Roosevelt Park Zoo.

To the east lies Burlington, a vibrant community known for its scenic beauty and rich history. Visitors can explore its historical buildings or take in views of Lake Sakakawea from nearby Burlington Bay.

To the south lies Berthold, another charming town located on the banks of Lake Sakakawea. Here visitors can enjoy fishing or boating on one of North Dakota’s largest lakes or take part in local events like Berthold’s annual Pioneer Days celebration.

Finally, to the west lies Stanley, another small town nestled among rolling hills and lush green fields. This quaint little community is home to several historic sites such as Stump Lake National Wildlife Refuge which offers excellent bird watching opportunities or nearby Fort Union Trading Post which was an important trading post during early American settlement in the region.

No matter what direction you look in Kenmare, you’re sure to find something interesting. Whether it’s exploring nature at Stump Lake NWR or taking part in Pioneer Days festivities – there’s something here for everyone.

Population of Kenmare, North Dakota

According to health-beauty-guides, Kenmare, North Dakota is a small town located in the northwest corner of the state. According to the most recent census, Kenmare has a population of 1,169 people. The town is made up of a diverse mix of individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds.

The majority of the population (59%) are White Americans, followed by Native American (12%), Hispanic or Latino (9%), Asian (6%) and African American (4%). Additionally, there is a small percentage (1%) who identify as two or more races.

The median age in Kenmare is 39 years old and nearly half (45%) are married while just over one-third (35%) are single. The median household income for Kenmare residents is $47,000 and approximately one-third live below the poverty line.

Education levels in Kenmare vary widely with 28% having obtained some college education and 18% having obtained an Associate’s degree or higher. Additionally, 16% have obtained a high school diploma or equivalent while only 6% have not obtained any type of educational credentials.

Kenmare is an ethnically diverse and economically stable community that offers its residents plenty of opportunities for growth and development. From educational programs to job training – there’s something here for everyone.

Kenmare, North Dakota

Schools and education of Kenmare, North Dakota

Kenmare, North Dakota offers its residents a quality education system that is both comprehensive and affordable. The town is served by the Kenmare Public School District, which consists of one elementary school (K-6), one middle school (7-8) and one high school (9-12).

The schools are well equipped with modern technology such as interactive whiteboards and computers in every classroom. Additionally, classes are designed to meet the needs of all students, including those with special needs or learning disabilities.

The curriculum in Kenmare’s schools includes traditional core classes such as math, science, English and social studies as well as electives in art, music and physical education. Additionally, the district offers advanced courses for those who qualify.

In addition to traditional public schooling options, there are a number of private schools in the area that offer specialized instruction in areas such as religious studies or vocational training. There are also several higher education institutions within a short driving distance from Kenmare including Minot State University and North Dakota State University.

Kenmare provides its students with a quality educational system that is designed to meet the needs of all learners. From elementary schools to universities – there’s something here for everyone.

Landmarks in Kenmare, North Dakota

Kenmare, North Dakota is home to some of the most unique landmarks in the state. One of the most recognizable is the historic Kenmare Station. Built in 1911, this old train station served as an important stop on the Great Northern Railway line and has been lovingly restored to its original condition. The station is now a museum that houses artifacts from the area’s past, including a vintage locomotive and passenger cars. Visitors can also explore the grounds surrounding the station, which includes a small park with picnic tables and benches for relaxing.

The town of Kenmare also boasts several interesting historical buildings, including a log cabin built in 1883 by homesteaders who settled in the area. The cabin has been fully restored and is open to visitors who want to explore its interior and learn about life during pioneer days. Another prominent landmark is St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, which was constructed in 1908 out of locally quarried stone. This impressive building stands as a testament to the faith of early settlers and features beautiful stained-glass windows that depict scenes from Bible stories.