Keizer, Oregon Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to iamaccepted, Keizer, Oregon is a small city located in Marion County which borders the Willamette River to the north and the Santiam River to the south. The city has a population of around 36,000 and is considered part of the Salem Metropolitan Statistical Area. Keizer is located just 10 miles northeast of Salem, making it a convenient place for commuters who work in larger cities but prefer smaller town living.

Keizer is bordered by several other towns and cities, all within close proximity. To the north lies Gervais, with a population of around 1,600; this small town is known for its agricultural roots and its annual Prune Festival which takes place every summer. To the east lies Woodburn, with a population of around 25,000; this larger city offers plenty of attractions such as golf courses, shopping centers and restaurants. Further east lies Mount Angel which has a population of less than 4,000; this small town offers several historic sites including Benedictine Brewery and Monastery as well as Mount Angel Abbey Library & Museum.

To the south lies St. Paul with a population of less than 800; this small community has maintained its historic charm with Victorian style buildings dating back to 1882. Further south lies Silverton which has a population of around 10,000; this larger community offers many attractions such as Oregon Garden Resort and Silver Falls State Park as well as plenty of shops and restaurants.

To the west lies Donald with a population of around 400; this rural community offers stunning views of Mt Hood from nearby farms while also providing easy access to Portland’s urban attractions via I-5 freeway. Lastly, to the north west lies Salem which has a population over 160,000; Salem offers numerous attractions such as Willamette University and The Oregon State Capitol Building while also providing easy access to Pacific Ocean beaches via Highway 22W.

Therefore Keizer provides an ideal location for commuters who want quick access to larger cities while still living in smaller communities with plenty of character and charm. With its close proximity to surrounding towns and cities offering various attractions; Keizer provides an ideal place for those looking for both convenience without sacrificing their quality of life.

Population of Keizer, Oregon

According to maternityetchic, Keizer, Oregon is a small city located in Marion County with a population of around 40,000. It is situated on the banks of the Willamette River and borders several other towns and cities. Keizer is known for its small-town charm and sense of community, which makes it an attractive place to live for people who want to be close to larger cities while still enjoying the tranquility of a smaller town.

The population of Keizer is diverse, representing many different backgrounds and cultures. The median age in Keizer is 35 years old, with approximately 20% of the population under 18 years old and 11% over 65 years old. The racial makeup of Keizer consists mostly of White (77%) followed by Hispanic or Latino (8%), Asian (5%) and African American (2%).

Keizer has seen steady growth in its population over the past decade as more people move into the area due to its convenient location near larger cities such as Salem and Portland. There has also been an influx of new businesses moving into the area, resulting in increased job opportunities for local residents.

The economy in Keizer is mainly driven by retail trade, health care services, educational services and manufacturing industries. Some major employers include Oregon State University Health System, Salem Hospital, Walmart Supercenter and Cascade Steel Rolling Mills Incorporated. In addition to these employers there are also several small businesses that contribute to the local economy such as restaurants, shops and service providers.

The cost of living in Keizer is relatively low compared to other cities in Oregon. Property taxes are some of the lowest in Oregon while housing costs are below average when compared nationally. The median household income in Keizer is $63,879 which is higher than both state ($60,212) and national ($53,482) averages.

Keizer offers a great quality of life for those looking to escape from large cities but still have access to plenty of amenities nearby; providing a perfect balance between convenience and comfort.

Keizer, Oregon

Schools and Education of Keizer, Oregon

Keizer, Oregon offers a great education for its residents. The city is served by the Salem-Keizer Public School District, which consists of four high schools, seven middle schools and 22 elementary schools. The district also provides educational programs at the Early Childhood Center and the Adult Education Center.

The district aims to provide an exceptional learning environment for all students while promoting academic excellence. It offers a variety of programs to meet the diverse needs of students, such as advanced placement courses, career and technical education classes, special education services and English language learner support.

The district has a strong focus on preparing students for college or other post-secondary options. All high school students are required to meet certain graduation requirements in order to earn their diploma; these include completing a minimum number of credits in core subjects such as math, science and English. Additionally, the district offers college preparatory courses such as Advanced Placement and honors classes which can help prepare students for college entrance exams like the SAT or ACT.

In addition to public schooling options, there are several private schools located in Keizer including Valley Catholic High School, St. Edward Catholic School and St. Paul’s Christian Academy. These institutions offer unique curriculums tailored towards specific religious beliefs or interests in addition to providing excellent academic preparation for college-bound students.

Keizer is also home to several higher education institutions including Oregon State University’s Salem Campus and Corban University’s Keizer Campus; both offer undergraduate degrees in various fields of study as well as graduate degrees in some areas such as business administration or psychology. Additionally, Chemeketa Community College provides associate’s degrees as well as certificate programs for those interested in furthering their education without committing to a four year university program right away.

Landmarks in Keizer, Oregon

Keizer, Oregon is a small town located in the Willamette Valley, just north of Salem. While it may be small in size, Keizer is rich in culture and history. From its unique landmarks to its many recreational activities, Keizer has something for everyone.

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Keizer is the River Road Bridge. This iconic bridge was built over the Willamette River in 1936 and spans more than 5,000 feet. It was named after Joseph B. Keizer who donated land for the bridge and helped to finance its construction. The bridge is a popular spot for fishing and sightseeing and can be seen from miles away.

Another popular landmark in Keizer is the McNary Dam & Lock Complex located on the Willamette River near Keizer Rapids Park. The dam was built in 1954 and provides hydroelectric power to the region as well as flood control for nearby towns such as Salem and Corvallis. Visitors can take a tour of the dam or enjoy activities like boating, fishing, hiking and camping at nearby parks or campgrounds.

The city of Keizer also has several parks that offer outdoor recreation opportunities for visitors of all ages including Gubser Park which features a playground, picnic areas, walking trails and sports fields; Clear Lake Park with its large lake perfect for swimming or fishing; Kleenwater Park with its disc golf course; Chemawa Indian School Athletic Complex with baseball diamonds; as well as numerous smaller neighborhood parks throughout town.

Finally, no visit to Keizer would be complete without visiting their famous Christmas lights displays. Starting at Thanksgiving each year until New Year’s Day, over 600 homes participate by decorating their houses with colorful lights and holiday decorations creating an incredible spectacle that can be seen from miles away.