Jurmala, Latvia

Jurmala is the largest resort in the Baltics, located on the shores of the Gulf of Riga and stretching along the coast for 30 km. It consists of 15 villages, the most famous of which are Bulduri, Maiori, Dubulti, Dzintari, Jomas, Vaivari and Jaunkemeri. From the moment of its foundation, Jurmala, without any exaggeration, was considered the best resort on the Riga seaside and hosted the richest Lithuanian nobles, the highest military echelon and representatives of Bohemia. Today, it has become much more accessible, but it has not lost its charm at all.

Jurmala is unique due to the combination of three recreation areas – sea, forest and cultural. Here, those who are attracted by the mild climate, healing sea air, a combination of wide opportunities for restoring health with a variety of entertainments, have a rest.

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Jurmala Hotels

The choice of accommodation options in Jurmala is great – resort hotels, spa centers, boutique hotels, hostels, apartments and even motorhomes. The latter are perfect for budget tourists – prices per day start from 25 EUR. The cost in general depends on the area and proximity to the sea. The most expensive hotels are located in Majori and Dzintari on the first coastline – up to 900 EUR for two per night. On the outskirts you can find a hotel near the coast for 30-60 EUR.

Cottages and villas for 4-6 people are widespread in the resort. The price range is large – 50-1000 EUR per day.

There are not many “star” hotels here. Only 4 hotels have 3 *, a night in a double room costs 70-90 EUR. In one of the 8 “fours” you can stay for 60-160 EUR per day. Prices for a double room in 5 * hotels start from 150 EUR. Most upscale hotels include breakfast. For those who prefer to cook on their own, there is a large selection of self-catering apartments.

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Communication and Wi-Fi

In Jurmala, it is worth buying a local SIM card – the connection of Russian companies will cost more. There are 3 main cellular companies in Latvia – LMT, Tele 2 and Bite. The first one has excellent coverage, but the connection is expensive, so tourists usually choose from the last two. On Tele 2, the cheapest SIM card costs 6 EUR, a minute of conversation with Russia – 0.56 EUR. The tariff includes unlimited calls and SMS within Latvia and 100 Mb of internet. When registering a prepaid tariff plan Bite 1 (2 EUR per month), you can call home for 0.29 EUR per minute, send SMS – for 0.07 EUR.

Packages are sold in the salons of mobile operators and other retail outlets. Documents are not required for connection.

There will be no problems with access to the Internet – there are many free access points installed here – in Bulduri, Majori, Dubulti, Dzintari and Sloka. You need to find Lattelecom in the list of available networks and watch a small ad in your browser. Internet at a good speed will be available for 30 minutes. To extend the session by half an hour, you will have to watch another commercial.

Jurmala beaches

It is comfortable to sunbathe and swim in almost every area of ​​Jurmala. Beaches in Majori, Dzintari, Bulduri and Jaunkemeri periodically receive the Blue Flag, confirming their cleanliness and safety. The beach is covered with fine white sand, garbage is removed every day. The water is clean and clear, but much cooler than in the southern seas. Resting with children is convenient and safe – the entrance to the water is very smooth, to be at a decent depth, you need to walk for about 5 minutes. The entire coast is equipped with changing cabins, showers and toilets, benches are installed in some places. There are many parking lots along the beach area, wooden paths for bicycles and wheelchairs lead to the sea.

There are no paid beaches in the resort, rental of umbrellas and sun loungers costs 5-7 EUR.

The nature of recreation in different areas is different. The coast in Maiori is always crowded, noisy and fun. For those who want to kick the ball, football goals are installed, there are sports equipment rental points. Those who want to sunbathe in silence should choose the beaches of Dubulti, Bulduri or Jaunkemeri. The latter has a well-developed sports infrastructure – water bikes, motorcycles and other equipment are rented. Those who are into kite and windsurfing or want to try these sports should look at the coast in Pupuri. You can play beach volleyball in almost every area, but you will have to take care of the net yourself.

The resort has not only sea beaches. There are several yacht clubs on the Lielupa River, yachts, water skis and other equipment for rent.


Jurmala attracts tourists with its curative climate, mineral springs and good sanatoriums. Now there are not so many health resorts here as in Soviet times, but the air is still saturated with phytoncides and iodine. Water of different composition and degree of mineralization is extracted from local sources. In addition to mineral water, hydrogen sulfide water is used here, as well as peat and sapropelic mud.

Prices in wellness centers are moderate – a double room costs from 90 EUR per day. This amount includes accommodation, three meals a day and a whole range of procedures.

Among the diseases for which treatment in Jurmala sanatoriums is indicated are diseases of the kidneys, heart, nervous system, respiratory organs, metabolic disorders and others. Depending on the diagnosis, the patient is prescribed special nutrition and procedures – hydrogen sulfide and pearl baths, massage, mud therapy, lymphatic drainage, paraffin therapy. Some health resorts have their own mineral springs right on the territory. The most famous resorts in Jurmala – “Amber Coast” and “Jaunkemeri” – are located in the national park “Ķemeri”.

Jurmala, Latvia