Jewelry Designer Stefanie Heinrich

In the last few weeks, our market has grown considerably – a very special brand is YOURS TO KEEP with its unique handmade jewelery pieces.We met Stefanie Heinrich, the designer of YOURS TO KEEP, and asked her about you.

Hello Mrs. Heinrich, you name your jewelery label YOURS TO KEEP – What does this name mean?

Stefanie Heinrich:Yours to Keep is an expression of unconditional devotion.With the jewelery design I have found a creative form of expression that fulfills me.In addition, the name refers to the individuality of the design (yours) and the social aspect.My jewelery is produced by goldsmiths on Java, who have a chance to keep their traditional craft (Keep).

How did you discover your passion for designing jewelery ?

Stefanie Heinrich:My professional background is the fashion industry.I studied fashion and design management and was always very designaffin.I came to the jewelry, however, only through my meeting with Indonesian goldsmiths, who taught me the craft.Already after a few days of forging I knew: I found my great passion!The work with the metals, the creation of new forms and ultimately the wearing of the finished piece of jewelry inspire me very much.

You then established your label directly in Java. How did it happen?

Stefanie Heinrich:I just knew that this is exactly the right way for me.In the distance I took the rest and time to let my concept mature.So I came back to Germany with a case full of jewelery and a clear perspective.

How is your jewelry made there and what is special about it?

Stefanie Heinrich:I work with two selected goldsmiths.Both have decades of experience.They work in a traditional way in their workshops.The jewelery is 100% hand-forged.Therefore each part is also unique.

That sounds fantastic. Their jewelery is characterized by their geometric forms. Where can you get inspired?

Stefanie Heinrich:I get the most inspiration from nature and the cities.No matter where you look, there are interesting forms to be admired everywhere.In some parts, such as the bamboo bracelet, the inspiration is clear, others are strongly abstracted.Artists also inspire me and their way of dealing with forms.The artist Mondrian is a model for the clarity of forms for me.

Do you already have plans or ideas for a new collection of YOURS TO KEEP?

Stefanie Heinrich:At the moment, I am working on ideas for the new collection.I would like to use precious metals and pearls.Silver was strongly demanded by customers, the desire I go after.The forms will remain geometric and organic.

We are very excited about this! Do you have a favorite piece of jewelery from your previous designs?

Stefanie Heinrich:My favorite piece are clearly the pyramid earrings!You are my absolute masterpiece.Crafted very sophisticated and incredibly elegant.It is great that they are very large, but also incredibly light.They swing easily and conjure a beautiful, long neck.

What do you plan with YOURS TO KEEP for the future?

Stefanie Heinrich:I would like to emphasize the design requirements more clearly and also expand my distribution channels.The first year I used to experiment, now I draw conclusions and will work with the new collection more focused.

And a little question to the conclusion: What is the value of jewelry for you personally?

Stefanie Heinrich:To wear jewelry is something quite personal.The me-decorating in the morning is a beautiful ritual.Cautiously I put on my jewelery, feel it on the skin and thereby transport facets of my self to the outside. According to mUSTOWNJewelry.COM, real jewelery is also timeless.In every culture jewelery is worn to demonstrate style, beliefs and affiliation.I am proud that the porters of my jewelery can be staged here.

Ms Heinrich, thank you for the nice interview and we are looking forward to your new collection!