Jerome, Idaho Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to bittranslators, Jerome, Idaho is a small city located in the south-central part of the state, surrounded by several other cities and towns. To the north of Jerome lies Twin Falls, the largest city in the region and home to a number of tourist attractions such as Shoshone Falls and Snake River Canyon. To the east lies Kimberly, a small town known for its annual rodeo and nearby ski resorts. To the south lies Hagerman, a small rural town known for its scenic views of Lake Walcott and nearby wildlife refuge.

To the west lies Gooding, another small rural town known for its annual rodeo and nearby wineries. Gooding also offers several outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, and more – making it a great spot for nature lovers.

Further to the west lies Shoshone – another small rural town known for its scenic views of Shoshone Falls and Sawtooth National Forest. Here you can explore miles of trails perfect for hiking or biking; take in breathtaking views from nearby overlooks; or relax at one of Shoshone’s many hot springs.

Finally, to the northwest lies Burley – a larger city with plenty to offer visitors. Here you can explore historic downtown Burley with its antique shops; visit one of Burley’s many museums; or enjoy some outdoor activities at Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge just outside of town. With so much to do and see in Jerome’s neighboring cities and towns – there’s something here for everyone.

Jerome, Idaho

Population of Jerome, Idaho

According to deluxesurveillance, Jerome, Idaho is a small city located in the south-central part of the state. As of 2019, the population of Jerome was estimated to be around 11,000 people. The majority of residents are White (76.2%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (10.5%), and then Native American (7.9%).

The median age in Jerome is slightly lower than the national average, with a median age of 33 years old compared to 38 years old for the United States as a whole. The gender breakdown in Jerome is roughly equal – with 49% male and 51% female residents.

In terms of education, 88% of adults over the age of 25 have at least a high school diploma or equivalent while 10% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The majority of jobs in Jerome are in educational services (13%), healthcare & social assistance (12%), retail trade (10%), and construction (8%).

The unemployment rate in Jerome is slightly lower than the national average – 4.3% compared to 5%. The median household income in Jerome is $48,800 which is slightly lower than the national average ($61,937). The poverty rate in Jerome is also slightly higher than the national average – 13.4% compared to 11%.

Jerome has a diverse population with a range of backgrounds and experiences that make up this vibrant community.

Schools and Education of Jerome, Idaho

The education system in Jerome, Idaho is served by the Jerome School District. The district has four elementary schools (Mountain View, Lincoln, Summit, and Northside), one middle school (Jerome Middle School), and one high school (Jerome High School).

The district also offers an alternative education program for students who need additional support and guidance. The district is also home to a virtual academy which provides students with online classes and instruction.

In terms of academics, Jerome High School offers a variety of classes in core subjects such as math, science, social studies, language arts, and foreign language. In addition to these core courses, the school also offers electives such as art history, psychology, computer science, music theory and more.

In terms of extracurricular activities, the high school offers a range of clubs for students to join including debate team, theatre club, Spanish club and more. Additionally, they offer a wide range of athletic programs including football, volleyball basketball and track & field.

The district is committed to providing a quality education for all students regardless of their background or ability level. To ensure that all students receive the best possible education they employ highly qualified teachers who are dedicated to helping their students reach their full potential.

The education system in Jerome Idaho is strong with dedicated staff members who strive to provide an enriching learning environment for all students.

Landmarks in Jerome, Idaho

Jerome, Idaho is home to a variety of landmarks and attractions that make it an interesting and unique place to visit. One of the most notable landmarks is the Old Jerome County Courthouse. The courthouse was built in 1889 and is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and still stands today as a reminder of Jerome’s history and culture.

The historic downtown area also features several charming shops, restaurants, and galleries. The downtown area is home to some of the city’s oldest buildings including the Brickyard Building which dates back to 1887. There are also several old churches located in this area that are worth visiting.

The Snake River runs through Jerome providing a beautiful backdrop for visitors to enjoy as they explore the city. Visitors can take part in a variety of activities such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, or just taking in the stunning scenery along its banks.

One of Jerome’s most iconic landmarks is its hot springs which have been used for centuries by local Native American tribes for their healing properties. The hot springs are open to visitors who can soak in their therapeutic waters or take part in guided tours around their grounds.

The nearby Perrine Bridge offers stunning views over the Snake River Canyon making it a popular spot for tourists looking for a great photo opportunity or just an enjoyable afternoon stroll.

There are plenty of landmarks and attractions that make Jerome an exciting place to visit. From its historic downtown area to its natural beauty along the Snake River, there is something for everyone here.