Interstate 94 and 100 in Indiana

Interstate 94 in Indiana

Begin Hammond
End Michiana Shores
Length 46 mi
Length 74 km
Illinois1 Calumet Avenue

2 Indianapolis Blvd

3 Kennedy Avenue

5 → East Chicago

6 Burr Street

9 Grant Street

10 Broadway

11-12 → Chicago / Indianapolis

13 Central Avenue

15 Lake Station

16 → Chicago / Detroit

19 Portage

22 Burns Harbor

26 Chesterton

34 Westville

40 Michigan City


Interstate 94 or I -94 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Indiana. The highway is an east-west connection in the north of the state, parallel to the shores of Lake Michigan. The western portion is in the metropolitan area of ​​Chicago, and is double-numbered with Interstate 80. The highway is 74 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

De Borman Expressway in Hammond.

At Munster, Interstate 94 from Illinois enters the state of Indiana. The highway has 2×4 lanes and is subject to extreme congestion due to the enormous number of trucks on the route, which occupy 6 of the 8 lanes. One passes by Hammond, a suburb of Chicago with a population of 83,000. All the exits of the I-80 are spacious here, like a cloverleaf or a variant thereof. One then reaches Gary, the largest Chicago suburb in Indiana with 103,000 inhabitants. Gary is a heavily industrial and polluted city, and is quite old, and the road network is therefore in a fine-mesh grid pattern.

On the south side of town, one crosses Interstate 65, which runs to Indianapolis. A considerable part of the freight traffic is already stopping here. The road then narrows to 2×3 lanes, and a little further on you cross Interstate 90, where Interstate 80 also exits, and runs along with I-90, which comes from Chicago, to the cities of South Bend, Toledo and Cleveland. Here again a lot of freight traffic turns off, which goes towards the east coast of the United States.

After this, I-94 still has 2×3 lanes, passing some metal industries near the towns of Portage and Chesterton. You then leave the urban area, and you pass quite close to Lake Michigan, where there are also dunes. The last major town in Indiana is Michigan City, where US 421 and US 20 intersect. At Michiana Shores, 2×3 lanes cross the Michigan border. Interstate 94 in Michigan then continues towards Detroit.

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Construction of the highway began in 1949 as the Tri-State Highway, which was to form a bypass around Chicago, along with the Kingery Expressway and the Tri State Tollway in Illinois. At the time, the number State Route 420 was considered, because the Interstate Highway system was not developed until later. In 1952 the Borman Expressway opened to traffic in Hammond, but was then still as US 6numbered and was not yet indicated as a motorway on maps. Only from 1960 was the US 6 in Hammond as a highway with the number I-80/94 indicated on the state highway maps of Indiana. The Borman Expressway was extended east to Portage in stages between 1960 and 1965, to connect with the Indiana Toll Road, which opened in 1956.

Individual I-94 was the last Interstate Highway built in Northwest Indiana. The section between the Indiana Toll Road and the Michigan state border opened significantly later than the connecting section in Michigan, and was commissioned in three phases between 1970 and 1973.

Opening history

van nasty length datum
Illinois state line Exit 6 Burr Street (Gary) 10 km 00-00-1960
Exit 6 Burr Street (Gary) Exit 10 Gary (SR-53) 6 km 00-00-1961
Exit 10 Gary Exit 16 I-90/94 10 km 00-00-1965
Exit 16 I-90/94 Exit 19 Portage 5 km 00-00-1970
Exit 40 Michigan City Michigan state line 10 km 00-00-1972
Exit 19 Portage Exit 40 Michigan City 19 km 00-00-1973

Traffic intensities

I-94 near Burns Harbor, between Gary and Michigan City.

Exit Location 2007 2016
0 State line 154.000 202.000
1 Calumet Avenue 107.000 182.000
2 Indianapolis Blvd 118.000 176.000
3 Kennedy Avenue 110.000 172.000
5 State Route 912 166.000 193.000
6 Burr Street 128.000 184.000
9 Grant Street 152.000 165.000
10 Broadway 155.000 157.000
12 Interstate 65 110.000 103.000
13 Central Avenue 93.000 79.000
19 Portage 58.000 72.000
22 Porter 50.000 63.000
26 Chesterton 44.000 55.000
34 Michigan City 42.000 53.000
40 Michiana Shores 34.000 42.000

Lane Configuration

Van Unpleasant Lanes
Exit 0 (state line) Exit 12 (I-65) 2×4
Exit 12 (I-65) Michigan state line 2×3

State Route 100 in Indiana

Get started Indianapolis
End Indianapolis
Length 2 mi
Length 3 km
Brookville Road

English Avenue

Washington Street

State Route 100 is a former state route and freeway in the U.S. state of Indiana, located to the east of the city of Indianapolis. The highway is 3 kilometers long.

Travel directions

State Route 100 branches off from Interstate 465 just north of I-74, where I-465 has a short parallel structure with a braid. The highway, then known as Shadeland Avenue, is 2×2 lanes and has 3 grade separations in eastern Indianapolis, including a cloverleaf cloverleaf with Washington Street (US 40). After this, the road is a 7-lane urban arterial, including a center turn lane.


State Route 100 was created in 1953 as a north-south route through the Indianapolis region. It was originally a bypass of the Indianapolis region, primarily through Marion County. At the time, the region was not as far suburbanized as it is today. It is unclear whether State Route 100 over Shadeland Avenue was already a freeway at the time. The piece of freeway was probably built in the 1960s or 1970s.

State Route 100 was scrapped in 1999, when all State Routes and US Highways within I-465 were scrapped and rerouted over the beltway. Around that time, the interchange with I-465 was also modified, this was originally a junction where the lanes of State Route 100 were far apart. This was also adapted around 1999 to the current interchange with a braid and rerouted western carriageway of the SR-100.

State Route 100 in Indiana