Interstate 794 and 594 in Wisconsin


Get started Milwaukee
End Milwaukee
Length 4 mi
Length 6 km
1A → Madison / Green Bay / Chicago1B Downtown Milwaukee

1F Lincoln Memorial Drive

3 Bay Street

Interstate 794 or I -794 is an Interstate Highway in the American city of Milwaukee. The highway provides a short connection between downtown and the Lake Michigan neighborhoods and is 6 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

I-794 with the Hoan Bridge.

The highway begins at the Marquette Interchange, where Interstate 43 and Interstate 94 intersect. From here, I-794 runs due east in 2×3 lanes, south of downtown. After two kilometers you come to Lake Michigan, and the highway bends south. The highway here is called the Lake Freeway. One crosses the Milwaukee River via a wide arch bridge. One arrives at Jones Island, an industrialized peninsula. Here, I-794 becomes Lake Parkway, which is numbered State Route 794.

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Initial plans include a freeway from north of downtown to the Milwaukee airport. Some plans even included an extension to Chicago ‘s Lake Shore Drive. However, this plan was shelved, and the highway currently fulfills almost no function. This is where the Blues Brothers movie was partially shot. In 1968, the east-west section in central Wisconsin opened to traffic. In 1974, the Hoan Bridge opened south of downtown, although it wasn’t put into operation until 1977. Between 2004 and 2008, the large Marquette Interchange with I-43 and I-94 was reconstructed.

Traffic intensities

Because the highway does not fulfill a through function, only 22,000 to 43,000 vehicles use the highway every day.

Wisconsin Interstate 894

Get started Milwaukee
End West Allis
Length 9 mi
Length 15 km
1 → Milwaukee/Madison1D Greenfield Avenue

1st Lincoln Avenue

2A National Avenue

2B Oklahoma Avenue

3 Beloit Road

4 → promise

5A 48th Street

5B Forest Home Avenue

6 76th Street

7 60th Street

8 Loomis Road

9 27th Street

10 → Milwaukee/Chicago

Interstate 894 or I -894 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Wisconsin, located in the city of Milwaukee. The highway forms a bypass of Wisconsin and is entirely double-numbered with I-41 and I-43. I-894 is 15 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The interstate begins in south Milwaukee at I-94. From here, the highway runs west, and is double-numbered with I-43 to the west of the suburb of Greenfield. At Greenfield the highway turns north, and the highway has 2×3 lanes. One passes through the suburb of West Allis, which has 61,000 inhabitants. At the interchange with I-94, I-894 becomes US 45, which leads to the northern and northwestern suburbs.


I-894 was originally part of two different freeways, namely the Zoo Freeway for the north-south portion, which also included a good portion of US 45, and the Airport Freeway, the east-west portion. However, I-894 was not originally intended to bypass the entire metropolitan area, but the planned Belt Freeway west and south of the metropolitan area was never constructed.

In 1963, the first 3 miles of the north-south section south of I-94 opened. The rest of the highway opened to traffic in the fall of 1966, including the Airport Freeway, which runs east-west. I-43 was also extended over this section in 1988.

Between 2011 and 2013, the easternmost portion of I-894 was reconstructed, along with I-94. Originally called the Mitchell Interchange, this interchange was a poorly designed half-stack with left-hand in and outs. A short parallel structure has been constructed between 27th Street and I-94.

Since 2015, the north-south portion has also been double-numbered with I-41, leaving no portion of I-894 that is not double-numbered with other Interstate Highways, limiting the added value of the number.

The Zoo Interchange with I-94 was originally a left-hand, left-hand, split-lane interchange, a type of interchange created in quite a few U.S. cities in the 1960s that quickly led to road safety and traffic flow problems. Between 2013 and 2018, the Zoo Interchange was completely reconstructed into a 4-level stack. The last flyover opened to traffic on June 25, 2018. By August 2018, the entire project was completed, which cost a total of $1.7 billion and also included the 3-kilometer widening of I-894. The highway has been significantly reconstructed here and widened to 2×4 lanes.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 159,000 vehicles drive south of I-94, gradually declining to 114,000 vehicles north of I-43. There were 109,000 vehicles east of I-43, slowly rising to 140,000 vehicles west of I-94.

Wisconsin Interstate 894