Interstate 478 and 481 in New York

Interstate 478 in New York

Get started New York
End New York
Length 2 mi
Length 3 km
→ Brooklyn / QueensBrooklyn-Battery Tunnel

FDR Drive → Manhattan / Bronx

Interstate 478 or I -478 is a short Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York. The highway is a short highway between the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan in the city of New York. Almost the entire highway consists of the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel (also known as the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel) between the two boroughs. The route is unique in that the road does not connect to its main route (the Interstate 78 ). The route is 3 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The tunnel portal on the Manhattan side.

The highway exits in western Brooklyn from Interstate 278, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, or BQE. Immediately after the junction is the toll plaza in front of the tunnel. At Governors Island is a trachea of ​​the tunnel. The tunnel is 2.8 kilometers long. At Greenwich Street in downtown Manhattan, the highway resurfaces and ends at West Street.

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Robert Moses proposed the connection as the Brooklyn-Battery Bridge in the 1930s. This plan proved unpopular, because such a high bridge would ruin the view of the lower Manhattan skyline and the embankments needed for a bridge took up too much space. In the end, a tunnel was chosen. On May 25, 1950, the tunnel opened as the southernmost connection between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Plans in the 1950s envisaged a continuation of I-478 over the West Side Highway to the Holland Tunnel, where an interchange with Interstate 78 was to be created. This eventually fell through, the West Side Highway remained a single-storey boulevard and the extended I-78 did not cross Mid Manhattan. As a result, I-478 does not connect to its main route, I-78.

In December 2010, the tunnel was renamed the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel, after former New York Governor Hugh Carey (1919 – 2011).

Traffic intensities

52,400 vehicles use the tunnel every day.

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes
exit 0 Exit 2 2×2


The tunnel is a toll road, managed by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Since January 4, 2017, the toll collection is fully electronic with an E-ZPass or registration toll. It was the MTA’s second connection to go cashless. The toll in 2019 was $9.50 with license plate toll and $6.12 with an E-ZPass.

Interstate 481 in New York

Get started onondaga
End North Syracuse
Length 15 mi
Length 24 km
1 → Binghamton / Syracuse2 Jamesville Road

3 Dewitt

4 → Syracuse

5 Minoa

6 → Buffalo / Albany

7 Bridgeport Road

8 Northern Boulevard

9 → Syracuse / Watertown

Interstate 481 or I -481 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York. The highway forms the eastern beltway of the city of Syracuse. The highway is 24 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-481 at NY-5 near Dewitt.

I-481 begins south of Syracuse at an interchange with Interstate 81, which runs from Scranton to the Canadian border. The highway has 2×2 lanes and initially runs towards the east, later towards the north. One passes along the DeWitt suburb, then crosses Interstate 690, the east-west highway through Syracuse. After that, 2×2 lanes will be available and you will cross the Interstate 90 toll road, the highway from Buffalo and Rochester to Albany and Boston. I-481 then turns northwest, ending at Interstate 81. Straight ahead, SR-481 goes to the suburb of Fulton.


Construction began on I-481 in about 1963, and in 1965 the first section opened between Jamesville and DeWitt, a stretch of just 2 miles that did not yet connect to other highways. In the early 1970s, the highway was extended north to I-690, and on to I-90 in 1977. In the early 1980s, the southern link between I-81 and Jamesville opened, completing a quarter of the beltway in Syracuse. In 1985, a short northbound extension of I-90 opened to State Route 298, which had been extended to I-81 north of Syracuse in 1990. The construction of I-481 had taken more than 25 years.

Traffic intensities

The highway is quite quiet. There are 33,000 vehicles between I-81 and I-690 and 60,000 vehicles between I-590 and I-90. To the north of that, that drops again to 30,000 vehicles.

Interstate 481 in New York