Interstate 370, 395 and 895 in Maryland

Maryland Interstate 895

Get started Elkridge
End Baltimore
Length 15 mi
Length 24 km
→ Washington Boulevard

→ Baltimore Beltway

→ Washington

→ Annapolis

7 Potee Street

9 Shell Road

Baltimore Harbor Tunnel

11 O’Donnell Street

12 Lombard Street

13 Pulaski Highway

14 Moravia Road

15 → Philadelphia

Interstate 895 or I -895 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Maryland. The interstate and toll road provides a bypass of downtown Baltimore and an alternative to Interstate 95. Interstate 895 is 15 miles long.

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Travel directions

At Elkridge, I-895 branches off from Interstate 95, which comes from Washington. The highway has 2×2 lanes here. It goes under Interstate 195, but there are no interchanges with it. Not far after that, one crosses Interstate 695, Baltimore ‘ s ring road. Barely a mile after that, it crosses State Route 295, the secondary highway between Washington and Baltimore. Shortly thereafter, the link from Interstate 97 merges into I-895. You then go through the 2.3 kilometer long Baltimore Harbor Tunnelunder the harbors of Baltimore. You then go under I-95, but there are no interchanges with it either. Both highways then run parallel to the Baltimore border, where I-895 merges with I-95 that continues to Philadelphia and New York.


Most of the route opened on November 29, 1957, allowing traffic to avoid busy downtown Baltimore. Travel time through Baltimore decreased from 60 to 12 minutes. You could avoid as many as 50 traffic lights on US 1. The open section ran from US 1 in Elkridge to US 40 in eastern Baltimore, virtually all of the freeway except for connections to I-95. In 1961, the connection with the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway (I-95) opened towards Philadelphia, and in 1973 the western connection opened with I-95 towards Washington.

Between 2016 and 2020, a 1-mile overpass immediately north of the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel was replaced. The project cost $290 million and was completed on December 4, 2020.

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Traffic intensities

Congestion on I-895 has been increasing for years, as the 2×2 lanes handle up to 73,000 vehicles per day.

Interstate 295 in District of Columbia

Get started Oxon Hill
End Washington
Length 13 km
1 → Washington Beltway1 Laboratory Road

2 Malcolm X Avenue

3A Suitland Parkway

3B South Capitol Street

→ Baltimore

Martin Luther King Jr. avenue

M Street

RFK Stadium

→ Arlington

Interstate 295 or I -295 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Maryland, and the District of Columbia. The highway connects downtown Washington with Interstate 495 to the south. The route is 13 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Maryland I-295.

The highway begins at the interchange with Interstate 495, Washington ‘s beltway. The highway has 3 lanes in the city and 2 lanes out of the city. Later these will be 2×2 lanes. One passes by the Bolling Air Force Base, an air force base. I-295 then branches off downtown, while SR-295 or Anacostia Freeway continues straight toward Baltimore. One then crosses the Anacostia River, and then comes to the center of Washington. The road is then called the Southwest Freeway and turns west. Not far from Capitol Hill, the highway ends at Interstate 395.


The Anacostia Parkway was planned from the 1950s to connect the Baltimore – Washington Parkway with the southern suburbs of Washington. The highway was planned parallel to I-95. On August 7, 1964, the first eight miles opened to traffic between I-495 and I-395, virtually the entire highway. In 1990, a short extension to State Route 210 in Oxon Hill south of I-495 opened to traffic.

Traffic intensities

95,000 vehicles drive north of I-95/495 in Maryland daily.

Maryland Interstate 370

Get started Gaithersburg
End redland
Length 5 km
1 → Washington / Frederick1C Rockville

1D Gaithersburg

2A Shady Grove Road

2B Subway Station

→ Laurel

Interstate 370 or I -370 is a short Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Maryland. The highway connects a park-and-ride station with Interstate 270. Despite being an x70 number, I-370 does not connect with Interstate 70. The highway has 2×3 lanes and is 5 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-370 begins in the suburb of Gaithersburg on Interstate 270 and heads east with 2×3 lanes. This is a major sub-center in the Washington DC metropolitan area, and Gaithersburg and Rockville are major suburbs. In Emory Grove, I-370 becomes State Route 200, also known as the Intercounty Connector (ICC), which continues east through the northern suburbs to Interstate 95.


The highway was proposed in the late 1970s as part of the Intercounty Connector, a second bypass north of Washington DC. Construction began in the late 1980s and opened in the early 1990s as a short connection between I-270 and a subway station. The highway originally had 2×2 lanes. The rest of the ICC was not built at the time, but finally started construction in 2007. It opened on February 23, 2011, connecting a little further north to I-370, which was shortened a little. Nevertheless, the ICC will not be numbered as I-370.

Maryland Interstate 395

Get started I-95 Baltimore
End Baltimore
Length 1 mi
Length 2 km
→ Washington / PhiladelphiaDowntown Baltimore

Interstate 395 or I -395 is a very short Interstate Highway in the US state of Maryland. The highway is a short branch of Interstate 95 into downtown Baltimore, and is by some definitions the shortest Interstate Highway in the country. Nevertheless, the road is spectacular, the interchange with I-95 is completely over the water, above the Patapsco River, and then rises to Martin Luther King Boulevard. There are 2×3 lanes available, and the road has one exit. Every day, 103,000 vehicles use I-395. The highway was opened in 1983.

Maryland Interstate 370