Interstate 35 in Missouri


Begin Kansas City
End Blythedale
Length 115 mi
Length 185 km
Kansas1 Penn Valley Drive

2U → Topeka / St. Louis

2 X → Topeka

2A → North Kansas City

2D Downtown Kansas City

2H → St. Louis

3 Front Street

Bond Bridge (Missouri River)

6 North Kansas City

8 → Omaha

9 Avondale

10 Brighton Avenue

11 Liberty Boulevard

12 → Kansas City Beltway

14 Valley Road

16 Kansas Avenue

17 Liberty

20 Excelsior Springs

26 Kearney

33 Holt

40 Lathrop

48 South Cameron

52 Cameron

54 St. Joseph

61 Winston

64 Altamont

68 Pattonsburg

72 Gallatin

80 Coffey

84 Gilman City

88 South Bethany

92 Bethany

99 Brooklyn

106 Eagleville

114 Blythedale


Interstate 35 or I -35 is an Interstate Highway in the northwestern United States of Missouri. The highway runs north from Kansas City to the Iowa border at Blythedale. It is an important through route. The highway is 185 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

I-35 in Kansas City.

I-35 at Cameron.

The highway has 2×4 lanes, and passes through downtown Kansas City. First, a stack interchange crosses Interstate 670, a short connecting highway through downtown. It then passes with 2×2 lanes along the west side of downtown, then merges onto Interstate 70. Both highways then run below ground level with 2×3 lanes along the north side of downtown. The dual numbering with I-70 is short-lived, as I-70 turns east to Saint Louis. After that, I-35 turns north, merging with Interstate 29, which begins here. With 2×2 lanes you cross the Missouri River via the Paseo Bridge.

Via a large industrial area you then arrive in northern Kansas City. At Gladstone, a Kansas City enclave, I-29 and I-35 split, I-29 runs to Omaha, I-35 toward Des Moines. On the northeast side of Kansas City, one crosses Interstate 435, the Kansas City ring road. After Liberty one leaves the Kansas City conurbation.

US 69 then parallels I-35, which heads north. The area here is slightly hilly, and slightly more varied than in Kansas. There are small forests from time to time. The area is very sparsely populated, there are hardly any places along the way. The only place of minimal size is Cameron, where one intersects US 36, a 2×2 trunk road that runs from Saint Joseph to Springfield, Illinois. I-35 continues the long way north, and in the hamlet of Bethany crosses US 136, a road from Maryville in the west to Keokuk in the east. In rural areas, one crosses the border into Iowa, after which Interstate 35 continues in Iowa towards Des Moines and Minneapolis.

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The construction of I-35 has many similarities with the construction of I-29 in the same area. Both routes already had sections ready for the Interstate Highway system in the form of US Routes, in this case US 69 around Liberty, which opened in 1954 or earlier. The Paseo Bridge opened in 1954, which was replaced by the new Bond Bridge in 2010. Construction went smoothly in the 1960s, in 1965 the first section was opened outside the Kansas City area, at Cameron, and in 1967 the highway was open to traffic between downtown Kansas City and Cameron. In 1970, the last part opened in the Kansas City metropolitan area, along the west side of downtown. After that, construction slowed down a bit. In 1973, the northernmost section opened near the Iowa border, again similar to I-29. In 1978, the last link in Missouri was opened, between Altamont and Coffey,

Opening history

Van Unpleasant Length Opening
Exit 2 Exit 6 6 km 1954
Exit 14 Exit 20 10 km 1955
Exit 6 Exit 11 8 km 1956
Exit 11 Exit 14 5 km 1961
Exit 2X Exit 2H 1 km 1963
Exit 48 Exit 54 10 km 1965
Exit 54 Exit 61 12 km 1966
Exit 20 Exit 48 45 km 1967
Exit 61 Exit 68 11 km 1968
Exit 0 Exit 2X 3 km 1970
Exit 106 Exit 114 13 km 1973
Exit 92 Exit 99 11 km 1974
Exit 99 Exit 106 11 km 1975
Exit 80 Exit 92 19 km 1976
Exit 68 Exit 80 19 km 1978

Traffic intensities

Only 71,000 vehicles cross the Kansas border every day, quite few for an urban highway. 58,000 vehicles pass downtown, and 94,000 vehicles cross the Missouri River in Kansas City. Outside of Kansas City, intensities immediately drop to 21,000 vehicles. Further north there are barely 10,000 pieces.

Lane Configuration

Van Unpleasant Lanes Comments
Exit 0 Exit 1 2×3 Kansas City
Exit 1 Exit 2 2×4 Kansas City
Exit 2 Exit 3 2×2 Kansas City
Exit 3 Exit 4 2×3 Kansas City
Exit 4 Exit 6 2×2 Kansas City
Exit 6 Exit 8 2×3 Kansas City
Exit 8 Exit 114 2×2

Interstate 35 in Missouri