Interstate 290 and 295 in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Interstate 290

Get started auburn
End Marlborough
Length 20 mi
Length 32 km
  • 8 → Springfield / Boston9 Auburn
  • 10 South Worcester
  • 11 → Providence
  • 13 Worcestershire
  • 16 Worcester
  • 17 Lincoln Street
  • 19 → Leominster
  • 20 Burncoat Street
  • 21 Plantation Street
  • 22 Shrewsbury
  • 23 West Boylston
  • 24 Northborough
  • 25 Marlborough
  • 26 → Providence / Portland

Interstate 290 or I -290 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Massachusetts. The highway forms a north-south and east-west connection around the city of Worcester, just west of Boston. The route is 32 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

I-290 at Worcester.

The highway begins at Auburn, where Interstate 395 becomes I-290 at the Interstate 90 toll road. The highway will then have 2×3 lanes and access the city of Worcester from the south. One passes along the east of the center of this city and on the north side of Worcester Interstate 190 exits to Leominster to the north. The I-290 curves to the east here and forms an east-west connection. The highway then has 2×3 lanes until the end of the highway, which is on Interstate 495 in Marlborough, a suburb of Boston.

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The planning of I-290 predates the Interstate Highway system, as early as 1951 there were plans for a mile-long urban highway through Worcester. The original plans for the highway envisioned that I-290 would rejoin I-90 at Westborough, rather than the more northerly connection to I-495. The first section of the highway opened to traffic in 1958 and the entire route was completed by 1970. Originally, there were plans to extend I-290 to I-95 in Boston to create a second east-west axis through the western suburbs. However, this plan never seriously got on the drawing board.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 89,000 vehicles drive north of I-90, rising to 93,000 vehicles past Worcester. East of I-190, 105,000 vehicles and 78,000 vehicles passed Northampton. 58,000 vehicles drove off I-95.

Interstate 291 in Massachusetts

Get started Chicopee
End Holyoke
Length 6 mi
Length 9 km
1 → Hartford / Holyoke2 Downtown Springfield

3 Armory Street

4 St. James Avenue

5 East Springfield

6 → Albany / Boston

Interstate 291 or I -291 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Massachusetts. The highway forms an eastern bypass of the city of Springfield and is 9 kilometers long.

Travel directions

On the north side of Downtown Springfield, I-291 begins at an interchange with Interstate 91, on the bank of the Connecticut River. I-291 is 2×3 lanes and runs northeast through the suburbs of Springfield. The second half of the route is 2×2 lanes, with I-291 ending at an intersection with Burnett Road and the ramp to Interstate 90. Traffic from Boston to Springfield must go through traffic lights here.


The highway was first planned in the 1950s as a link between US 5 (now I-91) and US 20 (now I-90). A further ring road was planned, but it was never built. I-291 opened to traffic about 1972.

Traffic intensities

94,000 vehicles drive daily at Downtown Springfield and 53,000 vehicles south of I-90 in East Springfield.

Interstate 295 in Rhode Island

Get started Warwick
End Attleboro
Length 27 mi
Length 43 km
  • 1A → New York / Providence1B Warwick Mall
  • 3 → Warwick
  • 6 Plainfield Pike
  • 7 Situate Avenue
  • 9 → Providence
  • 9C
  • 10 Greenville Avenue
  • 12 North Providence
  • 15 Douglas Pike
  • 18 → Providence / Worcester
  • 20 Mendon Road
  • 22 Diamond Hill Road
  • 1 Attleboro
  • 2 → Providence / Boston

Interstate 295 or I -295 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Rhode Island and part of Massachusetts. The highway forms a bypass around the city of Providence and is 43 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-295 at Rhode Island.

The highway begins south of Providence in the Warwick suburb at Interstate 95, the highway from New York to Boston. I-295 has 2×2 lanes here and runs north. After just a few miles, one crosses SR-37, a short east-west highway to I-95 in the east. The I-295 has a wide central reservation with a large space reservation. On the west side of Providence, you cross US 6, a highway to downtown Providence. After that, 2×3 lanes will be available and the highway will slowly turn east. One crosses SR-146. on the north side of Providence, the northern highway of Providence. Not far after that, they cross the Massachusetts border in 2×3 lanes and shortly thereafter cross US 1, a main road from Providence to Boston. Not far after that, I-295 ends at Attleboro on Interstate 95 to Boston.


The original highway plan for Providence in 1947 did not include a bypass of Providence. In the mid-1950s the ring road was opened up in the construction program of the Bureau of Public Roads. Construction of the ring road began in 1965, and the highway was then opened to traffic in phases between 1967 and 1975.

The highway was constructed with 2×2 lanes between I-95 and US 6, and 2×3 lanes the rest of the route. At Exit 5, a junction with Interstate 84 was planned, which was supposed to be built from Hartford to Providence, but never got around to it. Like all freeways in Rhode Island, I-295 originally had sequential exit numbering. In November 2017, a start was made to renumber all exits in the state based on distance. The first was to adjust the exit numbering on I-295.

Opening history

The locations are based on the new exit numbering since 2017.

From Unpleasant Length Opening
Exit 20 MA state line 5 km 08-1967
Exit 18 Exit 20 3 km 02-1968
Exit 1 Exit 3 4 km 10-1968
RI state line Exit 2 (MA) 6 km 1969
Exit 3 exit 6 5 km 07-1970
exit 6 Exit 9 3 km 05-1971
Exit 15 Exit 18 5 km 01-1972
Exit 9 Exit 15 10 km 06-1975

Traffic intensities

I-295 is not very busy with up to 80,000 vehicles connecting with US 6.

Interstate 295 in Rhode Island