Interstate 275 in Indiana and Ohio


Get started Elizabethtown
End Fruit Hill
Length 55 mi
Length 88 km
Indiana → Cincinnati Beltway21 Kilby Road

25 → Indianapolis

27 Miami Town

28 → Cincinnati

31 → Montgomery

33 Northbrook

36 Pleasant Run

39 Forest Park

41 Fairfield

42 Springdale

43 → Cincinnati / Dayton

44 Sharonville

46 West Chester

47 Blue Ash

49 → Cincinnati / Columbus

50 Montgomery

52 Loveland

54 Sundale

57 Milford

59 Milford Parkway

63 Newtown

65 Amelia

69 Anderson Township

71 New Richmond

72 Cincinnati

Kentucky → Cincinnati Beltway

Interstate 275 or I -275 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Ohio. The highway forms a ring road around Cincinnati and also continues through Kentucky and Indiana. The section in Ohio is 88 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

I-275 on the west side of Cincinnati.

On the west side of Cincinnati, the highway from Indiana enters the state of Ohio at Elizabethtown. This section runs some distance from the agglomeration. There are three lanes to the north and two to the south. From Blue Jay, the road is briefly double-numbered with Interstate 74 and has 2×3 lanes. At Taylors Creek, the two roads split again, where I-74 goes to Cincinnati and I-275 goes north along it. After that, 2×3 lanes will also be available.

At Barnesburg, State Route 126 exits, the highway through the northern suburbs. Interstate 275 continues north through the northern suburbs. At Springdale, a cloverleaf crosses Interstate 75, which leads to Dayton and Detroit. Not much further on, one crosses Interstate 71, which leads to Columbus and Cleveland. The highway then runs through the hilly and wooded suburbson the east side of town. Cincinnati has many small suburbs, so not one of them stands out. The highway turns west from Cherry Grove and crosses the Ohio River into Kentucky at Fruit Hill. Here, Interstate 275 in Kentucky forms the southern beltway.

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Originally, the Cincinnati region had a Bypass Route of US 50. While the main route of US 50 went through downtown Cincinnati, there was a Bypass Route along the north side of the conurbation, a route roughly followed by I-275 thereafter.

Construction of I-275 began in 1958 north of Cincinnati, between Springdale and US 42 in Sharonville. The northwest ring road was built in the 1960s, between I-74 and Springdale, but it was not until the late 1970s that the ring road was significantly completed. When the section opened up to I-71 in 1965, traffic from downtown could travel to Columbus on freeways, via I-75, I-275, and I-71. A fairly large opening followed around 1972, when a large part of the eastern ring was opened. Also in 1979, the west ring, including the route through Indiana, opened and the east ring, including the Combs-Hehl Bridge east of Cincinnati which opened in December 1979, completing the ring road.

The eastern portion of the ring road is of little importance to through traffic as it is too much of a detour for traffic that wants to follow I-71 or I-75 or a combination of both, the route through downtown Cincinnati is about 15 kilometers shorter.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Date
Exit 41 Fairfield (OH-4) Exit 46 Sharonville (US 42) 8 km about 1961
Exit 25 (west) Exit 28 (East) 5 km about 1964
Exit 46 Sharonville (US 42) Exit 49 5 km about 1965
Exit 49 Exit 50 US 22 2 km about 1966
Exit 36 ​​Fairfield (US 127) Exit 41 Fairfield (OH-4) 8 km about 1969
Exit 50 US 22 Exit 52 Loveland 3 km about 1971
Exit 33 Northgate (US 27) Exit 36 ​​Fairfield (US 127) 5 km about 1972
Exit 52 Loveland Exit 65 Withamsville 21 km about 1972
Exit 65 Withamsville Exit 71 US 52 Connector 10 km about 1974
Exit 21 Cleves Exit 25 (west) 6 km about 1976
Indiana state line Exit 21 Cleves 6 km about 1978
Exit 71 US 52 Connector Exit 72 US 52 (East) 2 km about 1978
Exit 72 US 52 (East) Kentucky state line 1 km about 1979


Already before 1997, the dual numbering with I-74 west of Cincinnati was widened to 2×3 lanes. The north ring has had 2×3 lanes for some time, in 2004 the section between US 42 and I-71 was widened to 2×4 lanes, around 2009 the section west of US 42 was also widened to 2×4 lanes to Winton Road/Gilmore Road.

The East Ring originally had 2×3 lanes between I-71 and OH-450 at Milford. An interchange with OH-450 has been built at Milford in anticipation of an east-west highway that was never built. Between 2004 and 2006, the southern portion of the East Ring was widened to 2×3 lanes between Milford and the Ohio River Bridge.

Between April 2022 and mid-2023, a smart lane was constructed on I-275 around the northeast side of the Cincinnati region, between US 42 and State Route 28. This was the second smart corridor in Ohio.

Lane Configuration

I-74/I-275 west of Cincinnati.

From Unpleasant Lanes length
Exit 0 Indiana state line Exit 25 I-74 West 2×2 12 km
Exit 25 I-74 West Exit 39 Gilmore Road 2×3 23 km
Exit 39 Gilmore Road Exit 46 Lebanon Road 2×4 12 km
Exit 46 Lebanon Road Exit 69 Five Mile Road 2×3 37 km
Exit 69 Five Mile Road Exit 72 Kellogg Avenue 2×2 5 km
Exit 72 Kellogg Avenue Exit 73 Kentucky state line 2×3 1 km

Traffic intensities

The northern part is the busiest, with 141,000 vehicles per day. There are only 66,000 vehicles on the east side and 35,000 on the west side.

Interstate 275 in Indiana