Interstate 240 and 275 in Tennessee

Interstate 240 in Tennessee

Begin Memphis
End Memphis
Length 19 mi
Length 31 km
  • 1 → Little Rock1D Jackson Avenue
  • 2 Chelsea Avenue
  • 2A
  • 3 Watkins Street
  • 5 Hollywood Street
  • 6 New Warford Road
  • 8 Jackson Avenue
  • 10 Covington Pike
  • 12A
  • 12B → Nashville
  • 13 Walnut Grove Road
  • 15 Poplar Avenue
  • 16 → Collierville
  • 17 Mt. Moriah Road
  • 18 Perkins Road
  • 20 Getwell Road
  • 22 Lamar Avenue
  • 23 Memphis International Airport
  • 24 Millbranch Road
  • 25 → Jackson / St. Louis
  • 26 Norris Road
  • 28 South Parkway
  • 29 Lamar Avenue
  • 30 Union Avenue
  • 32 → Little Rock

Interstate 240 or I -240 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Tennessee. The highway forms a beltway from Memphis along with Interstate 40. I-240 is 31 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

I-240 on the south side of Memphis.

I-55/I-240 in Memphis.

Interstate 240 forms a complete beltway around Memphis, but because of its location on the Mississippi River, the center of town is outside the I-240 beltway, a rather unusual situation. I-240 thus forms a beltway around the northern, eastern and southern neighborhoods of the city. On the northern part, Interstate 40 runs on I-240. The highway has 2×3 to 2×4 lanes, the widest parts are in southeastern Memphis. The highway passes through low-rise residential areas and also provides access to Memphis International Airport. In addition to two interchanges with I-40, the beltway also has interchanges with Interstate 55 and State Route 385.

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In the 1950s, I-240 was planned to form a complete ring road around Memphis, while I-40 would pass through the city, as has been the case in many American cities. However, due to the Freeway Revolts, this was canceled and I-40 was routed over the northern portion of the ring road. As a result, I-240 is not a complete ring road. The highway was built in the 1960s and was completed in 1966 along the south side. The north-south section through the center opened in 1971, and the north ring was not completed until 1980.


In the mid-1990s, almost the entire I-240 was provided with 2×3 lanes, or whether parts of the ring road have already been widened before that is unknown. Presumably around 1993, a few miles of I-240 west of State Route 385 on the south side of Memphis was widened to 2×4 lanes. In 2003, this stretch was widened further west to 2×4 lanes as far as State Route 4.

Around 2003, a small portion of the East Ring was widened to 2×4 lanes, between I-40 and Walnut Grove Road. In 2013-2014, the East Ring was further widened to 2×4 lanes to State Route 385, so that most of the southeast side of Memphis has 2×4 lanes.

Opening history

Exit are sometimes also mileposts.

Van Unpleasant Length Opening
Exit 28 Exit 30 3 km 00-09-1965
Exit 20 Exit 28 13 km 00-11-1966
Exit 32 Exit 34 3 km 00-07-1971
Exit 1 Exit 4 5 km 00-11-1971
Exit 4 Exit 14 16 km 00-03-1980


In the future, Interstate 69 will be routed over the west side of I-240. There will then partly be a triple numbering with the I-40, I-69 and I-240.

Traffic intensities

Daily, 122,000 vehicles drive along the northwest side of Memphis, 90,000 vehicles on the north side, 135,000 vehicles on the east side, 130,000 to 165,000 vehicles on the south side, and 74,000 to 103,000 vehicles on the southwest side of Memphis.

Interstate 275 in Tennessee

Get started Knoxville
End Knoxville
Length 3 mi
Length 5 km
0 → Nashville / Asheville1A Baxter Avenue

1B Woodland Avenue

2 Central Street

3 → Lexington

Interstate 275 or I -275 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Tennessee. The highway forms a short link that opens up the center of Knoxville to the north and is 5 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The southern end of I-75 in Knoxville.

I-275 connects Interstate 40 at Downtown Knoxville and Interstate 75 and Interstate 640 on the north side of town. I-275 is a direct extension of I-75 from Kentucky. The highway has 2×3 lanes and has a sharp S-curve around a ridge halfway through. The southern end near the center also provides direct access to US 441.


The highway opened in 1958, then as I-75. The highway handled through traffic until 1982, when I-75 over Knoxville’s western beltway was opened. Since then, I-275 has been a spur for traffic from north to downtown Knoxville.

Traffic intensities

59,000 to 62,000 vehicles use I-275 daily.

Interstate 275 in Tennessee