Interstate 235, 635 and 670 at Kansas

Interstate 235 at Kansas

Get started Wichita
End Wichita
Length 17 mi
Length 27 km
1A → Oklahoma City / Salina1B MacArthur Road

2 Seneca Street

3 Meridian Avenue

4 West Street

5 Southwest Boulevard

7 → Kellogg Avenue Freeway

8 Central Avenue

10 Zoo Boulevard

11 25th Street

13 → Hutchinson

15 Broadway Street

16 → Wichita / Salina

Interstate 235 or I -235 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Kansas. The highway forms Wichita ‘s western beltway and has its start and end point at Interstate 135. The highway is 27 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The highway branches off from Interstate 135 on the south side of Wichita, which runs right through the city, while I-235 forms a bypass. The highway has 2×2 lanes and passes through the southwestern neighborhoods of Wichita. On the west side of Wichita, at the airport, one intersects with US 54, Wichita ‘s east-west highway. There will also be 2×2 lanes available after that and SR-96, Wichita’s northwest arterial road. Not far after that, the highway ends at an interchange with Interstate 135 and SR-254, which runs to El Dorado.


I-235 was the first toll-free Interstate Highway to be constructed in the Wichita region. Construction began in the 1960s and nearly all of the route was completed by 1962, except for a mile stretch to I-135, which opened in 1965.

Between October 2015 and June 2019, the cloverleaf between I-235 and US 54/400 (Kellogg Avenue Freeway) was converted to a clover star.

Traffic intensities

The highway is not very busy, with about 34,000 to 44,000 vehicles on the southwest quadrant and up to 49,000 on the west side of Wichita. On the north side, 45,000 vehicles drive every 24 hours.

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Interstate 635 in Kansas

Begin Overland Park
End Kansas City
Length 12 mi
Length 20 km
1 → Wichita / Kansas City2 Metropolitan Avenue

3 Kansas Avenue

Kansas River

4 → Topeka/Kansas City

5 State Avenue

6 Parallel Parkway

7 Leavenworth Road

8 18th Street

Missouri River

9 Horizons Parkway

10 Kansas City

11 Kansas City

12 → Kansas City/St. Joseph

Interstate 635 or I -635 is an Interstate Highway in the US states of Kansas and Missouri. The highway forms a bypass of downtown Kansas City between I-35 and I-29. The route is 20 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The southern end of I-635.

The highway begins on the north side of Overland Park, Kansas City ‘s largest suburb at Interstate 35, the highway out of Wichita. The highway then has 2×3 lanes and runs to the north. A large shunting yard is crossed over a kilometer long bridge. Then one crosses the Kansas River and then crosses Interstate 70 which comes from Topeka and Denver. They cross the Missouri River a few miles later, which is also the border with the state of Missouri. The highway ends shortly thereafter at Interstate 29, the highway to Omaha.


Interstate 635 was built in the early to mid 1970s. In 1973, two short sections opened from I-35 to Metropolitan Avenue and a second section between State Avenue and Leavenworth Road. In 1975, these two sections were both extended 2 kilometers northwards, but were not yet connected. This happened about 1976 or 1977 when both the Kansas River and Missouri River bridges were completed. This completed I-635.

Opening history

Van Unpleasant Length Opening
Exit 0 Exit 2 3 km 1973
Exit 5 Exit 7 3 km 1973
Exit 2 Exit 3 2 km 1975
Exit 7 Exit 8 2 km 1975
Exit 3 Exit 5 3 km 1976/1977
Exit 8 Exit 12 6 km 1976/1977

Traffic intensities

The highway handles a fair amount of traffic but is not extremely busy according to capacity with about 80,000 vehicles per day. Only 49,000 vehicles cross the Missouri border.

Interstate 670 in Kansas

Begin Kansas City
End Kansas City
Length 2 mi
Length 4,5 km
1A → St. Louis2T → Wichita / Des Moines

2S Broadway

2R Central Street

2Q Truman Road

2P 13th Street

2N → Topeka/Kansas City

Interstate 670 or I -670 is an Interstate Highway in the US states of Kansas and Missouri. The highway connects through downtown Kansas City. The route is 4.5 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The highway branches off Interstate 70 in Kansas City and then crosses the Kansas River in 2×3 lanes. One then crosses the border into Missouri and then crosses Interstate 35, the highway from Wichita to Des Moines. The highway then runs deepened along the center and has an overpass. On the east side of downtown, I-670 connects to Interstate 70 and US 71.


I-670 was not originally foreseen in the Kansas highway plan. The portion along the south side of downtown Kansas City was planned as part of I-35 and opened to traffic in 1968. The Kansas River viaduct opened to traffic in 1991, allowing through traffic to no longer follow I-70 through the Downtown Loop, but to continue straight through downtown Kansas City.

Opening history

Van Unpleasant Length Opening
Exit 1A Exit 2T 2 km 1968
Exit 2T Exit 2P 1 km 1987
Exit 2P Exit 2N 2 km 1991

Traffic intensities

61,000 vehicles cross the Kansas-Missouri border every day, increasing to 127,000 vehicles near the center.

Interstate 670 in Kansas