Interstate 115, 315 and 94 in Montana

Interstate 115 in Montana

Begin Butte
End Butte
Length 1 mi
Length 2 km
→ Seattle / Salt Lake City1 Excelsior Avenue

2 Montana Street

Interstate 115 or I -115 is a short Interstate Highway in the US state of Montana. The highway is little more than a glorified exit from Interstate 15, which is double-numbered with Interstate 90. Butte is a small town of 34,000 inhabitants, built around a copper mine. The highway has only one exit and is 2 kilometers long.

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The starting point of I-115.

I-115 has its origins in US 10, which was widened to a 2×2 divided highway as a western approach road from Butte as early as 1957. This was supposedly the first 2×2 lane road in Montana. The portion of this road that is now I-115 originally had no grade separated connections. I-90 opened as a bypass of Butte in 1965, presumably then the current interchange. In 1986 the connection with Excelsior Avenue was opened.

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Traffic intensities

Every day, 3,500 vehicles use I-115.

Interstate 315 in Montana

Get started Great Falls
End Great Falls
Length 0.5 mi
Length 1 km
→ Helena / Calgary14th Street

Interstate 315 is an unsigned Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Montana. The road is a spur of Interstate 15 and is signposted as Business Loop 15 of I-15. The western portion of BL-15 is administratively known as I-315, and includes 1,340 feet of highway between I-15 and the 6th Street intersection in the city of Great Falls. There is even a connection in between. It is the United States ‘ second- shortest Interstate Highway, after Interstate 878 in New York.

Interstate 94 in Montana

Get started billings
End Wibaux
Length 249 mi
Length 401 km
0 → Billings / Sheridan6 Huntley

14 Ballantine

23 Old Hwy 312

36 frontage road

47 Custer

49 Hardin

53 Tullock Road

63 frontage road

67 Hysham

72 Sarpy Creek Road

82 Reservation Creek Road

87 Colstrip

93 Forsyth

95 Forsyth

103 Rosebud

106 Rosebud

117 Hathaway

126 Moon Creek Road

128 frontage road

135 West Miles City

138 Miles City

141 East Miles City

148 Valley Drive

159 frontage road

169 frontage road

176 Terry

185 Fallon

192 County Road 235

198 frontage road

204 County Road 248

206 County Road 244

210 West Glendive

211 SR-200

213 West Glendive

215 Glendive

224 County Road 106

231 County Road 325

236 Yates Road

241 Wibaux

248 Carlyle Road

North Dakota

Interstate 94 or I -94 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Montana. The highway forms an east-west connection in the eastern part of the state. Despite the fact that the highway only starts in the eastern part of the state, the route is still 401 kilometers long. Most of the highway runs parallel to the Yellowstone River.

Travel directions

I-94 branches off Interstate 90 at Billings—Montana’s largest city— and runs mostly northeast through the Yellowstone River valley. The highway has 2×2 lanes and traffic is usually very limited. There is some cultivated land surrounding the Yellowstone River, but most of the area is rolling steppe that is virtually treeless. In Treasure County, I-94 heads a little further from the Yellowstone River and goes straight through a different kind of badland landscape here. The largest towns on the I-94 route aside from Billings, the small towns of Miles City and Glendive. At Miles City there is a short double numbering with the US 12. At Glendive one crosses some more important state highways. What is special is that I-94 does not cross any north-south running US Highway over the entire distance of 401 kilometers.

I-94 runs mostly south of the Yellowstone River, but runs north of the Yellowstone River between Fallon and Glendive. I-94 also descends very gradually from Billings to Glendive from 950 meters to 620 meters above sea level. Most of the slopes are barely noticeable, except in the few places where I-94 runs outside the immediate valley of the Yellowstone River. East of Glendive, I-94 leads through the badlands and rises again to about 850 meters above sea level. After Glendive, I-94 heads east, leaving the Yellowstone River valley. After Wibaux, the border with the state of North Dakota follows. Interstate 94 in North Dakota then continues toward Bismarck.


I-94’s predecessor was US 10, I-94 was built over or parallel to US 10 along its entire route. At that time, US 312 also existed as a double number with US 10 between Billings and Miles City. The first stretch of I-94 to open was a short stretch east of Glendive, which at the time was believed to be a super twoused to be. In 1963, the first long stretch, a 50-kilometer stretch around Miles City, the main town east of the starting point, opened. Several routes were built during the 1960s, but in 1970 it was still a route that was interrupted four more times. The Forsyth and Fallon bypasses were part of the last stretch of I-94 to open, although a short stretch of I-94 was believed to be missing northeast of Miles City until the early 1980s.

Portions of I-94 were initially constructed as a super two and were widened to 2×2 lanes in the early 1980s.

Opening history

The years are an indication and derived from the official state highway maps.

from nasty length date
Exit 215 Glendive Exit 224 14 km 1961
Exit 117 Hathaway Exit 148 Tusler 50 km 1963
Exit 241 Wibaux Exit 249 North Dakota state line 13 km 1964
Exit 53 Bighorn Exit 67 Hysham 23 km 1965
Exit 224 Exit 241 Wibaux 27 km 1965
Exit 67 Hysham Exit 87 Forsyth 32 km 1968
Exit 0 I-90 Exit 23 Nibbe 37 km 1969
Exit 176 Terry Exit 185 Fallon 14 km 1970
Exit 210 Glendive Exit 215 Glendive 8 km 1970
Exit 103 Rosebud Exit 117 Hathaway 23 km 1971
Exit 159 Exit 176 Terry 27 km circa 1972-1974
Exit 36 ​​Waco Exit 53 Bighorn 27 km 1975
Exit 192 Exit 198 10 km 1975
Exit 23 Nibbe Exit 36 ​​Waco 21 km 1976
Exit 198 Exit 210 Glendive 19 km 1977
Exit 87 Forsyth Exit 103 Rosebud 26 km 1978
Exit 185 Fallon Exit 192 11 km 1978
Exit 148 Tusler Exit 159 18 km about 1979-1985

Traffic intensities

Daily, 9,200 vehicles use the westernmost section at Billings, dropping to 4,500 to 5,300 vehicles over the 200-kilometer stretch further to Miles City. Between Miles City and Glendive, there are also a lot of 4,500 to 5,000 vehicles per day, with 3,700 vehicles between Glendive and the border with the state of North Dakota.

I-94 is one of the quietest highways in the United States. Although it is not the least traveled section, it is one of the longest stretches of Interstate Highway in the country with traffic volumes largely below 5,000 vehicles per day. Nearly the entire 400 miles of I-94 in Montana handles little more than 5,000 vehicles a day.

Interstate 94 in Montana