Interstate 110, 175, 195 and 395 in Florida

Florida Interstate 110

Get started Pensacola
End Pensacola
Length 6 mi
Length 10 km
1 Downtown Pensacola2 Cervantes Street

3 Maxwell Street

4 Fairfield Drive

5 Brent Lane

5 Airport Boulevard

6 → Mobile / Tallahassee

Interstate 110 or I -110 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Florida. The highway connects downtown Pensacola with Interstate 10 and is 10 miles long.

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Travel directions

The highway begins at downtown Pensacola and then continues north in 2×2 lanes. The highway ends after 10 kilometers at an interchange with I-10.


In 1969 the northern section of the highway opened to Maxwell Street, in 1978 the overpass section south of it. Between 2004 and 2009, the northern section to Maxwell Street was widened to 2×3 lanes.

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Florida Interstate 175

Get started St. Petersburg
End St. Petersburg
Length 1.5 mi
Length 2.3 km
→ Tampa / BradentonMartin Luther King Jr. street

6th Street

4th Street

Interstate 175 or I -175 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Florida. The highway forms a short branch from Interstate 275 in St. Petersburg, one of the cities in the Tampa Bay region. The highway connects St. Petersburg Airport and the southern part of downtown with I-275. There are 2×2 through lanes available and the road is 2.3 kilometers long.


I-175 was originally planned as part of the Pinellas Belt Expressway, a beltway around Pinellas County, the peninsula on which St. Petersburg is located. This plan was budgeted in 1974, but was canceled in the late 1970s due to opposition. Only the portion east of I-275 was finally constructed and opened to traffic on April 23, 1980.

Florida Interstate 195

Get started Miami
End Miami Beach
Length 5 mi
Length 8 km
1 → Jacksonville2A North Miami Avenue

2B Biscayne Blvd

Julia Tuttle Causeway

5 Alton Road

Interstate 195 or I -195 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Florida. The highway connects Miami and Miami Beach via the Julia Tuttle Causeway over Biscayne Bay. I-195 is 8 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The I-95/I-195/SR-112 interchange.

The Julia Tuttle Causeway.

Just north of downtown Miami, the SR-112 toll road becomes toll- free Interstate 195 at the interchange with Interstate 95. The highway here forms more or less the separation between the center area and the endless residential areas to the north of it. The highway has 2×3 lanes and you soon arrive at the Julia Tuttle Causeway, a causeway across Biscayne Bay to Miami Beach. In Miami Beach, the highway ends at an intersection with Alton Road.


The entire highway was opened to traffic on December 23, 1961, and was constructed at the same time as part of I-95 in Downtown Miami. The Julia Tuttle Causeway to Miami Beach also opened to traffic that day.

Traffic intensities

The intensities below are to the east of the relevant connection.

Location AADT (2010)
Exit 1 124,000
Exit 2 101,400

Florida Interstate 395

Get started Miami
End Miami
Length 1 mi
Length 2 km
1 → Jacksonville2 Biscayne Blvd

Interstate 395 or I -395 is a short Interstate Highway in the US state of Florida. The highway forms a short connection to the center of Miami of 2 kilometers in length.

Travel directions

I-95 at Downtown Miami.

The highway is located entirely within the Miami city limits, connecting Interstate 95 downtown with the MacArthur Causeway toward Miami Beach. At I-95, I-395 also connects with SR-836, which runs west to the Miami airport. The highway has 2×3 through lanes and passes close to high apartment towers.


The highway was scheduled to open along with the Dolphin Expressway in 1968, but has been delayed because the federal government froze funding for the Interstate Highway. The highway was therefore opened to traffic 3 years later on March 26, 1971.

Between 2010 and 2014, the 1,210-meter Port of Miami Tunnel connecting to I-395 was constructed. This tunnel cost $1 billion to build and makes the Port of Miami more accessible to traffic. The tunnel has 2×2 lanes and opened to traffic on August 3, 2014.


I-395 will be replaced by a new overpass near Downtown Miami. The existing viaduct is in poor condition and turned 50 in 2021, after which it had to be replaced. There will be a “signature bridge” at this location. The project will cost $818 million and will be completed between October 2018 and the end of 2024.

Traffic intensities

The intensities below are to the east of the relevant connection.

Location 2010 2017
Exit 1 124,500 143,500
Exit 2 57,000 92,000

Florida Interstate 395