Indiana Area Codes

Indiana is one of the 50 American states. Located in the Midwestern United States, it borders Michigan and Lake Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, Kentucky to the southeast and south, and Illinois to the west. Its most common nickname is “The Hoosier State.” Its origin is not known, although the most accepted theory states that the word “Hoosier” comes from Samuel Hossier, a businessman who used to hire only employees from Indiana.

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Until 1763, the region of the State belonged to France. This year, after the French signed the Treaty of Paris, the territory came under the control of England. Indiana passed into American control only in the year 1776, after the end of the American Revolution, and was elevated to the status of State on December 11, 1816.

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The relief of Indiana is marked by the presence of great plains. The main river that crosses the state is the Wabash River; on its banks are located important cities, such as Indianapolis and Muncie. The state has a temperate and relatively unstable climate, with average temperatures of -4ºC in winter and 22ºC in summer.

Indiana is one of the national leaders in the agricultural industry and stands out mainly in the manufacturing industry. The main products manufactured in the State are transportation equipment, chemicals, food and machinery. Indiana has a series of labor laws that are unfavorable to workers. An example of this is that in the State employers can fire their employees at any time, without just cause. For many, it is a post-industrial state with a pre-industrial mind.

Map of Area Codes in Indiana

Area Code Map of Indiana

Indiana consists of the following area codes. Click on the area code to show the cities in that area code.

Indiana Area Codes by County

The area code of 219 is used in the following 9 counties:

  1. Jasper, IN
  2. La Porte, IN
  3. Lake, IN
  4. Newton, IN
  5. Porter, IN
  6. Pulaski, IN
  7. St Joseph, IN
  8. Starke, IN
  9. White, IN

The area code of 260 is used in the following 13 counties:

  1. Adams, IN
  2. Allen, IN
  3. Dekalb, IN
  4. Huntington, IN
  5. Jay, IN
  6. Kosciusko, IN
  7. Lagrange, IN
  8. Noble, IN
  9. Randolph, IN
  10. Steuben, IN
  11. Wabash, IN
  12. Wells, IN
  13. Whitley, IN

The area code of 317 is used in the following 11 counties:

  1. Boone, IN
  2. Hamilton, IN
  3. Hancock, IN
  4. Hendricks, IN
  5. Henry, IN
  6. Johnson, IN
  7. Madison, IN
  8. Marion, IN
  9. Morgan, IN
  10. Rush, IN
  11. Shelby, IN

The area code of 463 is used in the following 8 counties:

  1. Boone, IN
  2. Hamilton, IN
  3. Hancock, IN
  4. Hendricks, IN
  5. Johnson, IN
  6. Marion, IN
  7. Morgan, IN
  8. Shelby, IN

The area code of 574 is used in the following 12 counties:

  1. Carroll, IN
  2. Cass, IN
  3. Elkhart, IN
  4. Fulton, IN
  5. Kosciusko, IN
  6. La Porte, IN
  7. Marshall, IN
  8. Miami, IN
  9. Pulaski, IN
  10. St Joseph, IN
  11. Starke, IN
  12. White, IN

The area code of 765 is used in the following 36 counties:

  1. Benton, IN
  2. Blackford, IN
  3. Boone, IN
  4. Carroll, IN
  5. Cass, IN
  6. Clinton, IN
  7. Delaware, IN
  8. Fayette, IN
  9. Fountain, IN
  10. Franklin, IN
  11. Grant, IN
  12. Hamilton, IN
  13. Hancock, IN
  14. Hendricks, IN
  15. Henry, IN
  16. Howard, IN
  17. Jay, IN
  18. Madison, IN
  19. Marion, IN
  20. Miami, IN
  21. Montgomery, IN
  22. Morgan, IN
  23. Owen, IN
  24. Parke, IN
  25. Putnam, IN
  26. Randolph, IN
  27. Rush, IN
  28. Shelby, IN
  29. Tippecanoe, IN
  30. Tipton, IN
  31. Union, IN
  32. Vermillion, IN
  33. Wabash, IN
  34. Warren, IN
  35. Wayne, IN
  36. White, IN

The area code of 812 is used in the following 40 counties:

  1. Bartholomew, IN
  2. Brown, IN
  3. Clark, IN
  4. Clay, IN
  5. Crawford, IN
  6. Daviess, IN
  7. Dearborn, IN
  8. Decatur, IN
  9. Dubois, IN
  10. Floyd, IN
  11. Franklin, IN
  12. Gibson, IN
  13. Greene, IN
  14. Harrison, IN
  15. Jackson, IN
  16. Jefferson, IN
  17. Jennings, IN
  18. Johnson, IN
  19. Knox, IN
  20. Lawrence, IN
  21. Martin, IN
  22. Monroe, IN
  23. Morgan, IN
  24. Ohio, IN
  25. Orange, IN
  26. Owen, IN
  27. Perry, IN
  28. Pike, IN
  29. Posey, IN
  30. Ripley, IN
  31. Scott, IN
  32. Shelby, IN
  33. Spencer, IN
  34. Sullivan, IN
  35. Switzerland, IN
  36. Union, IN
  37. Vanderburgh, IN
  38. Vigo, IN
  39. Warrick, IN
  40. Washington, IN

The area code of 930 is used in the following 17 counties:

  1. Clark, IN
  2. Dubois, IN
  3. Floyd, IN
  4. Gibson, IN
  5. Harrison, IN
  6. Jackson, IN
  7. Jefferson, IN
  8. Jennings, IN
  9. Knox, IN
  10. Martin, IN
  11. Monroe, IN
  12. Posey, IN
  13. Scott, IN
  14. Vanderburgh, IN
  15. Vigo, IN
  16. Warrick, IN
  17. Washington, IN