How to Get to Yaroslavl, Russia

Yaroslavl has two railway stations, a bus station and an airport. From the latter, flights are regularly sent to Moscow (1 hour in flight), as well as to Kazan, Krasnodar, Sochi, Simferopol.

Three times a day, a high-speed train runs between the capital and Yaroslavl, the journey takes 3 hours and a little. He stops in both Rostov Veliky and Pereslavl-Zalessky. Trains also run from St. Petersburg, making a stop in Rybinsk along the way.

The M8 highway goes to Pereslavl-Zalessky, through Rostov and Yaroslavl and further to Danilov, which can also be reached by railway transport. The water arteries of the region are open for use by river transport from May 1 to November 1. Read more on the page ” How to get to Yaroslavl “.

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City `s history

Yaroslavl was founded at the beginning of the 11th century by Kyiv prince Yaroslav the Wise as a fortress city on the right bank of the Volga at the confluence of Kotorosl, where the ancient Russian settlement Medvezhiy Ugol had been located since the 10th century. According to legend, the prince subdued the locals by killing their sacred animal – the bear, the legend of this duel was reflected in the coat of arms of the city. By the middle of the 16th century, Yaroslavl had become an important point of transit trade between Moscow and the countries of the West and East.

The 17th century is golden in the history of Yaroslavl. This is a period of rapid economic growth, the flourishing of culture, the formation of its own style (“Yaroslavl school”) in architecture and painting, the creation of magnificent temple ensembles, which still determine the image of the city. By the middle of the 19th century, Yaroslavl was completely rebuilt according to a regular plan, the ensembles of the Mytny Dvor and the Governor’s House were created. This is how Yaroslavl today turned out – a valuable monument of urban planning, which has preserved the buildings of almost all styles of Russian architecture of the last five centuries.

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Districts of Yaroslavl

The main place of tourist interest in Yaroslavl is, of course, its historical center, also known as the Kirovsky district. Located on the spit of the Volga and Kotorosl rivers, it is a dense urban development of the 18-19 centuries, interspersed with a small number of older buildings. The historical center of Yaroslavl is fully included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, its iconic sights are the churches of Elijah the Prophet and the Epiphany, Volkov Square and Theater, Volzhskaya Embankment and the Assumption Cathedral. There are several guest houses located in old mansions in the area. The main attractions are within easy reach, but accommodation prices bite.

Krasnoperekopsky district stretches along the right bank of Kotorosl – the industrial heart of Yaroslavl. It was here that the first manufactories were formed in the 18th century. The sights of this area are the oldest Peter and Paul Park, the Church of St. John the Baptist in Tolchkovo, as well as the Fedorovskaya Church, the Church of Peter and Paul, the Church of St. Nicholas in Melenki and St. Andrew of Crete.

On the opposite bank of the Volga, opposite the historical center, is the Zavolzhsky District, famous not only for its industrial enterprises (including the Felted Shoes Factory, which has been supplying residents and guests of the city with cozy felt boots for more than a century), but also for the Orthodox female Tolga Monastery.

In the Frunzensky district of Yaroslavl, it is worth visiting the temple ensemble in Korovniki with the church of John Chrysostom, and in Leninsky – the Museum of Military Glory.

Yaroslavl Hotels

Finding suitable housing in Yaroslavl is not at all difficult: more than 200 hotels, guest houses and tourist complexes offer their services to city guests. The most budget option is a hostel: you can spend the night in such an institution for 500-600 RUB. The list of the best hostels in Yaroslavl includes “Like”, “Attic on Pervomayskaya” and “Attic on Kirov”, ” Tuk-tuk “, “Dom 18″ and Stars, conveniently located in the historical center of the city.

A double room in a three-star hotel will cost 2000-3000 RUB. Aquatel ” Volzhskaya Zhemchuzhina “, ” Alyosha Popovich Dvor ” and Ibis Yaroslavl Center are praised for their good location, cozy rooms, helpful staff and delicious breakfasts. One of the best hotels in Yaroslavl is considered to be the “four” Royal Hotel Spa & Wellness on the Kotorosl embankment with a luxurious interior, spacious rooms, new furniture and a spa. You can book a room here for 6400 RUB per day.

In the design hotel ” Ioann Vasilievich ” each room is individually decorated, based on films shot in Yaroslavl and the surrounding area. A small and cozy boutique hotel “Modern” is located in a colorful old mansion of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Renting an apartment in the center of Yaroslavl costs an average of 2500 RUB.

How to Get to Yaroslavl, Russia