How to Get to South Goa, India

It is most convenient to get from Russia to South Goa by plane. All flights arrive at Dabolim airport, which is the main air hub of the state of Goa. The cheapest direct flight from Moscow, provided that tickets are purchased a couple of months in advance, costs about 380 USD per person one way. The carrier is Rossiya Airlines, flights are operated from Sheremetyevo Airport. Direct flight time is 7.5 hours. The time difference between Moscow and Goa is 2.5 hours (in Goa it is 2.5 hours more than in Moscow).

From Moscow, as well as from other major cities in Russia, many connecting flights fly to Goa. Tickets for flights with transfers can be purchased in the price range 315 – 450 USD. Travel time depends on the number of transfers and is 10-20 hours.

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From airport to resort

From Dabolim Airport on the coast of South Goa, the most convenient way to get there is by taxi. It can be ordered upon arrival at the airport at the appropriate counter, there is also a stand with prices to a specific place. There are public taxis (prepaid taxi) operating on meters, a fixed price per kilometer is 17 INR. And there are private ones with whom you can bargain, but you need to agree on the cost of the trip before getting into the car. On average, a taxi ride will cost 900-2000 INR, depending on the remoteness of the resort.

You can also use public transport. First, get from the airport to the nearest town of Vasco da Gama by autorickshaw for 60 INR, from where there is a bus to the capital of the state of Goa – Panaji (about 50 INR), and from there by intercity bus (shuttle bus) get to Margao (the main transport hub of the South Goa) for 30 INR. And already from Margao, take an auto-rickshaw to the desired resort, here you can also rent a bicycle or bike.

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Unlike the northern neighbor, in South Goa, not bikes, but bicycles are more common. Here the area is not so mountainous and very picturesque – on the way to the beach you can drive along the alleys of palm trees or fruit trees. The largest rental points are located in Margao and Colva. Renting a bike will cost 70-100 INR per day, if you take it for a long time – from a couple of weeks – it’s even cheaper. Renting a moped or scooter will cost about 200 INR per day. The rights at the rental point may not be asked, but if the traffic police stop the driver of a motor vehicle without a license, then he cannot avoid a fine.

There are few gas stations in Goa – most often they sell gasoline in cans right in roadside shops.

For those who want to move freely with relative savings, but without renting a vehicle, auto rickshaws will be an ideal option. On these three-wheeled mini-cars, you can drive around all the surrounding beaches. The fare is about 9 INR per km. A taxi will cost almost twice as much – from 17 INR per km in public taxis to 25 INR in private taxis. You can order a car at the hotel or catch it on the street. In the second case, get ready to bargain right away.

Travelers who want to plunge into the thick of life in Goa and get to know the locals better can ride buses. Bus service is well developed here. Prices are low – from 5 INR per trip, buses are often divided into male and female halves. Most routes start at 6:00 and end at 19:30 (some flights at 22:00). There is a railway station in Margao – from here it is convenient to get by train to other states of India.

South Goa Hotels

South Goa is positioned as a place for a comfortable family vacation, so there are many 4-5 * hotels located very close to the beaches, on the territory of which there is a swimming pool, a restaurant and a playground.

Among the five-star hotels, one can note: Radisson Blu Resort Goa and The Leela Goa. 4 * hotels that have proven themselves with good reviews from tourists: Holiday Inn Resort Goa and Coconut Creek Resort. Among three-star hotels, a decent quality of service can be obtained, for example, at The Fern Beira Mar Resort and Stonewater Eco Resort. The price range is 1300-3000 INR for a double room per day, depending on the number of stars and the chosen food system. By the way, in South Goa, hotels often work on an all-inclusive basis.

For those who come to Goa for more than two weeks (for example, for wintering), it makes sense to rent a house or villa. The cost of renting a house per month is 20,000-35,000 INR, depending on the area and the number of rooms. One of the options to save money is to rent not a detached house, but an apartment on the second floor (the owner’s family usually lives on the first floor in such houses). Such a two-room apartment can be rented for 15,000-20,000 INR.

Rent a Car

Renting a car in Goa is not as popular with tourists as renting bicycles and bikes. Despite the fact that the average speed on the roads is 30-40 km / h, the traffic is very chaotic, local drivers constantly honk, cut off, do not use turn signals. Therefore, at first, out of habit, driving in Goa is quite difficult.

The price depends on the brand of car and starts from 1600 INR per day for budget models like the Suzuki Alto. Many rentals require a cash deposit. There are no international branded outlets here – only small private ones. There are usually parking lots near hotels, in front of the beaches, as a rule, you can also leave your car for free. The local police are quite loyal to tourists, if a person has a driver’s license with him, does not violate the speed limit and is not drunk – there are no complaints against him.

There is an option to rent a car with a driver, but at a cost it will be quite comparable to renting a taxi for the whole day.

South Goa Hotels