How to Get to Jurmala, Latvia

The easiest and most convenient way to Jurmala lies through Riga (read how to get there). The resort is located just 20 km from the international airport, which receives daily flights from many cities in Russia and Europe. Electric trains, buses and taxis run from the Latvian capital to the coast.

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From the railway station “Riga-Passenger” to Jurmala, commuter trains of the Latvian Railways depart 1-3 times per hour (off. site). The city is very elongated along the coast, and the train makes 10-12 stops there. The first platform is called “Priedaine”, the last one is called “Sloka”, the station in the historical center near the main attractions is called “Majori”. Trains run from 6:00 to 23:30, a ticket costs 1.05-1.40 EUR (during rush hour and high season is more expensive), the journey takes about half an hour.

Buses No. 22 and minibuses No. 222 and 241 run between the airport and the railway station. They leave every 10-30 minutes from car park P1 in front of the airport. The fare is 2 EUR or 1.15 EUR (if you buy a ticket in advance at the information office, press kiosks or vending machines).

Buses and minibuses of the companies Nordeka (off site.) and Talsu Autotransports leave from the station “Riga-Passenger” and the bus station from 7:30 to 21:00. In the season they go very often, you can easily find a place and pay for the fare when landing. The journey takes about 30 minutes, the fare costs 1.50-2 EUR.

Near the airport there is a parking lot of the official taxi companies Baltic Taxi Lidosta and RedCab (off. site). A trip to the center of Jurmala takes about 20 minutes and costs 15 EUR.

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Districts of Jurmala

Jurmala has recently become a whole resort town. Once it was a chain of villages stretching along the coast, even earlier – fishing villages. Then they turned into districts, each of which has its own history and atmosphere.

The most active tourist life is in full swing in Maiori. This part of the resort attracts guests with old buildings, restaurants, shops and souvenir shops on Jomas Street. In neighboring Dzintari, there is a concert hall of the same name, where significant musical events take place, and earlier also the KVN summer festival, which moved to Svetlogorsk. It is also worth a look there for the sake of wooden buildings of the beginning of the last century. And in the Bulduri region there are historical quarters built in the Art Nouveau style popular in Europe.

Most of the hotels are concentrated in Maiori, but the prices are quite high. Cheaper housing is worth looking for away from the center.

In the districts of Priedaine in the east of the city and Ķemeri in the west, you can safely and profitably relax in the fresh air. In the first one there is a natural monument White Dune, overlooking the Lielupe River, in the second one there is a national park and several balneological sanatoriums. You can also get medical treatment in Jaunkemeri, Vaivari and Pumpuri, remote from the center.

Fans of outdoor activities and tourists with children should pay attention to the areas of Asari and Lielupe. The first one has a large recreation park with rides, sports equipment rental and other entertainment. In the second, there is a water park and yacht clubs, where you can rent a boat, yacht or water skis.


One of the main types of public transport in Jurmala is electric trains from Riga. They run frequently, pass through the entire resort and stop in almost every area. The fare costs 0.80-1.50 EUR. You can also travel around the city by fixed-route taxis and buses. There are 8 regular routes on the schedule (another one is launched in the summer), but they cover all areas of the city. Transport runs from 5:30-6:30 to 20:00-23:30, additional late flights are added in the season on some directions; one trip will cost 0.70-1.40 EUR.

Private transportation in the country is completely eradicated, all taxis are official.

There are several taxi companies operating in the resort, but the prices are practically the same. The fare consists of landing fees (2 EUR) and each km (0.64 EUR). Payment is strictly according to the meter, but it is better to check with the driver the amount before the trip. The car can be caught on the street or called by phone. In the first case, the taxi driver may try to overcharge, in the second, no additional payments are provided.

Almost all historical districts, parks and natural recreation areas in Jurmala are equipped with bike paths. It is not difficult to find a rental point, there are many offices in the city, including the international NextBike. The rental price is 2-3 EUR per hour and about 10 EUR per day.

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