Here Are 5 Pebble-Apps to Your Android Smartphone [Tip]

If you are the owner of the search giant remains undisturbed Android smartphone-universe, and has bought you a Pebble-watch, so see just these five apps.

We have earlier told on our site that Pebble’s App Store finally ready for Android. Apple’s iOS users had, as so often before, got a slight edge on the dedicated app-store, but in May was the 2.0 update ready for the search giant remains undisturbed Android system.

Pebble App Store provides access to the download of the so-called “watchapps” (apps for Pebble) and “watchfaces” (skins for Pebble). The mobile site is over on a small list of app-recommendations for Pebble-Agency, which we would like to share with you.

The popular notes apps, Evernote, as many of you readers probably are daily users of, has also found its way into Pebble-Agency. The app doesn’t offer surprising access to your notes on the arm, and you have also the possibility to sort in them.

Phone Calling
Many Pebble-owners can potentially have a tendency to keep the cell phone on silent when notifications and similar yet pouring in on the clock. If you want to turn the sound on/off Wi-Fi on your Android smartphone, then you should use an app such as Phone Call. With it you can even turn the sound on/off as well as vibration directly from Pebble.

Sleep as Android 
The app “Sleep as Android” is a kind of a clock app with sleep cycle detection. In other words, it is used to monitor your sleep patterns, snoring, return and drejen, and here’s where the Pebble-agency contribute to further registration.

Training can effect intensified further with RunKeeper app for Android phones. Runkeeper app for Pebble-Agency cannot manage Android phone, as on other apps, but nevertheless helps to provide an easily accessible overview.

Canvas for Pebble 
With Canvas app, you can design your own watch face (skin) for your Pebble-watch from your Android mobile. There are plenty of customization options, and therefore only your imagination that sets the limits. Canvas also supports both static and dynamic content on Pebble-Agency.

Do you have a favorite app for Pebble?