Hawaii Culture


Hawaii has a fascinating culture. There are many world-famous traditions, including surfing and hula dancing. It is derived from other Polynesian cultures, such as that of Micronesia. Traditional art is very beautiful here. The locals built beautiful totem poles on the islands long ago. Cloaks of kings were beautifully decorated with chic plumes. They are often yellow or red. Wood carving, sewing, and rock paintings are the main forms of art in Hawaii. Tattoos were made a long time ago. They were very popular and traditional Hawaiian tattoos are still popular today. Crafts in Hawaii love to make beautiful figurines. Most are made of wood, but sometimes they are also carved from stone. Hawaii has a special traditional religion/faith/religion. It’s called Ho’oponopono (pronounced Hoo-Oo-Poono-Poono). This religion often involves prayers and dances. Only 5 gods are worshiped here. They are: Lono (god of agriculture and providence), Kū (god of war and symbol of the Kamehameha dynasty), Kāne (god of reproduction and the sea), Kanaloa (god of the underworld and magic) and Aumakua (god of totem poles and family).

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The Hawaiian cuisine

Hawaiian cuisine is very tasty. It is composed of many different cuisines, such as those of England, Japan and Polynesia. People like to eat agricultural products and livestock as well as sea animals and pasta. Many local restaurants serve these things. Rice and noodles are quite popular dishes here. It is because there are so many Asians living there. White Americans often eat Hawaiian burgers. Hawaiian burgers are delicious burgers with gravy and a variety of Hawaiian herbs/vegetables or sea creatures. Chinese often use babi pangang on these burgers. Babi pangang is delicious barbecue meat that is flavored. Often it is made from chicken meat or pork. In Chinese you don’t call this babi pangang, but char siu. However, Babi pangang is the Indonesian name for this dish. Important and well-known Hawaiian snacks are candlenuts and coconut muffins. Coconut ice cream, pineapple ice cream and taro ice cream are also important delicacies. Most of the Chinese dishes here are derived from Sino-Cantonese cuisine. Canton is a large metropolis in southern China, not far from Hong Kong. People like to eat stir-fried vegetables with tofu and a sauce (examples of Chinese sauces: soy sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce, etc.). You also have dim sum. Many Japanese live here and that is why sushi is also popular. Hawaii has its own special types of sushi. As a starter, people like to eat soups. Spanish thick soups or soups with noodles are the most popular. Stews are often eaten as a main course. Hawaii has become world famous for its special pizza with pineapple and ham. It’s called Pizza Hawaii. At the end of the 20th century, many Thais and Vietnamese immigrated to Hawaii. That’s why lemongrass, fish sauce, and ginger are now key ingredients in traditional Hawaiian dishes. The Vietnamese who live here are known for their spring rolls and Thais for their curry. Because Hawaiian cuisine is very tasty, many famous chefs also live there. Sweet potatoes, breadfruit, candlenuts and taro are the main ingredients in a Hawaiian dessert. Tuna, marlin, swordfish, and mackerel are Hawaii’s most attractive fish. Many people like to eat it. In addition to traditional food, Hawaii also has traditional drinks. There are all kinds of them, including alcohol and lemonade. They are prepared the Hawaiian way. Below are the best known and behind it is what kind of drink it is:

  • Coconut milk – Milk from a coconut
  • Blue Hawaii – rum cocktail with pineapple
  • Mai Tai – Cocktail of rum with pineapple and lime
  • Kava drink – Herbal drink made from kava
  • Hawaiian Wine – Tropical Fruity White Wine
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The Hawaiian cuisine