Haa Alif Atoll, Maldives

Haa Alif Atoll is an archipelago of 40 islands in the north of the Maldives, little explored by tourists. The first resorts in the region opened less than 10 years ago, but even in such a short time they managed to conquer those who want to combine the incompatible – modern luxury and complete unity with paradise nature.

On the island of Matheerah there is an ancient mausoleum with a sacred tomb, to which Sufi Muslims still make pilgrimages, and the island itself has been awarded the honorary title of “Noble”. Perhaps this is the only man-made attraction of the archipelago.

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How to get to Haa Alif Atoll

You can get to Haa Alif from Moscow with one transfer: Aeroflot airliners fly from Sheremetyevo to Male, and the local carrier Maldives Airlines flies from the Maldivian capital to the Hanimaadhoo airport nearest to the atoll. The journey will take 11 hours, a round trip ticket will cost 1200 USD. The prices on the page are for January 2021.

Residents of St. Petersburg on the way to Hanimaadhu will have to make 2 connections: in Moscow and Male. A round-trip ticket costs 1000-1200 USD. Directly to the resorts of the atoll can be reached by boat or seaplane.

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As such, there is no public transport on the islands – it is replaced by speed boats and hydroplanes hired by tourists. Thanks to the amazing infrastructure of the resorts, trips to other islands do not make sense.

Haa Alif Hotels

There are 3 resorts on the atoll: Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa at Dhonakulhi, COMO Maalifushi and JA Manafaru. The guests live in separate villas, placed either on land or on stilts – on the water. Luxurious restaurants, spas and other attributes of a premium holiday are everywhere.

The cost of living for two starts from 720-1000 USD per day in a private bungalow or villa (with breakfast). “All inclusive” will cost 1200-1400 USD per room. More advanced suites can be booked for 1000-1200 USD for 2-4 people with breakfast or for 1400-1500 USD for all inclusive. And the most luxurious options – huge residences with a capacity of up to 8 people – vacationers rent for 3000-6000 USD per day.


Each of the three resorts of Haa Alifa has a wide range of restaurants. As a rule, at least one of them specializes in traditional Maldivian cuisine with fresh vegetable salads and grilled seafood. There are Japanese restaurants and establishments with more familiar oriental cuisine. For dinner for two without alcohol, you will need to pay about 50 USD.


The beaches of Haa Alifa are perfectly white pure sand and a shallow transparent azure sea. Since all the resorts of the atoll occupy entire islands, the beaches are the property of hotels. Free sunbeds, umbrellas, showers and toilets are available to guests. Outdoor enthusiasts can ride a wakeboard, “cheesecake” or water skiing – in all cases, the price: 70 USD for 20 minutes.

Diving and fishing

The straits between the islands on the Haa Alif atoll are much wider and shallower than in the rest of the Maldives, so the undercurrents are almost invisible, and absolutely beginners can do diving.

One of the most popular diving spots is located off the island of Filado – next to its shores in the 1960s. the ship sank. Now lying at a depth of 14 m, the ship is a paradise for corals, generously clinging to its metal frame. Groupers, snappers, yellowtails scurry between the windows, and stingrays, like airplanes, “patrol” the rusty hulk one by one. If you’re lucky, you might see reef sharks.

To the northeast of Ihavandhoo Island is another top diving location – a shallow thila (sunken island). It is home to huge rays, soft corals and other marine life. Separate parts of the thyla have ledges that are inhabited by lobsters and lionfish. And in small caves you can see the famous puffer fish.

Haa Alif Atoll, Maldives