Great Collaboration to Mobile Theft Sat in the Lake

A few great names have joined forces in a new partnership to make smartphone thefts less attractive.

In order to make it less appealing for shady types to steal smart phones has been in the United States to introduce mandatory security measures discussed in smartphones. That is until now not been realized, but a voluntary cooperation among some big names taking a step in that direction.

Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Nokia are some of the names found in the voluntary cooperation to introduce security features in future smartphones.

The functions that can be part of the future of smartphones by default, among other things, some options which can control your phone from home, so it is possible to lock the phone or to clean the data in the event of theft.

A part of these features already exist in one form or another, and it is a voluntary cooperation, so that none of the companies are committed to anything yet, but with the names included in the pot, it is worth to notice.