Grasonville, Maryland Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to iamaccepted, Grasonville, Maryland is a small town located in Queen Anne’s County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It is bordered by the towns of Queenstown to the north, Centreville to the east, Chester to the south, and Stevensville to the west. The population of Grasonville is estimated at around 6,000 people.

The town of Queenstown is located just north of Grasonville. It has a population of about 1,400 and was founded in 1706 as a tobacco port. Today, it is home to numerous shops and restaurants along its quaint Main Street. It also serves as a popular tourist destination with its many historical sites and attractions including the Queen Anne’s County Historical Museum and the historic St. Paul’s Church.

The town of Centreville lies just east of Grasonville and has a population estimated at around 4,500 people. It was founded in 1794 and was named after its location in the center between Chestertown and Easton. Centreville is home to numerous antique stores, art galleries, restaurants, and other local businesses that attract visitors from all over Maryland’s Eastern Shore region.

To the south lies Chester which has a population estimated at around 3,000 people. This small town was founded in 1696 by English settlers who arrived from Virginia’s Eastern Shore region looking for better land for farming tobacco crops. Today, it is home to several historic sites such as The Chester Courthouse which served as an important gathering place during colonial times as well as several museums such as The Chesapeake Maritime Museum which houses artifacts related to Maryland’s maritime history.

Finally, there’s Stevensville which lies just west of Grasonville with an estimated population of around 2,700 people. This small community was founded in 1876 after being settled by members from The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints who were looking for religious freedom away from their homes on Long Island New York; most notably among them were members of what eventually became known as The Stevens Family who have continued to reside there ever since then giving this community its name today.

Grasonville may be small but it still offers plenty for visitors interested in exploring Maryland’s Eastern Shore region with its many bordering towns that each have their own unique history and attractions worth exploring. Whether you’re interested in visiting historical sites or simply want to enjoy some local cuisine or shopping opportunities you won’t be disappointed when visiting this charming part of Maryland.

Population of Grasonville, Maryland

According to maternityetchic, Grasonville, Maryland is a small town located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It is situated in Queen Anne’s County and has an estimated population of around 5,000 people. This quaint community is home to a variety of businesses and attractions that attract people from all over the region.

The town was originally settled in 1671 by English settlers who were seeking religious freedom and better land for farming tobacco crops. Today, Grasonville still retains its small-town charm with its historic buildings, unique shops, and beautiful scenery.

The population of Grasonville is made up mostly of families with children as well as retirees who are looking for a peaceful environment to enjoy their golden years. The median age of residents here is 48 years old which is slightly above the national average. The majority of households here have an average income between $50,000 and $75,000 per year while the median household income in Grasonville is around $68,700 annually.

The racial make up of Grasonville consists mostly of White Americans at around 82%, African Americans at 8%, Hispanic or Latino at 5%, Asian at 4% and Native American at 1%. There are also a few other smaller ethnic groups represented here such as Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Middle Easterners and some multi-racial individuals making up the remaining 1%.

Grasonville also has a strong sense of community spirit with many different activities available throughout the year such as festivals, concerts, art shows and more. The town prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere that allows everyone to feel included regardless of their background or beliefs.

Grasonville is an ideal place to live if you’re looking for a peaceful environment with plenty to do. With its friendly residents and numerous attractions nearby it’s easy to see why so many people choose this small town as their home.

Schools and Education of Grasonville, Maryland

Grasonville, Maryland

Grasonville, Maryland is home to a number of excellent educational institutions. The Queen Anne’s County Public Schools system serves the town, providing an excellent education for all students. The district is composed of five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. These schools are all well-maintained and offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers all core subjects as well as music, art, physical education and other electives.

The elementary schools in Grasonville include Grasonville Elementary School, Centreville Elementary School, Church Hill Elementary School, Sudlersville Elementary School and Sudlersville Middle/High School. All of these schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities for their students in addition to the regular academic curriculum. These activities range from sports teams to student councils and from music classes to drama clubs.

The two middle schools in Grasonville are Centreville Middle School and Sudlersville Middle/High School. Both of these institutions provide advanced classes in mathematics and science as well as other electives such as foreign language or art history. In addition to this they also offer after-school activities such as sports teams or clubs dedicated to special interests like robotics or photography.

The only high school in Grasonville is Sudlersville Middle/High School which offers a wide range of college preparatory courses with advanced placement options available for those who wish to pursue higher education after graduation. This school also provides its students with the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports teams or clubs focused on different interests like debate or yearbook production.

In addition to public schooling options Grasonville also has several private educational institutions available for families who prefer this type of learning environment. There are several Catholic schools located nearby including St Joseph’s Academy which offers an excellent educational program from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade along with religious instruction based on the teachings of the Catholic Church. There is also St Mary’s Academy which focuses on grades nine through twelve providing college preparatory courses along with spiritual guidance from qualified instructors..

Grasonvile provides its residents with access to some outstanding educational opportunities no matter what their preference may be. Whether you choose public or private schooling there are plenty of options available here that will help your children receive an excellent education.

Landmarks in Grasonville, Maryland

Grasonville, Maryland is a beautiful town situated on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The town is known for its picturesque waterfront views and charming historic district. Grasonville has a number of noteworthy landmarks and attractions that make it a popular destination for both visitors and residents.

The Grasonville Marina is one of the most popular destinations in town. This marina offers moorings for boats, as well as other amenities such as boat rentals, fuel services, and repairs. It also has a restaurant overlooking the bay, making it an ideal spot to enjoy the view with friends or family.

The Grasonville Town Hall is another prominent landmark in town. The building was built in 1882 and served as Grasonville’s first schoolhouse until it was converted into a government building in 1915. Today, it serves as the home for local government offices and hosts various events such as community meetings or celebrations.

The Wye Oak State Park is another popular attraction in Grasonville. This state park features many recreational activities such as hiking trails, fishing spots, playgrounds, camping sites, boat ramps, picnic areas, and more. It also contains two monuments: one dedicated to veterans of World War I and another honoring those who died during the Battle of Antietam Creek during the Civil War.

The historic district of downtown Grasonville is also worth visiting if you’re looking for some great places to explore. This area contains many old buildings that have been preserved since they were first constructed centuries ago. You can find several restaurants here that serve delicious seafood dishes from local fishermen or take a stroll down Main Street to check out some unique shops.

Finally, there are two museums located within Grasonville worth checking out: The Talbot Historical Society Museum and The Maritime Museum at Navy Pointe. Both feature exhibits showcasing local history from early colonial times up to modern day life in this area.

There are many great landmarks located throughout Grasonville that make this area so special. Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation spots or interesting historical sites to explore – you’ll certainly find plenty of things to do here.