Google’s Self Propelled Car Is Ready for the Big City

One of Google’s prestige projects is the self-propelled car, and it is now starting to be able to navigate in a chaotic city.

Last we heard from Google about their project with self-propelled cars, was in 2012, but the car has taken a big step in the right direction. Finally, it was, for example, a challenge for the car to read temporary traffic signals such as traffic cones, but it copes with the car easily now, among other things, shown in a new video.

Google’s cars is now up on having run over 700000 miles by herself. This is equivalent to over 1.1 million kilometers, or slightly more than 28 times around the Equator.

The software in the cars can now also better find cyclists and pedestrians, as it can predict whether other traffic edges will run out for red.

Google writes in a post on Google + that’s what that might look like a random chaos in a road in a city to the human eye, can in fact be reasonably predictable for a computer.