Gloverville, South Carolina Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to whicheverhealth, Gloverville, South Carolina is bordered by a number of cities and towns, each with its own unique attractions. To the north lies the city of North Augusta, which is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The North Augusta Greeneway offers a scenic walking path along the Savannah River for those looking to get out and explore nature.

To the east is Aiken, South Carolina which is known for its vibrant downtown area filled with art galleries, boutiques, and other fun activities. The Aiken County Historical Museum provides an interesting look into the history of the area while Hitchcock Woods offers over 2200 acres of trails for hiking and horseback riding.

To the south lies Edgefield County which is home to many small towns and historic sites like Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site where visitors can explore antebellum architecture. There are also several vineyards in the area such as Langley Vineyards that offer tastings and tours of their wineries.

To the west lies McCormick County which boasts beautiful lakes such as Strom Thurmond Lake as well as plenty of outdoor activities like camping and fishing at Hickory Knob State Park. Visitors can also explore several historical sites including Fort Mims which was built in 1786 during the Revolutionary War era.

All these cities and towns offer a variety of attractions that make Gloverville an ideal place to live or visit. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or cultural experiences there’s something for everyone in this part of South Carolina.

Population of Gloverville, South Carolina

According to fashionissupreme, Gloverville, South Carolina is a small town located in the upstate region of South Carolina. It has a population of around 3,600 people according to the 2010 census. The majority of the population is white, making up approximately 82.5% of the total population. African Americans make up 12.9% and Hispanics are at 4%. Asians make up 0.7% and other races make up 0.9%.

The median age in Gloverville is 39 years old with 24% of the population under 18 years old and 13% over 65 years old. The median household income for Gloverville is $43,000 with 19% living below poverty line and 6% unemployed according to the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey in 2016.

The major employers in Gloverville include manufacturing, retail trade, education services, construction, and health care services which provide jobs for many residents of Gloverville and surrounding areas. The town also has a strong agricultural presence with farms producing mainly corn and soybeans as well as some fruits and vegetables. There are also several small businesses located within the town limits such as restaurants, banks, markets and other service-oriented establishments that serve the local community needs.

Gloverville is a relatively safe place to live with low crime rates compared to other communities in South Carolina. The community offers a variety of parks and recreational activities for its citizens through its Parks & Recreation Department which includes an outdoor pool complex, two baseball fields, four tennis courts and three playgrounds within city limits as well as numerous walking trails throughout town for residents to enjoy year round recreation activities outdoors in nature’s beauty.

Gloverville, South Carolina

Schools and education of Gloverville, South Carolina

Gloverville, South Carolina is served by the Aiken County School District, which is comprised of 16 elementary schools, five middle schools and four high schools. The district also has several magnet schools that offer specialized curriculum such as the Fine Arts Magnet School and a STEM Magnet School. The district also offers alternative education programs such as the Aiken County Virtual Academy which allows students to take classes online from home.

The public school system in Gloverville provides quality education for its students. The district spends an average of $11,000 per student each year on instructional materials and other classroom needs. The student-teacher ratio is 15:1 which allows teachers to provide individualized instruction to their students.

The district also offers numerous extracurricular activities such as sports teams, arts clubs, debate teams and more for students to participate in outside of the classroom. Many of these activities are offered free or at low cost so that all students can take part regardless of their financial situation.

In addition to public school options, there are a few private schools located in Gloverville that serve elementary through high school aged children. These schools typically have smaller class sizes and often offer additional services such as music lessons and art classes that may not be available at public schools. Private school tuition varies depending on the institution but on average it ranges from $6,000-8,000 per year for elementary and middle school aged children and $9,000-12,000 per year for high schoolers.

Gloverville provides quality education options for its residents from preschool through college level courses at USC Aiken which serves over 3200 undergraduate and graduate students every semester with a variety of degree programs ranging from business administration to nursing to engineering and more.

Landmarks in Gloverville, South Carolina

Gloverville, South Carolina is a small town located in Aiken County with a population of about 8,000 people. It’s known for its rolling hills, lush greenery, and historic homes. It’s also home to many interesting landmarks that are worth visiting.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Gloverville is the Gloverville Town Hall, which dates back to 1891. The building has been lovingly preserved and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The town hall has served as a gathering place for citizens since its construction and still hosts meetings and events today.

The Gloverville Historical Museum is another popular landmark in town. Located inside the old Gloverville Elementary School building, the museum houses artifacts from the town’s history including photographs, documents, and other memorabilia from over 100 years ago.

Just outside of town lies Maple Grove Farm, which was built around 1840 by wealthy cotton planter John Gadsden. The farm was passed down through generations of Gadsden family members until it was purchased by the city in 1997 and turned into a park open to the public. Visitors can explore the grounds of this beautiful estate or take part in one of their many educational programs offered throughout the year such as farm tours or workshops on gardening and beekeeping.

The historic Ogeechee River flows through Gloverville providing plenty of opportunities for fishing and boating activities such as canoeing or kayaking on its calm waters. The river is also home to several species of wildlife including turtles, fish, birds, and even alligators.

Finally, there’s Whitehall Plantation which was built around 1790 by early settlers from England. This plantation house served as an important site during both World War I and World War II with soldiers training there before being sent off to war overseas. Today, it’s a popular spot for weddings due to its picturesque grounds with beautiful gardens and fountains that make for an unforgettable setting for any special occasion.