GlashÜTte Birthplace of Clock Craft

Hardly another name synonymous with so much tradition and quality: come from Glashütt, a small town in the Saxon Switzerland, exclusive watches and chronographs. Even the venerable jewelry firm Wempe can produce in the birthplace of the watch industry.

GlashÜTte Birthplace of Clock Craft

Watches Glashütte, meet the requirements for high precision

Since Ferdinand Adolph Lange started in 1845, to produce high-quality pocket watches in Glashütte, the Saxon town is one of the Centre of the German watchmaking industry. Meanwhile also the quality watches and Chronographs come the Wempe company here. Wempe has decided to manufacture its watches in Glashütte and it converted an old Observatory to the production site where the collection of watches “Wempe Glashutte i/SA” produced. Since the year 2007 be the movements for Wempe watches from the company manufactured NOMOS Glashütte.

Supra-regional appreciation have received has always been because of their fine quality watches in Glashütte and enjoy until now international recognition for its precision. Until the year 1910, the watches were set even after a time signal from Berlin when the Observatory was built in the same year. She was able to send its own time signal and is now back operational thanks to the restoration work of the firm of Wempe.

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Chronometer testing laboratory for watches in Glashütte

In addition to classical wristwatches, alarm clocks, watches and pocket watches from Wempe manufactures also wrist chronometer, which feature a chronograph function. Thanks to a combination of automatic transmission and mechanical stop function, the time to stop chronograph. The accuracy of watches is tested not only in the official chronometer testing laboratory according to German DIN standard, but also in the Observatory equipped with a State of the art precision adjustment.

The German standard prescribes a special feature when considering that have passed all precision watches of the Wempe company: the clock must be exactly adjusted to the second. During the test the movement in the housing must also be mounted, so that deviations can be excluded. The chronometer testing laboratory for watches in Glashütte is the only approved testing laboratory in Germany – the most independent bodies, however, are located in Switzerland.