Get a Free Tesla-Walk with Drivr [Tip]

Danish Drivr provides a free taste of an electric taxi this weekend.

Success-app Drivr, formerly known as Click A Taxi, find new ways to improve driving pleasure from the back seat. In the next 12 months will Drivr deploy a fleet of 50 of the world’s most luxurious electric cars from California-based Tesla.

The official launch will be first for the summer, but as a general test of Teslaernes system, will Drivr users in and around Copenhagen, could get a free trip with Tesla and driver.

How to get a free Drivr Tesla trip

1. download Drivr foriOSor Android in App Store here:
2. create a Drivr account.
3. Select “Tesla” in the app.
4. press the “Book” and see your Drivr Tesla arrive.

A Drivr Tesla can be ordered via free app Friday the Drivr 2. may from kl. 18-23,
Saturday, July 3. may from kl. 10-23 and Sunday 4. May 10-21 in Copenhagen.