Gary, West Virginia Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to electronicsmatter, Gary, West Virginia is surrounded by a number of small towns and cities that are worth exploring. To the north lies the city of Morgantown, home to West Virginia University and a bustling downtown area full of shops, restaurants, art galleries, and more. This city is also known for its beautiful mountain views and outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, and fishing.

To the east lies Fairmont, West Virginia – a city with plenty of history to explore. Here visitors can find an array of historic buildings from the 19th century as well as modern attractions such as shopping centers and restaurants. The nearby Monongahela River also provides plenty of recreational opportunities such as kayaking or paddle-boating.

Heading south from Gary will take you to Clarksburg – another small city that offers plenty to do for visitors. Here you can find many interesting museums including the Harrison County Historical Society Museum and the Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library which houses an extensive collection of documents related to local history. There are also several parks in this area where you can enjoy outdoor activities like picnicking or playing sports.

Finally, Gary is bordered by Grafton to the west – a small town with plenty of charm and character all its own. Here visitors can explore quaint boutiques in downtown Grafton or take a stroll through one of its many parks or nature trails while admiring the stunning mountain views in every direction.

Gary is surrounded by a number of towns and cities that each offer something unique for visitors to explore. From historic sites to outdoor recreation opportunities – there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

Population of Gary, West Virginia

According to foodezine, Gary, West Virginia is a small town located in McDowell County. The population of Gary is estimated to be just under 1,700 people. It is a rural area with many residents employed in farming and other agricultural occupations. The median household income in Gary is approximately $22,000, which is lower than the national average. Additionally, the poverty rate in Gary is significantly higher than the national average at 27%.

The majority of the population in Gary are white (95%), followed by African American (3%) and Hispanic (2%). Most of the residents are Christian (90%), followed by non-religious (8%) and other religions (2%). As far as education goes, most adults have a high school diploma or equivalent (74%), followed by some college or an associate’s degree (15%) and bachelor’s degree or higher (11%).

When it comes to housing options in Gary, there are mostly single-family homes with some mobile homes scattered throughout the town. The median home value in Gary is around $68,000 which is significantly lower than the state average. Additionally, there are several rental properties available for those who cannot purchase a home.

Gary, West Virginia

Schools and Education of Gary, West Virginia

Gary, West Virginia is part of the McDowell County School System. There are three schools in Gary: Gary Elementary School, Gary Middle School, and River View High School. The schools provide students with a well-rounded education that includes traditional classes such as math, science, and English as well as electives such as art, music, and physical education.

Gary Elementary School is a PreK-5th grade school with approximately 500 students enrolled. It offers a range of activities for students to take part in including chorus and band. The school also has an afterschool program that provides students with tutoring and other enrichment activities.

Gary Middle School is a 6th-8th grade school with about 300 students enrolled. The school offers a wide variety of courses including STEM classes (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). In addition to traditional classes like math and science the school also offers electives such as music, art, foreign language and physical education.

River View High School is a 9th-12th grade school with around 600 students enrolled. The high school offers college preparatory courses such as Advanced Placement (AP) classes for those who wish to pursue college after graduation. Additionally, the high school has several clubs and organizations that students can join such as drama club or student government.

The town of Gary places a strong emphasis on education which is evident in its schools’ commitment to providing quality educational programs for its students. Gary’s teachers strive to create an environment where all students can learn and grow academically while also developing their social skills in order to become successful citizens of their community.

Landmarks in Gary, West Virginia

Gary, West Virginia is a small town located in McDowell County with a population of just over 1,000. It has a rich history and culture that can be seen throughout its many landmarks.

The first landmark in Gary is the McDowell County Courthouse. Built in 1909, the courthouse is one of the oldest buildings in town and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The courthouse is a two-story brick building with white columns and boasts an impressive clock tower. Inside visitors will find beautiful stained glass windows and historic artifacts from the town’s past.

The second landmark in Gary is the Gary Post Office. Built in 1916, the post office was designed by architect William Lescaze in a neoclassical style. It features an impressive brick facade with white columns and an arched entrance way. Inside, visitors will find marble floors and walls adorned with historic murals depicting scenes of life in McDowell County during World War I.

The third landmark in Gary is the old Gary High School building which was built in 1924 as part of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The school building features an imposing brick facade with large windows and a bell tower on top. Inside, visitors will find classrooms that are still used to this day for community events such as concerts or plays.

The fourth landmark in Gary is The Old Stone Church which was built between 1892-1894 by local stonemason John Williams as a Methodist Episcopal Church South congregation church. The church features unique stone construction with stained glass windows depicting various biblical scenes. The church also has several historical artifacts such as old hymnals and books from its original congregation members still inside it today.

Gary’s landmarks provide visitors with an insight into its history and culture while also serving as reminders of how far this small town has come over time.