Fun Factor Mobile: Funny and Embarrassing Stories of Hand - Users

Fun Factor Mobile: Funny and Embarrassing Stories of Hand – Users

We all love it: our smartphone. We have already experienced and experienced something with him. And not all of it was so planned: We have collected for you Pleit, Pitch and mishaps around the mobile phone.

Fun Factor Mobile: Funny and Embarrassing Stories of Hand - Users

In the run-up to this article, we talked with handhelds and asked what funny or even embarrassing smartphone stories they have in store for us. In addition to the classics, a few new breakdowns have emerged which we would like to share with you. Smile, please!

The Classic: Wrongly Sent Messages

It has certainly happened to us all before: It does not fit for a second and inadvertently sends an SMS or WhatsApp message to the wrong person. In most cases this is not a drama. But there are also situations where we regret the step immediately. For example, a handy woman has told us ashamed:

What else happens in the film does not seem to be a rarity even in real life. An acquaintance reported on a similar incident in which the sent message went to her mother. How you can delete messages sent by WhatsApp can be found here.

Involuntary Baths

The fact that mobile phones accidentally fall out of the bag and end up in the toilet unfortunately happens all too often. A user told us amused that her mother had passed and that she had been searching for her mobile phone for hours. The device was unfortunately unfortunately over thereafter. However, smartphones seem to land not only in the clear water. A friend wrote for example:

Even better: another unaffected by the bath of their smartphone in the tomato soup and the ravioli. From this we learn: When we eat, we should prefer our mobile phone from the hand. What you can do with pure water baths to increase the lifetime of your appliance, you will find in this article.

The Vexing Theme Of Autocorrection

How funny auto-corrections can be, we read daily on the Internet. There, “Torte” becomes “Dead”, “Rossmann” to “Russia”, “Camera” to “Canada”. Or you happen the same as someone from our editorial department, who accidentally sent via Skype to Kusssmileys due to wrong key combinations to colleagues. We take it quite naturally. One of the asked hand-users told us about numerous autocorrections-Fails, whereby he was told in a conversation of “nice underwear” instead of “bed linen”. Sometimes it is probably useful to turn off autocorrection. Most of the typing errors we understand better than many autocorrections. What do you think?

When Animals Steal Mobile Phones

Particularly amusing we found the story of a handynessress:

Here we have two stories in one. And when we thought that something like this rarely happened, our editor told us about an incident in which a horse almost swallowed her cell phone. Simply animal!

Mobile Phones And Older Generations

Of course we do not want to generalize here: There are quite older people, who have more idea of ​​smartphones than many young people. Nevertheless, we always hear of funny stories about seniors and new technology. I have just recently done the following: I had given my grandmother a cell phone and set her a simple password lock. So far so good. In the evening she called me and told me that the device was broken. On request she gave me the following explanation:

After I had explained to her how it came about, she had to laugh. Recently, we have illuminated the topic of seniors and mobile phones. Have a look here and here.

Embarrassing Family Celebrations

Do you know that? You are sitting with your family and want to show someone on the phone a photo.Your smartphone is wandering around and everyone looks at the picture of your cat or your new kitchen. No problem. But then something happens that lets you break out in sweat: somebody just starts scrolling through your picture gallery. And already you ask yourself: Do I have photos on my mobile phone, which should be better seen nobody? Be it the horrible Selfie from the last party, photos with your new swarm, no one knows yet or the Christmas gift for your grandma.

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