Frederick, South Dakota Population, Schools and Landmarks

Frederick, South Dakota is a small town located in the southeastern part of the state. It is bordered by several cities and towns that offer visitors plenty of activities and attractions to explore.

To the north of Frederick lies Mitchell, South Dakota. This city is home to a variety of attractions such as the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village, the Corn Palace, and a number of museums and art galleries. Plus, visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, biking, and more.

East of Frederick lies Parkston, South Dakota. Parkston offers visitors plenty of opportunities to explore its historic downtown area which features a variety of shops and restaurants. Plus, there are several parks in the area for outdoor recreation including Kettleson Memorial Park which features walking trails and picnic areas.

South of Frederick lies Salem, South Dakota. This charming small town offers visitors an array of attractions such as art galleries and museums like the Salem Museum & History Center. Additionally, there are several parks in Salem where visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like fishing or simply take in the beautiful views.

West of Frederick lies Ethan, South Dakota. Ethan offers visitors an array of activities ranging from golfing at one of its two courses to exploring its historic downtown area which features quaint shops and restaurants. Plus there are plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities in Ethan such as hiking or biking along one of its many trails or simply taking in the fresh air at one its lakeside parks.

Frederick is bordered by several cities and towns that offer visitors plenty to do. From exploring historical sites to enjoying outdoor recreation—there’s something for everyone in this part of South Dakota.

Frederick, South Dakota

Population of Frederick, South Dakota

According to ehuacom, the population of Frederick, South Dakota is estimated to be around 730 people, according to the most recent census. It is a small town located in the southeastern part of the state and is bordered by several other cities and towns.

The majority of the population in Frederick is White (83.6%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (9.4%), Native American (2.2%), and Asian (1.3%). The median age for the town’s residents is 37 years old, with 25% being under 18 years old and 8% over 65 years old.

In terms of educational attainment, most residents have either completed high school or some college education at a rate of 45% each, while only 11% have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher. Additionally, the unemployment rate in Frederick sits at 3%, which is lower than both the state and national averages.

The majority of households in Frederick are families with an average household size of 2.5 people per household; this includes married couples with children as well as single-parent households. The median household income for Frederick is $48,267 annually, which puts it slightly below both state ($53,937) and national ($61,937) averages; However, this figure has been steadily increasing over recent years due to an influx of new businesses moving into the area.

Frederick has a diverse population that is made up primarily of White individuals who are mostly employed and have either completed high school or some college education. With its steadily increasing median income and influx of new businesses coming into the area—Frederick continues to be an attractive option for those looking to settle down in a rural South Dakota town.

Schools and Education of Frederick, South Dakota

Frederick, South Dakota is home to two schools that provide educational services for the town’s students. The first school is Frederick Elementary School, which serves students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. This school offers a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on reading, writing, math, science, social studies, physical education, and art. Additionally, the school also provides special programs such as music and Spanish language classes.

The second school in Frederick is Frederick High School which serves students in grades six through twelve. This facility has a wide range of courses and programs available to its students including English language arts, mathematics, science and technology, social studies and history, physical education and health sciences. As well as these core classes the school also offers a variety of electives such as art classes, foreign language classes (French or Spanish), music classes (band or choir), and career/technical education programs.

In addition to these two schools Frederick also has several private institutions available to its residents including St. John’s Lutheran School (K-8th grade) and St. John’s Catholic School (K-8th grade). These schools offer similar curriculums as their public counterparts but with an added emphasis on religious education—providing students with a unique learning experience tailored specifically for them. Check toppharmacyschools for top English schools in South Dakota.

There are ample educational opportunities available for those living in Frederick—whether it be through the public or private institutions located within town limits—ensuring that all of its residents have access to quality schooling no matter their age or background.

Landmarks in Frederick, South Dakota

Frederick, South Dakota is home to a variety of landmarks that make the town unique and memorable. One of the most popular landmarks in Frederick is the St. John’s Lutheran Church. This church was built in 1874 and is still standing today, providing locals with a place for worship as well as a reminder of how far the town has come. The church also hosts several events throughout the year such as weddings and funerals which bring people from all over the area together to celebrate life’s milestones in a beautiful setting.

Another iconic landmark in Frederick is The Red Roof Inn, which has been around since 1884 and offers visitors a comfortable place to stay while they explore all that Frederick has to offer. The inn has seen many changes throughout its history but still maintains its classic charm with its large red roof and cozy interior decor.

The third landmark located in Frederick is The Andrew Johnson House, which was built by Andrew Johnson himself back in 1895. This house serves as an important reminder that not only was Andrew Johnson one of Frederick’s first settlers but also provided the town with much needed housing during its early days of development. Today, visitors can still take tours of this house which showcases some of the original furnishings from when it first opened over 125 years ago.

Finally, no visit to Frederick would be complete without stopping by The Fort Randall Dam & Visitor Center. This dam was constructed in 1952 on the Missouri River and provides locals with an up close look at how electricity is generated from water power. Additionally, visitors can learn more about local wildlife at this location or take part in special events such as fishing tournaments or bird watching expeditions.

These are just some of many landmarks located throughout Frederick that make this small South Dakota town so unique and special. Whether you’re looking for a place to worship or just want to take in some local history—there’s something for everyone here.