Fellsmere, Florida Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to definitionexplorer, Fellsmere is a small city located in Indian River County, Florida. It is bordered by the cities of Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Wabasso to the east; the towns of Roseland and Orchid to the north; and the towns of Grant-Valkaria and Malabar to the south. The city’s population is estimated at just over 5,000 people as of 2019.

Fellsmere is known for its rural charm, with many local attractions that attract visitors from all over Florida. The Fellsmere Trailhead Park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering miles of trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. The park also offers picnic areas and a playground for children. The nearby Fellsmere Pond Park offers fishing opportunities as well as a boardwalk around its perimeter.

The city also boasts several golf courses including Quail Valley Country Club and Royal Oak Golf Club. Quail Valley offers 18 holes of championship golf while Royal Oak has 27 holes with four different sets of tees available. In addition to golfing, there are plenty of other activities available in Fellsmere such as camping at nearby Camp Holly or visiting one of the many local nature preserves like Blue Cypress Conservation Area or St Sebastian River Preserve State Park.

Fellsmere hosts several events throughout the year that attract people from all over Florida including their annual Fourth Of July Fireworks Show which takes place on the banks of Fellsmere Pond Park every year. Additionally, they host an annual Christmas parade where locals can enjoy floats decorated with lights and Christmas music along with food vendors selling holiday treats like hot cocoa or candy canes.

In addition to these attractions, Fellsmere also has plenty to offer in terms of dining options ranging from casual eateries like Applebee’s or Captain Hiram’s Sandbar & Grill which serves up fresh seafood dishes daily to more upscale restaurants like Alizee Bistro & Bar which specializes in French cuisine.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway or an exciting adventure filled with outdoor activities, Fellsmere has something for everyone. From its charming rural atmosphere to its wide variety of attractions and activities, this small city is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Population of Fellsmere, Florida

According to dictionaryforall, Fellsmere is a small city in Florida, located in Indian River County. As of 2020, it has an estimated population of 5,094 people. The population is mainly made up of white people (87.6%), followed by African Americans (8.2%), Hispanics or Latinos (2%) and Asians (0.7%). The median age is 44 years old, with a gender ratio of 48% men to 52% women.

Fellsmere has seen a significant increase in population over the past decade due to its proximity to larger cities like Orlando and Tampa as well as its attractive rural atmosphere and numerous outdoor activities. In recent years, the city has become increasingly diverse with an influx of new residents from all over the world.

The majority of Fellsmere’s population is employed in either agriculture or tourism-related industries such as fishing, hunting, camping, horseback riding or golfing at one of the city’s two golf courses – Quail Valley Country Club and Royal Oak Golf Club. Additionally, many residents are employed at local businesses like restaurants and retail stores as well as schools and medical facilities throughout Indian River County.

Education is highly valued by the people of Fellsmere; there are several elementary schools located within the city limits including Fellsmere Elementary School and Sebastian Elementary School which both offer a comprehensive education for students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Additionally, there are two high schools located nearby – Sebastian River High School and Vero Beach High School – both of which offer advanced coursework for students looking to pursue higher education after graduation.

Fellsmere is a small but vibrant community that offers its residents an array of outdoor activities while also providing ample job opportunities for those seeking employment in either agriculture or tourism-related industries. With its friendly atmosphere and diverse population, Fellsmere has become an increasingly popular destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of larger cities yet still enjoy all that Florida has to offer.

Schools and education of Fellsmere, Florida

Fellsmere, Florida

Fellsmere, Florida is home to some of the best education in the state. The city prides itself on providing students with a quality learning environment, and parents can rest assured that their children are getting a well-rounded education.

The city is served by Indian River County School District, which offers a variety of educational opportunities for students of all ages and backgrounds. Fellsmere Elementary School and Sebastian Elementary School provide comprehensive education for students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Both schools are equipped with modern classrooms and laboratories, as well as high quality teachers who have years of experience in teaching children. In addition, both schools offer extracurricular activities such as music, art, physical education, and after-school programs to enhance the educational experience.

For those looking for more advanced courses or specialized learning opportunities, there are two high schools nearby – Sebastian River High School and Vero Beach High School – both of which offer rigorous academic programs for students wishing to pursue higher education after graduation. At both high schools students can choose from a range of courses including Advanced Placement classes in English Language Arts & Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Studies & History, and World Languages & Cultures. Additionally, both high schools offer extracurricular activities such as sports teams (including football and basketball), student clubs (such as drama club or debate team), music programs (band or choir), art classes (painting or sculpture) and even culinary classes (cooking or baking).

In addition to traditional schooling options in Fellsmere there are several alternative educational options available too. For instance parents can choose from several private Christian schools such as First Baptist Christian Academy or Indian River Charter High School which focus on providing a faith-based education while still offering quality academics. Furthermore, there are numerous private tutoring services available throughout the city that specialize in various subjects such as math or language arts.

Fellsmere is an excellent place to get an education due to its wide range of options for both traditional schooling and alternative educational opportunities. With its commitment to providing quality instruction coupled with its diverse population and friendly atmosphere, it is no wonder why so many families call Fellsmere home.

Landmarks in Fellsmere, Florida

Fellsmere, Florida is a small town with a big heart. Located in Indian River County, Fellsmere is known for its friendly atmosphere and diverse population. This charming city has many attractions and landmarks that make it a great place to visit or live.

The Fellsmere Historic District is one of the most popular attractions in town. It features several historical buildings and homes that have been preserved from the early 1900s. Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the area to learn about its rich history, including the old post office, courthouse, jailhouse, and schoolhouse. There’s also an old-fashioned general store with local treats like fresh produce and homemade jams.

The Fellsmere Trailhead Park is another popular spot in town. This 100-acre park offers both paved and unpaved trails for biking, walking, jogging, horseback riding and more. There’s also plenty of wildlife to observe while enjoying the natural scenery in this tranquil setting.

For those looking to explore the outdoors even further there’s Blue Cypress Lake Conservation Area nearby which is home to over 500 species of birds as well as alligators and other wildlife. Visitors can take advantage of fishing docks or boat ramps to launch their own boats or enjoy guided tours on pontoon boats provided by local outfitters.

For those who love art there’s an outdoor sculpture garden located at the corner of US 1 and Sixtieth Street in Fellsmere showcasing sculptures created by local artists from around the world in various mediums such as metalwork, woodwork and stone carving among others.

Finally, for those interested in learning more about Fellsmere’s unique culture, there’s an annual Folk Festival which takes place every April featuring live music performances by local bands as well as arts & crafts vendors selling handmade items such as jewelry, pottery and other items made by local artisans from around the area.

Fellsmere is an amazing place with so much to offer visitors or locals alike. From historical sites to outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone here making it a great destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience.