Fashion Expert Bruce Sturgell Reveals the Summer Break

Together with fashion expert Bruce Sturgell from the fashionblog, we have also determined this year the best tips for summer fashion for “men of all sizes”. We will give you the absolute must-haves in the summer of 2016 as well as the actual color trends. Also learn why men should wear Hawaii shirt again this summer and how summery office looks like. All in all, now:Be brave and bring real summer feeling into your wardrobe!

Fashion Expert Bruce Sturgell Reveals the Summer Break

These are the must-haves for this summer

“Three things the man needs” – so it was already with Loriot.According to Bruce, these three things are in summer 2016:

  • “A good pair of shoes worn without socks.”
  • “A comfortable hat that keeps the sun away from your head.”
  • “Good shorts.”

To the shoes:Without white sneakers goes – almost – nothing this summer.But even summery shoes from (wild) leather look barefoot worn very casually.Especially if you spin up the trouser legs a little.

To the hat:”I personally decided to buy a straw fed straw,” says Bruce. The classic men’s hat is a real eye-catcher and makes your summer look perfect.

To the shorts:”Too long shorts look fast on wide-built men like Caprihosen,”finds Bruce. He advises to “shorten the short trousers as necessary”or to shorten them as I always do .”

As a rule of thumb, shorts or bermuda shorts should end just above or below the knee following equzhou.

These and many other Bermudas in large sizes can be found at Bigtex:

Bermuda short made of jeans by Pioneer

beige Bermuda-Short by Kitaro

Color finishes 2016

The winter is over, so you can put the covered tones quietly back into the wardrobe.It is time for light, friendly, fun summer colors.

Bruce Sturgell recommends”bright blue, yellow, and greens. In this way, you miss the color you need.”

Also light gray and powdery sand, camel or beige may not be missing this season.

In our shop you will find a lot of great summer colors.Try it with this look with fruity lime green and yellow to a beige short:

Knit sweater by Casa Moda in lime green

yellow t-shirt by Kitaro

beige Redpoint shorts

If the color seems to be too daring, you can go to the camel camel instead.The T-Shirt Camel Active combined with a light blue summer jeans looks great:

cream Camel-Active T-Shirt

light blue summer jeans from pioneer

But also the natural tone-in-tone look is 2016 announced:

cream Camel-Active T-Shirt

light beige jeans by Luigi Morini

light blouson in beige by Camel Active

Try something new

The summer colors are the one.We also asked Bruce about his favorite clothes in summer 2016.

“You will see a trend towards shirts, jackets and trousers inspired by the 1950s style this summer,”explains the expert.”That means: bright patterns, vintage designs and even powdery tones. That does not suit everyone, but it is a tribute to a rather unique modest.”

This trend also includes Hawaii shirts, which were particularly popular in the 1950s.To this day, such a colorful patterned shirt is a clear signal for summer mood and leisure time.

Signum short-sleeved with alloverprint

Short sleeve shirt with floral print by Casa Moda

easy-care Hawaii short sleeve shirt Marvelis

Bring the summer to the office

“The style of clothing you wear in the office is, of course, strongly dependent on the dresscode of a company,”admits Bruce Sturgell.

However, he has a good tip on how to relax your office look: “If you have to wear (or want to wear) a suit in a business suit, just play a little with color. Do not be afraid to remove the classic blue and white.”

A colored jacket or shirt, but also a necktie in strong turquoise or green make for summer mood at the workplace. We see it like Bruce: “It will be summer! If you can not get around the dress code, then you should at least have a bit of a summery mood!”

dark blue Stretch jacket by Weis

lilac long sleeve shirt by Casa Moda

violet silk scarves in excess length

Pioneer cotton pants in dark blue

New casualness:The trousers continue to move

Röhrenjeans ade – welcome, light cloth trousers

As early as last summer Skinny Jeans said farewell, but surely.Instead of tube pants, fashion-conscious men wear comfortable chinos or loose-fitting jeans.

Bruce suggests, “If you’re looking for something different from jeans and shorts, try a light chino or a fabric pants. They can carry you to almost anything.”

Note: A light pair of pants is a real addition to your wardrobe this summer!

At Bigtex you will find these comfortable and light summer pants made of light cotton:

Cotton chino by Club of Comfort

Luigi-Morini stretch pants in beige

The jogging trousers become (nearly) salonfähig

“Those who wear a jogging trousers have lost control of their lives,” once fashion czar Karl Lagerfeld.At the Paris Fashion Week 2014 followed the turn-around, and the chief designer of Chanel showed highly personal models in jogging pants.Even in men’s fashion, the casual rubber bodice has long since become salonable.Theoretically.

Practically you can still make a lot of mistakes with this trend today.

No question: jogging pants are great!They are comfortable, casual and comfortable to wear.If you are not a true fashion addict and stylish designer jogging trousers call your own, you should only follow the jogging center but only conditionally: Jogging pants do not have to be in the office or at the entrance to the future parents-in-law.For a sporty leisure look, the comfortable pants are just perfect, as instructors Madu Lopez and Belmin Locos prove:

In this respect we also say of Bigtex “Ja!” To jogging pants as a cool and comfortable clothing for leisure:

light gray jogging trousers by Redfield

red Urban Classics jogging trousers

dark blue Urban Classics jogging trousers

Only for the daring

There are also dubious trends in the fashion year 2016. Whoever carries this is definitely fashionable up-to-date.But probably there are only a few men who can wear these outfits with style and dignity:

Socks in sandals

Men who wear white tennissocks in sandals have long been blasphemed.However, the modest sin of the past is – as ever, that has happened – now a must for real fashion addicts.We say:Do not have to be!

Flower rhinestone, lace & frills for men

The sun king would certainly have liked it – but men with ruffle and lace trim on shirts and T-shirts?Or flowers on the suit?Gucci chief designer Alessandro Michele says: Yes, please!We say:Please do not!

At the Fashion Show, Gucci presented quite “unmanly” designs a year ago.Interesting.But portable?

Get a picture of yourself:

Be brave!

In the end, Bruce still has an important message to all XL men: “Be adventurous!”It does not have to be a T-shirt with a lace trim, but also in fashion, real guys can dare.

Bruce finds that it is very convenient for many, and especially for more powerful men, to stay with the clothing style they once found for themselves.But as a fashion-conscious plus-size man, he is of the opinion that in this way you can miss a whole lot of exciting looks.

“Try it with stripes, try some patterns,”Bruce advises. “Remember, style is an expression of your personality. And you want people to notice them!”

We can only join this.Try one or the other summer break 2016.You do not have to change your wardrobe.But to add to it one or the other special piece – why not?

In this sense:Be brave! Look at your personal favorite items for the coming summer at Bigtex and let your personality show off!