Facebook Login Can Soon Be Made Anonymously

Facebook has made a change that makes you with third party apps will soon be able to log in as anonymous

Do you use Facebook login to Spotify, Endomondo or similar third-party applications, but are annoyed by that appsne must have access to your personal data? Then there is now light at the end of the tunnel coming. Facebook has on their f8 Developer Conference announced that the third party apps will soon be able to log in anonymously.

In this way, you can log into the app in the future, without Endomondo remember your username or password, while the app can’t share something on your Facebook wall. There are several reasons why this is smart. Some people are just not very happy having to share their personal information with companies or databases that potentially can be hacked. 

To third party apps can’t access your information, can also be smart if you should try an app for the first time. You thus do not bind you to the app can spam you later, if the app not just fell into your taste.

Third party apps, however, must first have this new feature integrated, so it may take some time before the function show up in appsne. Plain Facebook access where you consistently provides access to user information and password, of course, still exist in the future.

Anonymous login is a feature you’ll appreciate, or it goes beyond usability?