Eyeliner XXL – Revival of the 1960s

The trends of past decades are back in the coming and also during makeup is retro in: Like the eyeliner XXL, which is typical for an eye makeup in the look of the 1960s.

Eyeliner XXL – Revival of the 1960s

Quite clear: in the 1960s the accent of the make-up was on the eyes. These were put into scene with a thick eyeliner and stressed eyelashes. The smokey eyes, which are still so popular today, also established themselves in the decade, which was not only a sign of rock’n’roll and free love, but also the female emancipation which opened the gates.

Eyeliner In Sixties Look

A make-up in the 1960s style is characterised by a strong emphasis on the eyes. The eyeliner can be applied particularly thickly. You can use either a eyeliner or eyeliner. There are also finished Lidstriche for gluing, which can be easily attached to the eyelid. In the shaping of the Lidstrichs, there are no limits to your imagination, but a little bit you should orient yourself, which fits the occasion and the shape of your eyes. In large eyes, in addition to a strong eyeliner in dark colors on the upper lid, the lower eyelid can also be stressed. According to If you have smaller eyes, it is advisable to choose a lighter tint for the eye makeup or to leave the lower lid unvarnished to visually enlarge the eye.

Eyelashes And Eyebrows Emphasize

Eye Makeup In the 1960s style also includes striking eyelashes that can be vigorously covered. If you have only a few or very short eyelashes, you can help with artificial eyelashes. These are simply glued to the eyelashes and provide a great eye impact. The rest of the make-up should be discreet so that the eyes can be properly used.