Etna, Maine Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to act-test-centers, Etna, Maine is located in the foothills of the White Mountains and is bordered by a number of different cities and towns. To the north, Etna shares a border with Canaan, a small rural town that is home to many local farms and businesses. To the east lies Newport, which is known for its picturesque lakes and rivers. On the south side lies Corinna, an old mill town that has been revitalized with new shops and restaurants. And to the west lies Levant, a vibrant community that offers plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, biking, and more.

Just south of Etna is Dexter which is home to several small businesses including several antique stores as well as a variety of restaurants. The downtown area also features historic buildings from the 19th century when Dexter was an important hub on the Bangor & Aroostook Railroad line.

Further east from Etna is Dover-Foxcroft which was once home to a large paper mill that provided employment for many of its residents until it closed in 2001. The downtown area still features many historic buildings from this period including several churches, banks, schools and more. It’s also home to Foxcroft Academy which has been educating students since 1823 and continues to provide excellent educational opportunities for students today.

In addition to these cities and towns bordering Etna there are also several smaller villages nearby such as Stetsonville which offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities including fishing on Garland Pond or hunting in nearby forests. There’s also Guilford which features some beautiful old homes from the late 19th century as well as some interesting historical sites such as Guilford Memorial Hall or Town Hall Park which was once used for public meetings during colonial times.

Etna is surrounded by a variety of different cities and towns that all offer something unique for visitors to explore whether they’re looking for outdoor recreation or interesting historical sites.

Population of Etna, Maine

According to andyeducation, Etna, Maine is a small rural town located in the White Mountains region of the state. It has a population of just under 1,500 people, making it one of the smaller towns in Maine. The majority of Etna’s population is made up of white Americans (94%) with the remaining 6% made up of African Americans and other races.

The median age of Etna’s population is 38 years old and the median household income is $43,000 per year. The town has experienced steady growth over the past few years due to its close proximity to larger cities such as Bangor and Portland.

Etna residents are very proud of their town and take great pride in its history. Many families have been living in Etna for generations and they have strong ties to their community. Locals often participate in community events such as parades, festivals, and outdoor concerts during the summer months.

The town’s economy is mostly based on small businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, auto repair shops, and other services that cater to both locals and visitors alike. There are also several farms located within Etna that produce various fruits and vegetables for sale at local markets or for export to other parts of Maine or even outside state lines.

Etna is a charming small town with an inviting atmosphere that welcomes everyone who visits or moves here with open arms. The people are friendly and welcoming; many new residents quickly make friends with their neighbors while enjoying all that this beautiful mountain community has to offer.

Etna, Maine

Schools and Education of Etna, Maine

Etna, Maine is home to a number of educational institutions that serve the needs of students from kindergarten through college. The town is part of the RSU 19 school district, which includes the towns of Hampden, Hermon, Levant, and Newburgh. Etna itself has two public schools: Etna Elementary School and Etna High School.

Etna Elementary School serves students in grades K-5 and provides quality educational opportunities for children. The school has a strong focus on math and science and is committed to providing a safe learning environment for its students.

At Etna High School, students in grades 9-12 can take advantage of a wide variety of courses including advanced placement classes. The school also offers extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs, theater productions, music ensembles, and other activities that allow students to explore their interests outside of the classroom.

In addition to the public schools in Etna, there are also several private schools located nearby that offer Christian-based curriculums for both elementary and high school students. These include Calvary Christian Academy in Bangor and New Life Christian Academy in Hermon.

For post-secondary education options, there are several colleges located within an hour’s drive from Etna including Husson University in Bangor and University of Maine at Augusta (UMA). UMA offers various degree programs ranging from associate’s degrees to master’s programs and even an online campus where students can take classes remotely from anywhere in the world.

Etna is proud to have excellent educational opportunities available for its residents both young and old. With quality public schools as well as private religious institutions nearby and several post-secondary education options within easy reach, residents have plenty of choices when it comes to furthering their education.

Landmarks in Etna, Maine

Etna, Maine is a small town located in Penobscot County and is home to a variety of landmarks that make it unique. One of the most notable landmarks in Etna is the Etna Town Hall, which was built in 1834 and serves as the center of government for the town. The building features a beautiful Greek Revival-style architecture and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1980.

The Etna Congregational Church is another historic landmark in town that was built in 1845. It features a classic New England-style architecture with white clapboard siding, a bell tower, and stained glass windows. The church is still an active congregation today and hosts weekly services as well as special events throughout the year.

Another popular landmark in Etna is Brewer Lake Park, which offers visitors a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The park features a large lake surrounded by walking trails, picnic areas, bird watching opportunities, playgrounds, and more. It’s also home to several species of wildlife including beavers, otters, deer, foxes, and even bald eagles.

Finally, no visit to Etna would be complete without stopping at the Etna General Store. This iconic store has been serving locals for over 150 years and offers all sorts of goods from groceries to hardware supplies. It’s also known for its delicious homemade ice cream that has been enjoyed by generations of visitors.

There are plenty of interesting landmarks to explore when visiting Etna. From historic buildings to natural parks to local stores – there’s something for everyone to enjoy while exploring this small Maine town.