Essex Fells, New Jersey Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to theinternetfaqs, Essex Fells, New Jersey is a small borough situated in Essex County, just west of the city of Newark. The borough is bordered by the towns of Caldwell to the north, Roseland to the east, Livingston to the south, and Fairfield to the west. It is a picturesque community with many tree-lined streets and picturesque homes.

Essex Fells was first established in 1891 as a rural residential community that was designed around its natural beauty. The borough is made up of two sections: North Essex Fells and South Essex Fells. North Essex Fells features historic homes from the 19th century that are still standing today. South Essex Fells consists mostly of newer homes built since 1950s.

Caldwell, located to the north of Essex Fells, is a town in northwestern Essex County with a population of approximately 7,000 people. It was established in 1798 and has grown over time from being an agricultural community into one with more diverse industries such as education and health care services. Caldwell features several parks for outdoor recreation such as Grover Cleveland Park and Bloomfield Avenue Park which offer playgrounds, walking trails, sports fields and more for residents to enjoy year round.

Roseland is located east of Essex Fells and has a population of about 6,000 people. This town was established in 1892 from parts of Caldwell Township and Livingston Township and has since become home to many businesses including professional offices as well as retail stores like Walmart Supercenter that provide local residents with easy access to goods and services they need on a daily basis.

Livingston lies south of Essex Fells with a population of around 30,000 people making it one of the largest municipalities in the county by population size. This township was originally founded in 1813 from parts of Caldwell Township but has since grown into its own distinct community offering residents plenty of recreational activities such as golf courses at Livingston Country Club or shopping centers like Livingston Mall which provide great places for families to spend time together.

Finally, Fairfield lies directly west from Essex Fells with an estimated population of just under 10,000 people. This township was first incorporated back in 1798 but has since grown into its own unique community offering residents plenty of amenities such as parks like Verona Park which offers walking trails along Passaic River or recreational programs like summer camps at Fairfield Community Center.

Essex Fells, New Jersey

Population of Essex Fells, New Jersey

According to usvsukenglish, Essex Fells, New Jersey is a borough located in the northeastern part of Essex County and is home to approximately 2,000 people. The population of Essex Fells has remained relatively stable since the 1950s when it was first incorporated as a borough. The majority of the population is white (91%) with African Americans making up 4% and Asians making up 3%.

The median age in Essex Fells is 44 years old, which is slightly higher than the national average of 38 years old. In terms of marital status, 57% percent of residents are married whereas 39% are single. The median household income for Essex Fells residents is $153,846 which is significantly higher than the national average of $57,652.

The educational attainment level in Essex Fells is also high with 93% percent of adults having at least a high school diploma and 53% having a bachelor’s degree or higher. In terms of employment, most people work in professional occupations including business management and finance (17%) followed by sales and office jobs (15%). Other industries that have significant employment include education (12%), health care (11%) and manufacturing (9%).

Essex Fells has an attractive residential area with plenty of greenery and well-maintained parks that provide locals with plenty of recreational activities year-round. Additionally, there are plenty of shopping options nearby including upscale shops in Livingston Mall or retail stores like Walmart Supercenter which provide easy access to goods and services for local residents. All these factors help make Essex Fells an attractive place to live both for families as well as young professionals looking for suburban living close to the city.

Schools and education of Essex Fells, New Jersey

Essex Fells, New Jersey is served by the West Essex Regional School District which provides education to students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The district consists of two elementary schools (Briarwood Elementary and Roosevelt Elementary), one middle school (West Essex Middle School) and one high school (West Essex High School). All of these schools offer a rigorous academic curriculum in addition to extracurricular activities such as sports, music, art and drama.

The West Essex Regional School District has a strong commitment to educational excellence and its test scores are well above the state average. The district also provides its students with many advanced academic opportunities such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses and dual enrollment with local colleges. Additionally, the district offers a wide variety of after-school clubs and activities such as robotics, chess club and student council that provide an enriching learning environment for all students.

In terms of college preparedness, West Essex High School has been ranked among the best high schools in New Jersey by U.S News & World Report for several years in a row. The average SAT score at West Essex High School is 1150 which is significantly higher than the national average of 1060. In addition, more than 95% of seniors go on to pursue post-secondary education upon graduation from high school.

The community of Essex Fells is also home to several private schools such as St. Catherine’s Academy which offers preschool through eighth-grade education in a nurturing Catholic environment. Additionally, there are numerous tutoring services available throughout the borough which provide students with personalized instruction tailored to their individual needs.

All these factors make it clear that the schools and education system in Essex Fells are top-notch and provide its residents with plenty of opportunities for academic success.

Landmarks in Essex Fells, New Jersey

Essex Fells, New Jersey is home to a variety of landmarks that make it a popular destination for visitors and residents alike. One of the most notable is the historic Essex Fells Country Club, which was founded in 1895 and is recognized as one of the oldest clubs in the nation. The club offers golfing, tennis, swimming, and dining facilities for its members and guests. Other attractions include the Essex Fells Theater, an old-fashioned movie theater that has been operating since 1952. The theater hosts regular events such as film screenings and live performances throughout the year.

The Essex Fells Reservoir Park is another popular landmark in town. This large park offers beautiful views of the reservoir as well as a variety of recreational activities such as hiking trails, fishing spots, picnic areas, and playgrounds for children. The park also features a nature center with educational programs about local wildlife and ecology.

Essex Fells is also home to two historic churches: St. Catherine’s Catholic Church (built in 1876) and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (1887). Both churches are architecturally significant buildings with beautiful stained glass windows within their walls. The churches host regular services as well as special events throughout the year such as holiday celebrations and concerts.

The borough also boasts several unique shops along its main street including an old-fashioned general store that sells candy, ice cream, books, toys, and other souvenirs from days gone by. There are also several antique stores where visitors can find vintage items from all around the world including furniture pieces from Europe or Japan or jewelry from India or China.

Finally, no visit to Essex Fells would be complete without stopping by one of its many parks such as Central Park which features a pond for boating or Memorial Park which has two baseball fields perfect for family games on sunny days. All these landmarks make Essex Fells an interesting place to visit with plenty of attractions to explore.