Espoo, Finland

Finland is a country with a special way of life, a distinctive culture, unusual and very interesting traditions, advanced developments in the field of modern high technologies, and most importantly, with stunningly beautiful nature. And all the best of the above advantages of this country is concentrated in the city of Espoo. It is located less than twenty kilometers from Helsinki, and is its satellite city.

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How to get there

Espoo has a railway station, and modern highways lead to it, along which regular bus services are established with all nearby cities, including Helsinki. And with some European cities there is a ferry service.


The first settlements on the territory of modern Espoo appeared around the middle of the 14th century, then most of the inhabitants were Swedes who were engaged in agricultural activities and trade here, the Finns, who were then in the minority here, provided for their families through hunting. And in the 16th century, the Swedish monarch ordered the construction of a royal residence here.

But, despite its rather long history, the status of the city of Espoo was awarded only in 1972, although the official date of its foundation is 1458, it was then that the ancient cathedral was built, which had a certain circle of parishioners.

Today, this cathedral is one of the oldest and main city attractions, and in the summer months organ music concerts are held here.

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Entertainment and attractions in Espoo

There are very few historical monuments in Espoo, this incredibly modern city, which for the most part consists of numerous cottages in the national style and original office buildings. Relatively recently, modern skyscrapers and business centers began to be built here, but today the city is developing at a rapid pace. It has become the main educational, scientific, technical and business center of the country with the highest standard of living.

It is in Espoo that the offices of the largest Finnish companies and the main Finnish representative offices of large international corporations are located. The offices of all these economic giants are located on the Keilaniemi peninsula, thanks to which it has received another unspoken name of the “Billionaires’ Coast”.

Finns, like all Europeans, treat nature very carefully and responsibly, the clearest confirmation of this is the “green” town of Tapiolu, designed in the middle of the last century. Everything here is made in accordance with the most advanced energy-saving technologies, from environmentally friendly materials that do not pollute the environment. Topiolu has numerous shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas, restaurants and coffee shops.

But the main highlight of the town is the observation deck, which offers stunning views of Espoo and its surroundings.

In general, Topiola is considered one of the largest and most productive centers for the development and application of high technologies in the entire Northern European region. But not offices, not research centers and modern production facilities attract hundreds of thousands of tourists to the city every year. One of the main assets of Espoo is its unsurpassed nature, on the one hand the city is surrounded by almost untouched forests, which are the protected area of ​​the Nuuksio National Park, and on the other hand, the Gulf of Finland approaches it.

Here you can fully relax surrounded by truly unique nature, in the summer you can go hiking or cycling through the forest full of roe deer, wolverines and flying squirrels, representatives of the Red Book, go mountain climbing or sport fishing. In winter, the city turns into a center for skiing and skiing.

You can have an exciting time, and if you’re lucky, you can also get fabulously rich at one of the largest hippodromes in the country – Vermo. In addition, the city has a lot of first-class shopping and entertainment complexes of the European level – “Sello” (the largest in the country), “Iso Omena”, “SaPepa” and many others.

Museums in Espoo

But the best conditions have been created for cultural recreation in Espoo, there is the Clock Museum, the center that hosts international conferences of various levels “Dipoli”, the “Espoo Cultural Center”, the Otso Gallery and the memorial house-museum of the famous Finnish painter Atmosphere Tarvaspää, as well as the museum-estate “Glims”, illustrating the history and life of Finnish peasants.


One of the favorite vacation spots for both tourists and locals is the giant water park “Serena”, known for its technical excellence and variety of water activities far beyond the borders of Finland. During the summer months and during the school holidays, it is open daily, in the autumn-winter period, Serena receives guests exclusively on Saturday and Sunday. Wave pools, saunas carved into original grottoes, children’s saunas – these are far from the most original attractions of the water park.

Espoo, Finland