Entertainment and Attractions of Yaroslavl, Russia

The main attraction of Yaroslavl is the historical center. More than 600 buildings and the layout itself are protected by UNESCO as an example of a unique historical heritage. The classic of Yaroslavl walks is, of course, the embankment. It is almost 4 km of charm, history, fresh air and magnificent views. Here, in the very center, you can stroll through various museums, green boulevards or arrange a quest to find popular photo zones and unusual objects. Modern entertainment is a high-speed yacht, a walk on which is combined with virtual reality glasses, where you can see the city center from a bird’s eye view.

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One of the first industrial enterprises in Russia is located in the capital of the region – the Yaroslavl Bolshoi Manufactory (1722). You can get acquainted with its history and feel the real “factory” spirit on the excursion-performance “Radio Factory”, walking through the existing production on a day off in headphones.

Yaroslavl is hard to imagine without its ancient temples. What is worth only the 15-domed Church of John the Baptist, familiar to everyone who has ever held a 1000-ruble bill in their hands. The decoration of almost each of them uses amazing Yaroslavl tiles – colored, green, terracotta. A unique platband – a tile can be seen on the church of the temple complex in Korovniki, here, in Korovnitskaya Sloboda, everyone can purchase or, inspired by the platband, make a tile on their own.

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Volzhskaya embankment

One of the most beautiful in Russia: with lush flower beds, musical fountains and breathtaking views of the Volga and the Assumption Cathedral. During the walk there is an opportunity to visit private and public museums for every taste and age.

Volkovsky theater

For lovers of theatrical art, a visit to the first Russian theater named after V.I. F. Volkova. The stage presents both classical works and author’s, modern performances. For those who are not ready to spend the evening watching the performance, excursions are possible by appointment.

Craft workshops

Yaroslavl is a living city. Not only the streets are alive here, but also crafts, arts.. and what could be better than a hand-made souvenir? Craft space “ArtEl” offers tourists to make a Yaroslavl tile on their own, and in the creative center “Emalis” – to try themselves as a master of hot enamel.

Temples and monasteries

A notable feature of Yaroslavl is more than 30 ancient, rich, exceptionally beautiful churches and temples. Most of them were built from the second half of the 17th century – in the golden age of Yaroslavl architecture. Wealthy merchants did not spare money for a charitable cause and invited the best architects and icon painters to work.

The first thing in Yaroslavl is to see the Church of Elijah the Prophet: five green onions, two hipped towers – a bell tower and a chapel and a real treasury inside – the royal gates, a carved baroque iconostasis and frescoes of incredible craftsmanship.

Next to Elijah the Prophet, in the courtyard of the house, the oldest church of Yaroslavl, Nikola Nadein, hid. The church of St. John Chrysostom is a must-see: the windows and portals are decorated with majolica and tiles, and the bell tower seems to literally pierce the sky. Do not forget to go to the Church of John the Baptist, which adorns the 1000-ruble bill. In the Church of Michael the Archangel, you should admire the green glazed tiles on the facades (which have become a kind of hallmark of Yaroslavl), and in the churches of St. Nicholas the Wet and the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God, you can admire colored ceramics and a richly decorated porch.

The Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery is a landmark of the city, a unique monument of Russian architecture of the 12th century. Here it is worth visiting the museum-reserve and the main temple of the monastery – the Transfiguration Cathedral, rebuilt on the model of the Archangel Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin, the Holy Gates (they are also a watchtower) and ancient monastic cells.

Yaroslavl museums

The most important museum of the city is the Yaroslavl Museum-Reserve, a visit to which not only gives an idea of ​​the medieval architecture of the city, but also the history, archeology and art of Yaroslavl. A separate exposition tells about the Tale of Igor’s Campaign. The Yaroslavl Art Museum, the former home of the Governor General, is the largest collection of iconography, landscapes and portraits of the classics of Russian painting – Bryullov, Kramskoy, Repin, Kustodiev, Perov and an extensive collection of porcelain, glass and numismatics. Every year the Art Museum hosts exhibitions of famous artists from the collections of the Russian Museum.

While walking along the Volga embankment, do not forget to look into one or more of the city’s excellent private museums. Here is the museum. V. Orlov, where a unique collection of porcelain and the first private museum “Music and Time” are collected, where many musical instruments and watches are collected, most of which are in perfect condition and work.

Attractions of Yaroslavl, Russia