Entertainment and Attractions in Tivat, Montenegro

The pride and main attraction of Tivat is the Porto-Montenegro complex, which is often called the “Harbour of millionaires”. In fact, this is a real city within a city with a luxurious promenade, promenades, fashionable restaurants, shops and a marina, where the most expensive yachts in the world sway on the waves. Of its 400 mooring places, a quarter is allocated for yachts longer than 100 m. One of the features of the complex is the infinity pool “Purabic” on an artificial terrace, one of the ten most beautiful pools in Europe. And sunsets in Porto-Montenegro, as well as in French Antibes, admire the 8-meter “Wanderer” made of metal letters – the author’s copy of the famous sculptor Jean Plans.

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The most glamorous place in Montenegro in the past belonged to the Austro-Hungarian, and then the Yugoslav naval base. In one of the old slipways, the Naval Heritage Museum is now open (off site). Its largest exhibit is the Yugoslav submarine Hero P-820, 50 meters long.

Such boats were once based in carved-out rocks not far from Tivat.

Outside the sybarite Porto-Montenegro in cozy Tivat everything is simpler and more democratic. It does not have an old city, but several ancient churches have been preserved. In the Middle Ages, wealthy Montenegrins built their summer residences here, which looked more like small fortresses. One of them, which belonged to the noble Buka family from neighboring Kotor, is now a museum with an ethnographic exposition and an art gallery.

The resort owes its shady City Park to the commander of the Austro-Hungarian fleet, Admiral von Sterner. By his order, ship captains brought seedlings and seeds of exotic plants here from distant countries. This is how the largest botanical garden in Montenegro appeared with araucaria, Chilean firs and bamboo thickets.

Opposite Tivat there are three picturesque islands that can be reached by water taxi – the Island of Flowers with the dilapidated monastery of St. Michael and the Trinity Church, the wooded island of St. Marko and the tiny island of Gospa od Milo. It is almost entirely occupied by the convent of Our Lady of Mercy, surrounded by a high wall, behind which cells, a magnificent garden and a church with a miraculous wooden statue of the Virgin Mary (15th century) are hidden.

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5 things to do in Tivat

  1. Dream about your own yacht in the marina of Porto Montenegro.
  2. Admire the sunset in an embrace with the iron “Wanderer”.
  3. View the surroundings through the periscope of the Yugoslav submarine.
  4. Learn the recipe for a real Montenegrin “chobra”.
  5. Go hiking from the seaside village of Donja Lastva to Gornja Lastva, which lies at an altitude of 300 m.

Tivat for children

Just 23 km from Tivat, in the resort town of Igalo in the western part of the Nicole Kovacevica embankment, the largest amusement park in Montenegro operates in summer with carousels, swings, roller coasters and other children’s joys. Entrance is free, but for each attraction you have to pay separately, on average 2 EUR.

The noisy resort Budva, located 24 km away, is another storehouse of children’s entertainment. On the hill Toplis, which offers a beautiful panorama of the city, there is a water park “Budva”. Near the city bus station there is a mini-zoo with peacocks, deer, rabbits and other animals. And in the Slovenska Plaza hotel there is a unique amusement park “Secrets of Dinosaurs” (from 11:00 to 23:00).

In the national park “Lovcen”, 72 km from Tivat, there is a rope “Adventure Park” with rope trails, bungee ropes, lianas and swinging logs. There are very simple tracks for kids from 5 years old, medium difficulty for teenagers and difficult for adults – dads and moms can personally demonstrate dexterity and skill, overcoming difficult obstacles.

Holidays and events

During February, masquerades and carnivals are held at the resort – traditional festivities of the seaside. And in the second half of the month, the fantastic Bokel Night begins. There are two events in May: “Zhuchenitsa Fesht” (“Dandelion”) and Youth Day (May 25).

From the end of July to the beginning of August, the festival of the Mediterranean theater Purgatorije begins, which is organized by the Tivat cultural center. At this time in the city you can visit all kinds of exhibitions, theatrical performances, film projections and concerts. On the first Saturday of August, the Lastovo Fest can be held in Gornja Lastva. In the program: dinner at the mill, exhibitions, concerts. In addition, in the summer they organize a spectacular sports olympiad in bogging.

November is also rich in events, it is in this month that the November days of culture are held with theatrical performances, concerts and exhibitions.


Due to the geographical location and the surrounding mountain ranges, the climate of Tivat differs from the Mediterranean – here it is cooler and drier. Summer is hot, but not exhausting. The hottest months are July and August. The number of sunny days in the resort is the largest among other cities in the Bay of Kotor. The swimming season lasts from late May to mid-October. Winters are mild, warm, with a lot of precipitation. Snow is a very rare phenomenon, causing delight in children and a real panic among drivers. Fortunately for the latter, the snow cover lasts only 1-2 days.

Attractions in Tivat, Montenegro