Entertainment and Attractions in Protaras, Cyprus

Almost all the sights of Protaras are natural, although those who are more interested in cultural and historical monuments will be able to find something interesting for themselves.

To get started, you can climb the mountain to see the Church of Elijah the Prophet, whose modest size more than pays off with a picturesque landscape that opens from a height of 115 m above sea level. In the church itself, tourists can admire the ancient frescoes. Another must-see place is dancing fountains. The show is called Magic Dancing Waters and takes place every evening during high season. Lovers of antiquity will love the Historical Museum, which contains archaeological finds found on the island.

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Guests who are more attracted to natural monuments should go to Cape Greco, whose territory belongs to the national park. There you can walk along hiking trails, ride bicycles or look at the famous Aphrodite trail. And 20 km from the city there is a small fishing village Liopetri. The artist Arthur Rimbaud once lived here, and today Liopetri retains its ancient charm – as if you are transported to another time.

Protaras for children

Vacationers with kids love Protaras very much. Good sandy beaches with a convenient entrance to the water, an oceanarium and a water park right in the city – all this delights the kids. More than 1000 inhabitants of the sea, penguins, monkeys, raccoons and crocodiles are waiting for guests in the aquarium.

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The water park in Protaras is small and safe, adults will be bored, but children like it. It is located in the Anastasia Beach Hotel, but anyone can become a visitor, not just guests.

3 things to do in Protaras

  1. Go hiking in the National Park at Cape Greco.
  2. Overpower all meal changes in a real Cypriot meze.
  3. At dawn, climb the mountain to the church of the prophet Elijah and admire the surroundings.

Weather in Protaras

Hot, dry and sunny are the main features of the local climate. Guests come here throughout the warm half of the year, but the best time to travel is late August-early October. In the middle of summer it is very hot, and the complete absence of rain collects a lot of dust. By November it gets colder, with occasional rainfall. This picture persists until the end of winter, and already in March comes a full-fledged, blooming spring.

Beaches of Protaras

Many tourists call Protaras one of the best beach resorts in Cyprus. There are several beaches in and around the city, which are famous for their clean fine sand and easy access to the sea. Everywhere you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, there are toilets, showers, cafes and sports equipment rental. Two sun loungers and an umbrella will cost about 9 EUR per set. Separately, these items are rented for 5 EUR, but you can sunbathe just on a towel.

Fig Bay and Flamingo Beach are crowded, but very pretty stretches of the coast, where there are always a lot of families with small children, as the conditions here are simply ideal for them: warm, calm sea, soft coast and a long strip of shallow water.

There are expensive hotels along the elite Sunrise beach, so the audience here is more solid, and Mazury, Luma and Konnos Bay are a little less convenient in terms of swimming, but they are never crowded.


Protaras is a popular place for divers, it has very high visibility due to clear water, it is possible to dive up to 40 m, there are no strong currents, and the marine fauna is so rich and diverse that it surprises even experienced divers.

The most favorite place among travelers is the point where the ship Liberty sank in 2009. Beginners are willing to learn in Green Bay, as diving here takes place directly from the shore. And fish, corals and vegetation can be observed in any area (for example, dive from a boat). Diving in Protaras costs about 70 EUR per dive. If you want to swim at night, you will have to pay extra 20 EUR. And for 250 EUR you can take the whole course and get a certificate.

What to bring

Protaras cannot be called the best place for shopping, but you can find interesting souvenirs. Most of the shops are concentrated along the sea, although sometimes there are authentic shops on the streets of the city.

Most often, tourists bring ceramics and products of local potters as a gift. These are simple and stylish objects in their conciseness: from tiny vases to large, almost Greek amphorae. Handmade lace is no less popular. True, they don’t weave it in Protaras itself, they do it in the village of Lefkara, but there are specialized shops in the resort.

Back in the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci purchased a large batch of Cypriot lace to decorate the Milan Cathedral, and since then it has become popular in Europe.

Jewelery and embroidery will be a good gift, but the most non-standard local souvenir is glasses. The resort is known for the abundance of optics and very low prices for frames and ready-made models.

Attractions in Protaras, Cyprus