Emerson, New Jersey Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to iamaccepted, Emerson, New Jersey is a borough located in Bergen County, just 16 miles northwest of Manhattan. It is bordered by the towns of Westwood, Oradell, River Vale, Washington Township and Hillsdale. The town has a population of approximately 7,500 residents and is known for its quaint downtown area with a variety of shops and restaurants.

Emerson offers plenty of recreation opportunities for residents and visitors alike. The borough has three parks; Memorial Park which provides recreational space for sports teams as well as a playground and picnic area; Hillside Park which features two tennis courts; and Emerson Park which includes an amphitheater, basketball court, walking track and playground. There are also several nature trails in the area that provide scenic views.

The downtown area of Emerson is home to several popular restaurants including La Crema Café & Grill which serves up Italian favorites like pizza and pasta; The Greenhouse Café which offers gourmet sandwiches and salads; and The Emerson Diner which serves classic American cuisine. There are also several shops including clothing stores, gift shops, antique stores as well as art galleries where you can find unique items from local artists.

The small town atmosphere makes it easy to get around Emerson on foot or bike without having to worry about traffic or parking issues. There are also plenty of public transportation options available including NJ Transit buses that run throughout the borough as well as train stations located in nearby towns that offer service to Manhattan.

In addition to the many amenities offered in Emerson there are also plenty of nearby attractions that make it an ideal place for visitors looking for something fun to do while visiting the area. These include attractions like the Meadowlands Sports Complex where visitors can catch pro football games or visit MetLife Stadium; the New Jersey Performing Arts Center which hosts music concerts throughout the year; Bergen County Zoo which features over 200 species of animals; Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park with rides like Kingda Ka roller coaster; Kayak Point Beach where boating enthusiasts can enjoy lakefront activities such as sailing or fishing; and Liberty State Park with its breathtaking views of New York City skyline across Hudson River.

Emerson truly has something for everyone. With its convenient location near Manhattan combined with its small-town charm this borough provides plenty of opportunities for shopping, dining out or just relaxing in one of its many parks.

Population of Emerson, New Jersey

According to maternityetchic, the small borough of Emerson, New Jersey is home to a population of approximately 7,500 people. The majority of the population are white (83%) followed by Hispanic or Latino (10%), Asian (2.4%), African American (1.7%), and other races (2.9%). Emerson is a diverse community with many different cultures represented among its residents. This includes people from countries like India, Pakistan, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Portugal just to name a few.

The median age in Emerson is 41 years old with over half of the population falling between the ages of 25-44. About one third of the population are married and the remaining two thirds are single or never married. The median household income in Emerson is $86,631 which is significantly higher than the national average of $59,039.

Emerson has an educated workforce with nearly 30% having obtained college degrees while another 15% have some college experience but no degree yet. Most of the employed population work in either sales or management occupations while others work in professional or technical fields such as healthcare or education. About 10% are self-employed entrepreneurs who own their own businesses ranging from restaurants to retail stores to salons and more.

The town also has a strong community spirit with numerous organizations dedicated to helping those in need such as food pantries and homeless shelters as well as numerous volunteer groups that participate in activities like clean-up days and fundraising events for local charities. There are also several churches throughout town that offer spiritual guidance and support for those seeking it out.

Emerson has a lot to offer its residents from its diverse population to its vibrant economy to its strong sense of community spirit. With so much going on it’s no wonder why so many choose to call this small borough home.

Schools and Education of Emerson, New Jersey

Emerson, New Jersey

Emerson, New Jersey is home to several public schools that serve the educational needs of the community. The Emerson School District is comprised of two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The two elementary schools are Emerson Elementary and Lincoln Elementary which both provide a comprehensive education from kindergarten through fifth grade. The middle school, Emerson Middle School, serves students from sixth through eighth grade while the high school, Emerson High School, educates students from ninth through twelfth grade.

The district also provides a variety of specialized programs such as AP classes and honors courses for advanced students as well as special education services for those with learning disabilities or other special needs. Additionally, the district offers after-school activities including sports teams such as basketball and volleyball as well as clubs like art club and robotics club.

The district has a strong focus on preparing its students for college with over 90% of its graduates going on to pursue higher education at a four year college or university. Emerson High School also offers Advanced Placement (AP) classes in subjects like English Literature and Calculus which can help students earn college credits while still in high school.

In addition to public schools in the Emerson area, there are also several private schools that offer alternative educational options such as Montessori or religious-based curriculum. These schools provide a more intimate learning atmosphere with smaller class sizes and more individualized instruction than what’s available at public schools.

The town of Emerson has an excellent educational system that provides its students with numerous opportunities to learn and grow both academically and socially. With its diverse population, a wide variety of educational options available, and strong commitment to preparing students for college success – it’s no wonder why so many choose to call this small borough home.

Landmarks in Emerson, New Jersey

The borough of Emerson, New Jersey is a charming small town located in Bergen County. Home to approximately 8,000 residents, Emerson is full of history and culture. From its beautiful parks and trails to its historic landmarks, there’s something for everyone in this unique community.

One of the most popular landmarks in Emerson is the historic Stony Brook Mill. Built in 1845, this four-story stone mill served as a milling and grinding facility for over 100 years before it was converted into an office building in 1976. Today, the mill is open to visitors who can enjoy tours of the building and learn about its history.

Another unique landmark in Emerson is the Emerson Railroad Station Museum. Located near the intersection of Kinderkamack Road and Main Street, this museum offers visitors a chance to learn about the history of railroads in New Jersey through interactive exhibits and displays. The museum also houses a model train layout which guests can view from an observation deck.

Emerson also has several parks that are perfect for taking a leisurely stroll or enjoying some outdoor activities with friends and family. The largest park is Memorial Park which features a playground, basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball fields, picnic tables and more. Another popular park is Pascack Brook Park which includes walking trails and fishing areas along with plenty of green space for outdoor recreation.

Finally, no visit to Emerson would be complete without seeing one of its most iconic landmarks -the historic Union Church on Kinderkamack Road. This Gothic Revival style church was built in 1852 by local farmers who were members of the Dutch Reformed Church denomination at that time. Today, it serves as both an active church as well as a historical landmark where visitors can admire its beautiful architecture from outside or attend services inside if they wish.

Emerson offers something for everyone – from its historic landmarks to its charming parks – making it an ideal place for those looking to explore New Jersey’s past or just enjoy some fresh air outdoors.