Edwards, Mississippi Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to homethodology, Edwards, Mississippi is located in the heart of Hinds County and is surrounded by several small towns and cities. To the north lies Clinton, a thriving city that offers a variety of cultural activities such as live music, art galleries, and festivals. It also has a strong community spirit with plenty of local businesses to explore.

To the east of Edwards lies Bolton, a quiet town known for its historic buildings and traditional southern hospitality. The town’s main attraction is Bolton Lake, which makes for great fishing and boating opportunities.

Further south lies Raymond which is home to the Jackson International Airport, making it an ideal spot for travelers looking to explore the area or catch a flight out of town. This city also has several historic sites including the Raymond Town Hall and Raymond Cemetery where many Civil War veterans are buried.

Heading west from Edwards brings you to Byram which is known for its vibrant nightlife scene with plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from. The city also offers outdoor activities such as hiking trails at Byram Park or visiting nearby lakes like Ross Barnett Reservoir where visitors can enjoy fishing or swimming during the summer months.

Finally, heading northwest from Edwards leads you to Utica which is home to several historic sites including Utica Square Historic District which features dozens of homes built in Greek Revival style architecture. Visitors can also take in some unique sights at Utica Zoo or take a leisurely stroll through one of its many parks like Liberty Park or Nature Trail Park where they can take in some beautiful views.

Edwards is surrounded by numerous cities and towns that offer something for everyone.

Population of Edwards, Mississippi

According to bridgat, the population of Edwards, Mississippi is estimated to be around 3,000 people. The majority of the population is made up of African Americans, accounting for approximately 70% of the population. Caucasians make up about 24% while the remaining 6% is made up of other ethnicities.

The median age in Edwards is 33 years old with a median household income of $36,238. The city has grown significantly since it was first founded in 1824 and currently has an unemployment rate of 4.2%.

Education is highly valued in Edwards with a strong public school system and several higher education institutions nearby such as Hinds Community College and Alcorn State University. There are also several private schools located in the area including Jackson Academy and Madison-Ridgeland Academy which cater to students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

The city also has a vibrant cultural scene with plenty of unique restaurants, shops, galleries, and more to explore. Local festivals like Hotty Toddy Days celebrate the town’s history while events like Art Walk bring out locals who enjoy art and music alike.

The population of Edwards, Mississippi is diverse and vibrant. With its strong educational system, cultural attractions, and friendly people it makes for a great place to live or visit.

Edwards, Mississippi

Schools and Education of Edwards, Mississippi

Education is highly valued in Edwards, Mississippi and the city has a strong public school system. The Edwards School District serves students from kindergarten through 12th grade and includes several elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The district also provides access to special education services as well as career and technical education programs.

The city is also home to Alcorn State University which offers bachelor’s degree programs in a wide range of disciplines including business, engineering, communication, and more. Hinds Community College is located nearby and provides students with access to associate degrees or certificate programs.

In addition to traditional post-secondary options there are several private schools located in the area such as Jackson Academy and Madison-Ridgeland Academy which cater to students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

The Edwards School District works hard to ensure that all students receive quality education regardless of their background or economic status. The district offers a wide range of educational resources and opportunities for students while also providing them with a safe learning environment. Higher education institutions such as Alcorn State University and Hinds Community College provide even more educational opportunities for those who wish to pursue their studies further.

Landmarks in Edwards, Mississippi

Edwards, Mississippi is home to a variety of landmarks that help to define the city and its culture. Some of the most notable landmarks in the city include historic homes, churches, and monuments.

The Edwards-McGehee House is one of the most prominent landmarks in Edwards. The house was built in 1868 and is a two-story Greek Revival style home. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is open for tours throughout the year.

The Old Edwards Presbyterian Church was built in 1877 by local citizens who wanted to establish a place of worship for their community. This church building has been restored over the years and continues to be an important part of the town’s history.

The Confederate Monument stands as a reminder of those who fought for the South during the Civil War. The monument stands tall in front of City Hall and features a Confederate soldier atop a granite base with four bronze plaques honoring those who gave their lives during this time period.

Edwards also has several sites dedicated to honoring its African American heritage such as The African American Interpretive Center which features exhibits that highlight the history and culture of African Americans living in Mississippi from slavery through modern times. Additionally, there are several other monuments scattered throughout town that pay tribute to those who have made an impact on local history such as civil rights activists, veterans, and more.

These landmarks provide an important look into Edwards’ past while also helping to define its present culture. From historic homes to monuments honoring those who have made an impact on local history these sites are sure to spark curiosity among visitors or locals alike.