Edgewood, Maryland Population, Schools and Landmarks

Edgewood, Maryland is a small city located in Harford County that borders several other cities and towns. To the west of Edgewood lies Aberdeen, a small city with a population of about 15,000 people. This city is home to Aberdeen Proving Ground, which is a major military installation operated by the United States Army. To the east of Edgewood is Abingdon, another small town with about 30,000 residents. Abingdon features several parks and recreation areas as well as an abundance of shopping centers and restaurants. Further south is Bel Air, a larger town with an estimated population of over 26,000 people. Bel Air offers plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy such as golf courses and museums. North of Edgewood are two smaller towns: Joppa and Havre de Grace. Joppa has an estimated population of 7500 while Havre de Grace has nearly 13,000 residents and features many historic sites such as the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum. All these cities and towns provide plenty of opportunities for visitors to explore the area’s rich history and culture while also enjoying its modern attractions.

Population of Edgewood, Maryland

According to mcat-test-centers, Edgewood, Maryland is a small city located in Harford County with an estimated population of about 24,000 people. The population is largely comprised of working-class families and young professionals, with a median age of 35.7 years. The racial makeup of the city is 86% White, 8% African American, 2% Asian, and 4% Hispanic or Latino. The majority of the population (60%) are homeowners while the remaining 40% are renters.

The median household income in Edgewood is $67,000 and the poverty rate is 8%. Additionally, nearly 10% of the population lives below the poverty line. In terms of educational attainment, over 90% of residents have at least a high school diploma or equivalent and 19% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The city has seen steady growth in recent years due to its close proximity to major cities such as Baltimore and Washington D.C., as well as its affordability compared to nearby cities such as Bel Air and Aberdeen. Despite this growth, Edgewood remains an affordable place to live with plenty of opportunities for employment and recreation for its residents.

Schools and Education of Edgewood, Maryland

The educational system in Edgewood, Maryland is highly rated and provides a quality education for its students. The city is served by the Harford County Public Schools system, which includes five elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Additionally, there are three private schools located within the city limits. Check toppharmacyschools for top public affairs schools in Maryland.

In terms of public education, Edgewood elementary schools have an average score of 83% in math and 80% in reading on the Maryland School Assessment (MSA). The middle school has an average score of 81% in math and 79% in reading on the MSA. Finally, Edgewood High School has an average score of 78% in math and 76% in reading on the MSA.

The private schools located within the city offer a variety of curricula including religious-based instruction as well as college preparatory programs. These schools also provide a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, music groups, and academic clubs to further enrich their students’ learning experiences.

In addition to traditional classroom instruction, Edgewood also offers a wide range of educational opportunities through its community centers and libraries. The Harford County Public Library System provides access to books, magazines, movies, music, computers with internet access for research purposes and more for students to explore their interests outside of school hours. The Edgewood Community Center hosts classes on topics ranging from dance to robotics for all ages throughout the year as well as special events such as holiday celebrations.

All these resources combine to provide Edgewood with an excellent educational system that is committed to preparing its students for success in life beyond their schooling years.

Edgewood, Maryland

Landmarks in Edgewood, Maryland

Edgewood, Maryland is a city full of historical landmarks and points of interest. From the historic sites to the modern amenities, Edgewood has something for everyone.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Edgewood is the Edgewood Arsenal complex, a former military installation that was used as an army testing site for chemical weapons during World War II. The site is now home to a museum and a memorial park that honors those who served during this time.

The second most recognizable landmark in Edgewood is the historic Edgewood Inn. Built in 1792, this inn was once an important stop along the Underground Railroad and remains one of the oldest buildings in the city today. The inn has been restored and is now open to visitors as a museum that offers tours and educational programs about its history.

Another popular landmark in Edgewood is Joppatowne Plaza Shopping Center, which opened in 1986 as one of Maryland’s first enclosed shopping malls. Today, Joppatowne Plaza features over 50 stores including major retailers such as Target and Kohl’s as well as smaller local businesses like bookstores and boutiques.

The last major landmark in Edgewood is Harford Community College (HCC). HCC has been providing educational opportunities since 1957 and offers associate degrees, certificates, and continuing education courses for students from all walks of life. The college also hosts many events throughout the year including art shows, concerts, festivals, lectures series and more.

These are just a few of many landmarks that can be found throughout Edgewood, Maryland – each offering its own unique experience to visitors from around the world.