Dugway, Utah

According to biotionary, Dugway is a small unincorporated community located in the western part of Tooele County, Utah. The population was 614 as of the 2010 census. It is located on the edge of the Great Salt Lake Desert, and is part of a larger area known as the Dugway Proving Ground, which serves as a testing and training facility for the United States military.

The town was founded in 1942 when it was selected as a test site for chemical weapons by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps. The community was named after nearby Dugway Pass, which had been used by pioneers in the 19th century to travel across the desert to California. Over time, Dugway has become an important research center for biological and chemical defense technology and development.

According to bittranslators, the town has a variety of amenities to offer its residents including several restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, hotels and other businesses that cater to travelers passing through on their way to Salt Lake City or other points east or north. There is also an elementary school that offers classes from kindergarten through sixth grade, along with various recreational activities such as sports leagues and youth programs at local parks.

In addition to its importance as a military testing facility, Dugway also serves as an economic hub for surrounding communities due to its proximity to major highways and railways that connect Utah’s cities with other states throughout the country. It is also home to a number of small businesses such as auto repair shops and retail establishments that provide goods and services necessary for everyday life in this rural area.

Dugway has become known for its unique geography featuring large swaths of flat desert terrain surrounded by rugged mountains; it is also home to several unique geological formations such as sandstone cliffs and colorful canyons carved out by ancient rivers over millions of years ago. The area provides excellent opportunities for outdoor activities including hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and camping; there are many scenic trails available throughout the region that provide stunning views of both natural landscapes and man-made structures like military installations or abandoned mineshafts from long ago days gone by.

Overall, Dugway is an important part of Utah’s history thanks to its role in developing essential technologies used by our military today; it has also become an integral part of life in Tooele County thanks to its convenient location near highways connecting major cities throughout the state while providing residents with access to necessary goods and services within their own community.

Population: 2,016
Males: 645 (32.0%), Females: 1,371 (68.0%)

Tooele County

Zip code: 84022

Median resident age: 19.8 years
Median household income: $49,306
Median house value: $0

Races in Dugway:

  • White Non-Hispanic (60.1%)
  • Black (15.0%)
  • American Indian (12.7%)
  • Two or more races (8.2%)
  • Hispanic (5.8%)
  • Other race (1.9%)
  • Chinese (1.2%)
  • Other Asian (0.8%)

(Total can be greater than 100% because Hispanics could be counted in other races)

Ancestries: United States (14.0%), English (11.6%), German (7.9%), Danish (2.3%), Scottish (1.8%), Swedish (1.7%).

Elevation: 4837 feet

Land area: 5.2 square miles

Dugway, Utah


For population 25 years and over in Dugway

  • High school or higher: 90.3%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 20.3%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 4.3%
  • Unemployed: 7.2%
  • Mean travel time to work: 12.4 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Dugway CDP

  • Never married: 64.2%
  • Now married: 29.9%
  • Separated: 0.9%
  • Widowed: 0.1%
  • Divorced: 4.9%

0.7% Foreign born


Hospitals/medical centers near Dugway:



Airports certified for carrier operations nearest to Dugway:

  • SALT LAKE CITY INTL (about 67 miles; SALT LAKE CITY, UT; Abbreviation: SLC)
  • PROVO MUNI (about 72 miles; PROVO, UT; Abbreviation: PVU)
  • HILL AFB (about 82 miles; OGDEN, UT; Abbreviation: HIF)

Other public-use airports nearest to Dugway:

  • MICHAEL AAF (about 14 miles; DUGWAY PROVING GROUND, UT; Abbreviation: DPG)
  • BOLINDER FIELD-TOOELE VALLEY (about 38 miles; TOOELE, UT; Abbreviation: TVY)
  • JAKE GARN (about 51 miles; EAGLE MOUNTAIN, UT; Abbreviation: 17U)

Colleges and Universities

Colleges/universities with over 2000 students nearest to Dugway:

  • UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX-UTAH CAMPUS (about 65 miles; SALT LAKE CITY, UT; Full-time enrollment: 2,021)
  • SALT LAKE COMMUNITY COLLEGE (about 66 miles; SALT LAKE CITY, UT; Full-time enrollment: 11,896)
  • BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY (about 71 miles; PROVO, UT; Full-time enrollment: 29,977)
  • UTAH VALLEY STATE COLLEGE (about 73 miles; OREM, UT; Full-time enrollment: 14,182)
  • UNIVERSITY OF UTAH (about 74 miles; SALT LAKE CITY, UT; Full-time enrollment: 19,866)
  • WEBER STATE UNIVERSITY (about 87 miles; OGDEN, UT; Full-time enrollment: 12,112)
  • SNOW COLLEGE (about 102 miles; EPHRAIM, UT; Full-time enrollment: 2,632)


Public high school in Dugway:

  • DUGWAY HIGH (Students: 128; Location: BLDG 5020 EAST 5TH; Grades: 07 – 12)

Public primary/middle school in Dugway:

  • DUGWAY ELEM SCH (Students: 144; Location: BLDG 500O VALDEZ CIRCLE; Grades: KG – 06)